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Tuesday | April 7, 2020





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CCS Distance Learning Update

The first day of Distance Learning at Crosslake Community Schools was remarkably positive. Many of the teachers used technology to communicate with their classrooms. Mara Powers, grade 3/4 teacher, said her students were highly engaged and excited about getting back to learning.

In normal times, Crosslake Community Schools offers both traditional K-8 site-based classes and 5-12 online classes. After Governor Walz closed schools on March 18, the staff at CCS had only two weeks to prepare for this massive shift in how we deliver our teaching and to create Distance Learning programs for our site-based students.

To be clear, Distance Learning is different from online classes. An online class is a delivery method that exclusively instructs students over the internet. Distance Learning is a format where online instruction is just one of many tools teachers use, including video, traditional teaching materials sent to each student’s home, phone calls and more.

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Area COVID-19 cases: Crow Wing County has six, Cass County one

As of Sunday, April 5th, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has confirmed six official cases of COVID-19 in Crow Wing County.

The Crow Wing County Public Health team is working closely with health officials from the Minnesota Department of Health to evaluate the steps of all confirmed COVID-19 cases and see with whom they may have come in contact in recent days. People identified will be asked to quarantine themselves for 14 days from their exposure date and will be monitored for fever and respiratory symptoms.

Cass County has one official case reported at press time.

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Crow Wing County Board Approves COVID-19 Property Tax Hardship Penalty Waiver Process

The Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a proposed property tax hardship penalty waiver process due to COVID-19 for the 2020 Tax Year. The board voted unanimously at an emergency board meeting on Friday, April 3rd, 2020. The goal is to target homeowners where someone in the family has been laid off or business owners that were forced to close by Executive Order of the Governor related to the COVID-10 pandemic. Qualifying residents and business owners will have late fees penalties waived for  properties until July 15th, 2020, which would effectively extend the deadline for their first half property taxes, which would otherwise be due on May 15.

With historic unemployment expected in the short-term, and numerous businesses ordered to close or modify operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Crow Wing County leaders agreed that there was a need to provide some form of relief to individual taxpayers experiencing layoffs and small businesses that were ordered to close.

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Safety is paramount around late ice and open water

As the winter-to-spring transition unfolds, the way people experience the change in seasons will be a little different this year. But while we stay close to home for our outdoors time and practice social distancing, one thing remains the same. People must put their safety first, especially around lakes and rivers where the ice conditions vary around the state. With many lakes and rivers now ice-free, and the ice where it remains getting weaker by the day, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officers remind people to be especially vigilant.

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Essentia Health restricts clinic visitors

As of Wednesday, April 1, patients visiting any Essentia Health clinic are asked to attend their appointments alone. Limited exceptions include one additional person being allowed to accompany children, obstetric patients and adult patients that require assistance. Anyone accompanying a patient to a clinic appointment is required to be healthy and at least 18 years old.

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