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Tuesday | August 4, 2020





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Area Golf League Results

Web posted August 4, 2020
Whitefish Men’s Golf League
On Tuesday, July 28, Whitefish Men’s League played 1-2-3 Best Net of 4some (ABCD). It was a great day for golf. Besides the game, there were proximity contests.

The winners:
1st Place – Tom Boyce, Jim Thompson, Fred Skog Tom Baker
2nd Place – Steve Ogren, Rocky Wilske, Bill Carlson, Mike Rancour
3Rd Place – Roger Jensen, Mike Mooney, Mike Milbrath, , Jim McKeehen

Closest to the pin:
Hole 7 – Bill Carlson
Hole 12 – Paul Kaufenberg

Longest Putt:
Hole 4 – Mike Carnahan
Hole 15 – Scott Peterson

A skins game was played. Winners were Don Faust, Jerry Moore, Michael Finley, Bill McKee, Bill Pool, Roger Jensen, Tom Baker and Steve Ogren

Whitefish Men’s League plays every Tuesday from May through September. New members are welcome to join anytime during the season. For more information on league or general play, visit: https://www.whitefishgolf.com

Whitefish Women’s 18 hole Golf League

On July 29, the Whitefish Women's 18 hole league played a game of Cha, Cha, Cha; (one low net score on hole 1, two low nets on hole 2 and 3 low nets on hole 3 and repeat through the 18 holes).

The winning teams were:
1st place Debbie Enger, Kathy Coombs, Cheryl Bontrager and Enga Wodziak;
2nd place Patricia Kline, Pat McKee, Nancy Schmidt and Sandy Meyer;
3rd place Anita Stensby, Marguerite Baker, Joi Brandt and Dawn Wiebusch.

Congratulations to Debbie Enger for her low net over the field of 66. Barb Holubar, Cathy Munger and Debbie Enger each had 2 birdies. Sandy Meyer, Anita Stensby, Lori Stegink and Barb Hanson each had 1.

New members are always welcome by calling Whitefish Golf Club at 218-543-4900.

Whitefish Ladies 9 hole Golf League
On July 22, we played guess your score. Five people guessed their score for the day—Carol Lovro, Susan Swanson, Sue Moore, Sharon Chupurdia, and Michele Eisele. Michelle Poole had low net for the day—a super low 28!!

On July 29 we played a team game of Cha Cha Cha.
First Place Team - Sharon Jacobson, Kristie Roedl, Susan Beilfuss, Anita Boldt - 54
2 - Kay Olson, Rhonda Swanson, Diane Dalzell, Blind Draw - 55
3 - Sue Farrell, Barb Rowe, Jane Kipling, Blind Draw – 57

Nice teamwork!

Anita Boldt was one of the few people who had a nice round today with a low net of 28!!! Congrats!

The 9-Hole Golf League plays most Wednesday mornings from early May thru mid-September providing an opportunity for women to connect with other women and enjoy the great game of golf. New members are WELCOME anytime during the season. Membership at the Whitefish Golf Club is not necessary to join the women’s league. Information is available at the Whitefish Women’s 9-Hole League website whitefishwomens9holeleague.weebly.com, or at the Whitefish Golf Club Pro Shop at 218-543-4900.

Crosswoods Men’s Golf League
Tuesday League 7/28/2020
Game of the Day: Cha-Cha-Cha

60 Members were in attendance
First Place Team – Sunrise Bob Johnson, Bob Jones Bill Herrick, Lee Parkin
Second Place Team – Sunrise Dale Edlefson, John Pribyl, Palmer Sorensen, Don Rother

First Place Team – High Noon Steve Laak, Al Olsen Jim Ritter, Barney Moorman
Second Place Team – High Noon Dale Edlefson, John Pribyl, Palmer Sorensen, Don Rother

Closest to the Pin Awards: Randy Johnson, Bill Herrick, Gene Lovro, Al Olsen

Longest Putt Awards: Jim Nelson, Bob Jones

Low Net Sunrise: Lee Parkin 28
Low Net High Noon: Steve Laak 3

Player of the Day, Overall Low Net: Jim Ritter 69

Low Gross of the Day: Gary Norman 79

Thursday League 7/30/2020
Game of the Day: “34” 3 Best Balls on Odd Holes, all 4 on Even

58 Members were in attendance
First Place Team – High Noon Ray Elie, Palmer Sorensen, Dave Oleson, Joe Smith
Second Place Team – High Noon Gary Norman, Jim Mateyka, Jim Wiesner, Gene Lovro

First Place Team – Sunset Bill Herrick, Jim Fraser, Tony Coffey, Al Olsen
Second Place Team – Sunset Don Miller, Jack Krasky, Wayne Henquinet, Dean Tenney

Closest to the Pin Awards: Dave Branum, Gordy Wagner (2), Dean Tenney

Longest Putt Awards: Randy Kraft, Larry Koenig

Low Net High Noon: Bob Johnson 34
Low Net Sunset: Bill Herrick 29

Player of the Day, Overall Low Net: Don Jacobson 67

Low Gross of the Day: Gary Norman 76

Crosswoods Women’s League

Monday, July 27
18 Hole League
Game of the Day: Cha Cha Cha
First Place: Cheryl Fraser, Jan McChesney, blind (Judy Hein)
Second Place: Judy Hein, Ann Schrupp, Bonnie Coffey
Third Place: Carol Lovro, Ardis Thompson, Joanne Sundem

Low Net: Michele Kohler Sunrise, Judy Nicholas, Sunset
Low Gross: Carol Lovro

Birdies: Ann Schrupp #2 Sunset, Bonnie Coffey #6 Sunset, Cheri Tiggelaar #6 Sunset

New members are always welcome. We follow recommended COVID-19 guidelines for safe play. Call Crosswoods at 218-692-4653 for information.

Wednesday, July 29
9 Hole League
Game of the Day: Forget the 5's

First Place: Tracy Nelson, Renee Aden, Cheryl Fraser
Second Place: Ardis Thompson, Beryl Roe, Lila Kersey
Third Place: Ann Schrupp, Judy Hein, Donna Balzer

Low Net: Ardis Thompson
Low Gross: Tracy Nelson

Birdies: Tracy Nelson on #7 & #9; Sue Mitsch on #6; Judy Hein on #6 and #9; Cheryl Tiggelaar on #6; Renee Aden on #9; Sharon Seeker on #6

New members are always welcome. We follow recommended COVID-19 guidelines for safe play. Call Crosswoods at 218-692-4653 for information.

Emily Greens Golf Leagues
Tuesday Morning Men’s League – 8:30am
1st place – Jerry Hagel, Jack Schuller, Gordy Holmgren, and Jim Wick
2nd place – Bill Wroblewski, Don Rodi, Ernie Morreim, and Gary Randorf
3rd place – Roger Brekken, Bob Ecklund, Tom Walker, and Wayne Seiffert
4th place – Pat O’Conner, Craig Larson, Charlie Peterson, and Scott Balthazor

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League – 10:30am
1st Place – Scott Balthazor, Wayne Seiffert and Roger Anderson
2nd Place – Bill Dehnert, Jon Williams, Tom Walker, and Bruce Nelson
3rd place – Paul Jensen, Gary Nelson , Bob Ecklund, and Jerry Hagel

Tuesday Evening Men’s League / Wednesday Morning Men’s League
Tuesday Markers: Randy Biittner and Brad Kaehler
Tuesday Skins: Bill Forsythe (2)
Wednesday Markers: Keith Walker and Pat O’Conner
Wednesday Skins: Jerry Hagel (3) and Ron Germann (2)

Wednesday Evening Women’s League
Play Of The Day – Low Net Score
Winners – Jan Jurek, Sue Yankovich, Carol Germann, Kathy Pfaff, and Marge Richardson

Thursday Morning Women’s League
The ladies are not officially playing league on Thursday mornings but you are invited to play at 9am on Thursdays and will tee off on consecutive tee times.

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