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Tuesday | May 26, 2020





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Area Golf League Results

Web posted May 26, 2020
Crosswoods Men’s Golf League
Tuesday League 5/19/2020
Game of the Day: 3 Best Balls of 4

59 Members were in attendance

First Place Team – Sunrise Dale Federer, Bob Johnson Chuck Hamilton, Al Olsen
Second Place Team – Sunrise Dick Sletten, Steve Dahms Jim Ritter, Tony Coffey

First Place Team – High Noon Steve Laak, Gary Villella Dale Stevens, Jack Krasky
Second Place Team – Sunrise Jim Fraser, Jerry Graham Bill Herrick, Jim Mateyka

Individual Low Net – Sunrise Dale Stevens-34

Individual Low Net – High Noon  Bill Herrick-33

Player of the Day: Overall Low Net Dick Sletten-69

Low Gross Randy Kraft-79

Thursday League 5/21/2020
Game of the Day: ”34”, 3 best balls on odd holes, 4 on even holes

58 Members were in attendance

First Place Team – High Noon Steve Sandberg, Ray Elie Dale Edlefson, Dale Stevens
Second Place Team – High Noon Bill Herrick, Darryl Thorvilson Don Rother, Steve Laak

First Place Team – Sunset Bob Johnson, Larry Koenig Barney Moorman, Neil Smith
Second Place Team – Sunset Dave Barnes, Chuck Hamilton Jack Krasky, Mic Tchida

Individual Low Net – High Noon Dale Stevens-32

Individual Low Net – Sunset Barney Moorman-29

Player of the Day: Overall Low Net - Dale Edlefson-64

Low Gross - Dale Edlefson-78

Crosswoods Women’s League
5/18/20 Monday
18 Hole League
Game of the Day: 2 best balls of 3

First Place: Ardis Thompson, Nancy Barnes, Michele Kohler

Second Place: Karen Appel, Cheryl Tiggelaar, Renee Aden

Low Gross Winner: Ann Schrupp

Low Net Winner: Nancy Barnes

9 Hole League
Game of the Day: 3 best balls of 4

First Place: Cheryl Tiggelaar, Cincy Van Horn, Vicki Nygaard, Nancy Meinke

Second Place: Ardis Thompson, Beryl Roe, Cheryl Fraser, Tracy Nelson

Low Gross Winner: Tracy Nelson

Low Net Winner: Cincy Van Horn

New Members are welcome Monday or Wednesday. Contact Crosswoods for more information 218 692-4653

We will be following Crosswoods' Guidelines for safe play in this time of COVID 19 i.e. individual carts, 'no touch' flagsticks, etc. For more information go to https://crosslakegolf.com/park-and-play

Whitefish Ladies 18 hole Golf League
On May 20th the Whitefish ladies 18 hole league had a wonderful kickoff to the 2020 season! The weather was perfect, and the event was a team scramble. First place team was Helen McGrath, Paula Gulliford, and Barb Holubar with a net score of 58. Second place was Pat Kline, Maxine Riches, Luann Rickert, and Judy Eastwood with a net score of 59. Third place was Nancy McEnroe, Pat McKee, Dori Kaleva, and Virginia Sitzer, also with a net score of 59.

We are excited to welcome our new members, Alyssa Sharpe, Lisa Cline, Jean Buller, and Lori Stegink! The course is in wonderful shape, and new members are always welcome any time by calling the Whitefish Golf Club at 218-543-4900.

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