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Tuesday | December 1, 2020





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Web posted October 13, 2020
City of Crosslake
David Nevin
Seat Running For: Mayor of Crosslake
Occupation: Retired and currently I am on the City Council.

Why are you running for office?
After serving on the Council for two years, I successfully ran and was elected Mayor two years ago. The first two years as councilman prepared me for the job of leading Crosslake as its Mayor.

One thing I’ve learned and will continue to use as Crosslake moves forward, is the value of involving citizens in providing input to the City Council. As Mayor, I recommended and the Council approved the following citizen committees to advise the Council: 1.) The Building Committee which reviewed the space needs of our administration, Police and Fire Departments; 2.) The City Heard concerns about VRBOs and put together a committee of citizens and business people to look into how they can be regulated; 3.) As the City is facing several million dollars in sanitary sewer improvements, a committee was formed to investigate a Local Option Sales Tax to help with funding.

During my two years as Mayor, the City has also been successful in leveraging outside funding which allowed us to make major improvements including storm water management, new pickle ball and basketball courts and a trail and access road leading to South Bay Park. I will continue to be fiscally conservative with your tax dollars.
Patty Norgaard
Seat Running For: Mayor of Crosslake
Occupation: Retired/Volunteer

Why are you running for office?
To Be Clear – I am not simply running for a political office. As your next Mayor, I will represent and advocate for ALL of Crosslake-- our business community, permanent residents, seasonal residents, our guests, and tourists as well. I don’t care if you're red, blue, green, or purple, I will be your Mayor.

Covid-19 changed everything for us this summer, but that hasn't changed my priorities for Crosslake -- Building an Economy where we can not only survive but thrive. We can turn this challenge into an opportunity that benefits us all. Protecting our Environment which includes maintaining our “small town charm”, protecting our most precious asset, the WFC, creating a place that is safe and healthy for all, and Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility in the decisions that affect our community – being mindfully aware of our taxpayer resources.

Finally, we cannot be a community divided. It will take all of us working together – from City Hall, to the Crosslake Chamber of Commerce, Crosslake Ideal Lions, Crosslakers and all those who love this area. So, please join me as we Honor our Past and Look Forward to a Strong Future together.
Catharine Funk
Age: 51 yrs old
Seat Running For: Crosslake City Council
Occupation: Owner Encompassing Beauty

Why are you running for office?
I have no prior experience in city office, however I do have experience in business, I am fair, honest and decisive. I believe in good communication, listening to all sides of a conversation before making decisions. I love living, raising my children and running my business in Crosslake. Crosslake relies on tourism and small business with the landscape changing we need to be able to change with it, including more utilties, including sewer, high speed internet for people working from home and protecting the fourteen lakes for water quality.
Aaron Herzog
Age: 74 years young
Seat Running For: Crosslake City Council
Occupation: Retired and currently I am on the City Council.

Why are you running for office?
I am running for Council because I care about the City of Crosslake. I want to be in a position to make a difference and help the City to grow and progress. Right now is a critical time for the City and with all  the restrictions the State is putting on businesses we need to remain open to listening and working with everyone.

After retiring and moving to Crosslake I spent the next seven years on the P & Z Commission and I am now on the City Council for the past two years. In total I have forty-two years of local government experience and knowledge. I feel that experience is important and does help me make positive decisions for the community as a whole. In the past two years we have accomplished the construction of a new City Hall/Police Station and are looking at our growth for the sanitary sewer system while maintaining our road systems. Right now we are working with the budget process and holding the levies static and considering lowering the levies in December.

Hopefully you agree with what I have done and am willing to do for the future and will vote for me.
Marcia Seibert-Volz
Age: 67
Seat Running For: Crosslake City Council
Occupation: Retired City Administrator

Why are you running for office?
I was appointed to the city council in August following a process of submitting a letter of interest, resume and interview by the personnel Committee. The budget meetings have been an eye opener in Capital projects proposed. I feel I would be an asset on the Council since I have over 40 years of experience as Clerk-Treasurer Administrator. I have dealt with city finance including: Budgets, financial statements, debt service, and project management. Crosslake is located in a beautiful area with the lakes and woods. I want to do whatever I can to keep the community Northwoods character and charm and heartfelt sentiment that Crosslake is a wonderful place to live. Summer tourism is an integral part of the community and drives the economy. I want to make sure that conservative fiscal management occurs within the city keeping the taxes for residents manageable but balancing the needs of the community in business development, recreational amenities, city services, infrastructure, as well as, providing a safe environment in all aspects of our lives whether riding bikes, walking, public health and EMS services. I have a clear understanding of the council position and administration of a city government.
City of Emily
Tracy Jones
Age: 48
Seat Running For: Mayor of Emily
Occupation: Business owner in downtown Emily corridor

Why are you running for office?
First time seeking public office Mayor; Fire dept. member 20 years; First Responder 10 years; Firearms Safety Instructor; Emily Steering Committee member.

My family and I have been residents of Emily for over thirty years and understand what it takes to keep our small town a beautiful place to live, put in a hard day’s work, raise a family and retire in. As a resident, property/ business owner, and taxpayer in Emily I believe our individual freedoms have been diminished. It’s time to come together and change that. I have a vested interest in seeing our community prosper, not just rhetoric and self aggrandizement, as others who have lead us, down a less than sound path. Thank you for your support.
Bill Spiess
Age: 77 years young
Seat Running For: Emily City Council
Occupation: I’m a retired Glazier. Now I do Quilting and patio furniture building

Why are you running for office?
I’m running for the Emily city council to look forward to the Cities need and work to get them. I have enjoyed the last 4 years on the Council and the 8 yrs. that I was on the planning and zoning commission. I would like your vote.
City of Fifty Lakes
Julie Engle
Age: 61
Seat Running For: Fifty Lakes City Council
Occupation: I’m a retired Molecular Biologist International Biotech Sales and Marketing (Retired).

Why are you running for office?
As a long time resident of Fifty Lakes, I feel an obligation to support my neighbors and give back to the community.

For 32 years, beginning in 1974 my family owned, operated and completely rebuilt Edgewild Resort on West Fox Lake (where I still live.)

My parents were wonderful, hardworking, neighborly community members; its an honor to follow in their footsteps.

My father was Fifty Lakes Mayor one term and its respected Planning and Zoning Coordinator for many years.

My Mom and I started the Fifty Lakes monthly Ladies Lunch over 2 decades ago and I've hosted the Community Christmas luncheon every year since.

I care about protecting our lakes, beautiful environment and quiet way of life while openly welcoming visitors, businesses and new residents to our community.

I care about doing what's "right" and fair for the whole community. I'm not pushing my own personal or economic agenda.

I was nominated to the Council 2 years ago to finish the term of another member. I still believe there's important work to do and we need intelligent, dedicated, ethical individuals to get the job done.

Four candidates are running for two Council seats this year. I'd sincerely appreciate your vote!
Linda Steffens
Age: 67
Seat Running For: Mayor of Fifty Lakes
Occupation: Retired financial professional

Why are you running for office?
I am running for office because my ultimate goal is to keep Fifty Lakes a beautiful and safe place to live. I have worked hard to earn the trust and confidence of the citizens during my first term as mayor and have made progress toward those goals. We have successfully implemented the Fifty Lakes Lake Improvement Program whereby the city has set aside funds to help protect the water quality of our lakes. We have also put city standards in place to help ensure that private logging maintains our beauty as well as worked with the county to keep our city proper from being clear cut by logging. I view our municipal bar as a community gathering place, and as such, am committed to keeping it a profitable and friendly place for folks to come together as has been the case in the past two years. During my next term, I would like to focus further on our public safety and city road system with a mindset of financial responsibility. I am a “roll up my sleeves” kind of person who is visible, willing to listen and interested in hearing the thoughts and concerns of the residents we serve.
Eric Miller
Age: 59
Seat Running For: Fifty Lakes City Council
Occupation: Analyst

Why are you running for office?
I am running for office to bring a new and fresh perspective to the city council. While new to the Fifty Lakes community (just under two years) I am not new to the area. Prior to moving to Fifty Lakes I lived in Crosslake since 1999. Since moving to Fifty Lakes I have had the privilege of interacting with the City Council on several occasions and feel that I would like to get involved to help better the town where I live. I think Fifty Lakes is a great place to live and would like to keep it that way. Thank you for your time and I would appreciate your vote on November 3rd.
City of Manhattan Beach
Robert (Rob) Amundson
Age: 58
Seat Running For: Manhattan Beach City Council
Occupation: Client Relations Supervisor

Why are you running for office?
As a full-time resident of Manhattan Beach, I have a vested interest in preserving our quality of life and our sense of community. As a small community I want to give back by offering my time and commitment in continuing to make Manhattan Beach a great place to live now and in the future. We must have sound local ordinances that address homeowner needs and future demands, while maintaining our natural environment and shorelines. I will support sound practices to further that mission, while keeping in mind that many of us make Manhattan Beach our home because of what we have today and any changes need to be well thought out and involve community input so we all have a say in the future of our community.
City of Jenkins
Robert Heidelberger
Age: 61
Seat Running For: Mayor of Jenkins
Occupation: Retired Cement Finisher

Why are you running for office?
The past few years I have been on the Planning and Zoning Committee. I’ve learned a lot about the city, the needs and what people can do to help. Several people have asked me to run for Mayor so after some serious thought I decided it was a good idea to help serve this community. Our current Mayor has done a good job for the past 13 years. Sometimes however change can be good or at least it can give people a choice for their vote. No matter what the outcome is our city will continue to thrive because we have good caring people serving this community. If elected I know I will be able to do a good job as your Mayor.
Jon Lubke
Age: 65
Seat Running For: Mayor of Jenkins
Occupation: Retired Business Owner

Why are you running for office?
I have been honored to be serving as Mayor of the City of Jenkins for the last 13 years and wish to continue to serve the city and it's citizens and businesses for another term. I enjoy being part of the leadership that is making Jenkins a get place to live, to raise a family and to do business in. Also I want to be here to help with the challenges that we will be facing as we get through the fallout from the epidemic.
Debbie Stiltman
Age: 62
Seat Running For: Jenkins City Council

Why are you running for office?
I would like to get us back to more of a community where more people get involved. I hope people will feel free to talk to me with their concerns about their city, and their needs. I would like to see people not be so constricted in what they do on their property, with in reason. We are a small town. I feel if we have rules that everyone such have to abide by them.
Crooked Lake Township
Mark Skjolsvik
Age: 68
Seat Running For: Crooked Lake Twp Supervisor Seat Two
Occupation: Retired

Why are you running for office?
I was first elected to the Crooked Lake Township Seat Two Supervisor 8 years ago. The existing board, and everyone connected to the operation of the township has become a cohesive group, working together towards the betterment of the whole township as well as being conservative stewards of your tax dollar. I am asking for your vote this November so I can help continue the positive atmosphere that the current board of supervisors has established.
Jim Thielen
Age: 60
Seat Running For: Crooked Lake Twp Supervisor
Occupation: Business Owner (25yrs)

Why are you running for office?
I am running for a seat on the Crooked Lake Township Board in order to be an advocate for our residents, local businesses and organizations that work to preserve the up-north charm, natural beauty and well-being of our community.

Having owned and operated a successful business for the past 25 years, I will rely on my people skills, management and budgeting experience when making important decisions for our community.

I was born and raised in Paynesville, MN, a small town in central Minnesota. I married, Niki, my wife of 26 years, and we raised our two children in Buffalo, Minnesota. We purchased property on Lake Roosevelt in 2000, and have been enjoying the Outing community with family and friends for over 20 years.

After our children graduated from college, Niki and I sold our Buffalo home, packed our belongings and became full-time residents of Outing.

We are so fortunate to be living in Outing, where we continue to operate our marketing company that we founded in 1995. I am asking for your vote November 3rd.
Lloyd N. Thyen
Age: 77
Seat Running For: Crooked Lake Twp Supervisor
Occupation: Retired from 37 years US Army active duty and 5 years US State Department, as a counterintelligence and security officer.

Why are you running for office?
I am running for reelection because I have the EXPERIENCE to effectively serve the Township. I have gained this experience through service to the nation, in Vietnam, at the White House, and Germany, 21 years service in elected homeowner association positions, and 12 years service (8 years elected Chairman) to Crooked Lake Township where my family owns property since 1948. I was elected to the Boards for the Pine River Watershed Alliance and Association of Cass County Lakes. In 12 years, I missed only one Town Board meeting. Here is a short list of Town Board accomplishments since 2008: Town Hall renovation, construction of Town Hall addition and lease to the Library, establishment of the Aquatic Invasive Species Committee, operation of watercraft inspections, hosting watercraft decontamination station, acquisition of a new fire truck and road maintenance equipment, ongoing commitment to proper maintenance of Town roads, completion of Emergency Operations Plan, mutual aid agreements with Emily and Fifty Lakes, managing situations including the storms of 2016 and the 2017 Clerk and Treasurer turbulence, arranging funding to fight AIS, replacing the playground at Luscher’s Park, setting up long term funding for Fire Department equipment, arranging for gambling proceeds to support community activities, and paving the Town complex. I am proud to serve with today’s Board and staff.

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