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Tuesday | September 10, 2019





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Committee Recommends Crosslake Sewer Extension; Mandatory Septic System Checks

Web posted June 18, 2019
By Bill Monroe, Northland Press Correspondent

The Crosslake City Council forwarded two recommendations of the Water Quality Committee appointed by Mayor David Nevin in January to the Public Works Commission when it met in regular session Monday, June 10.

The first recommendation was to extend the extend the city’s sewer system from the city hall area to County Road 16 by Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant. The expansion would involve installing a 10-inch pipe with stubs installed at all locations of potential future hookups. One pump station would also be required. No recommendation on requiring residents or businesses to hook up to the new sewer was made, nor was any assessment policy recommendation made.

The second recommendation was to revise the city’s subsurface treatment system ordinance to require all property owners with septic systems to have their systems inspected and pumped, if necessary, every three years. Property owners would be required to file reports with the city to show that the inspections had been completed.

Committee member Dave Fischer presented the recommendation to the council and said that the committee felt the measures would result in protecting the water quality of the area. He also pointed out that state law requires septic systems to be inspected every three years.

Dog Park Maintenance
Pam Graves of the Crosslakers asked the council to consider taking over maintenance of the Crosslaker Dog Park now that volunteers have raised the money and constructed the park located on land owned by the city near the Community Center. She said that volunteers will continue to monitor activity at the park and clean up after the dogs, but they would like help mowing the area and dealing with falling trees and other similar maintenance items.

Nevin said in his opinion the council needs to be aware of saying yes to volunteers who ask for help on projects, then want to turn the projects over to the city. But he said he does not disagree that the city should maintain the dog park area. Councilmember Dave Schrupp said the volunteers should be given credit to having developed the project. Councilmember Aaron Herzog said he has no problem with the city providing general maintenance as long as that does not include cleaning up after the dogs. Graves assured him volunteers will handle that chore. Parks and Recreation Director T. J. Graumann expressed concern that the volunteers might want additional cost items to be completed that the council is not aware of. The council voted to have Graumann work with the volunteers to determine specifically what needs to be done and the costs associated with the work and to report to the council at its July meeting so the council can determine what can be done this year and what should be placed in the 2020 budget.

Bridge Solar Pumping Maintenance
Crosslaker Pat Netko asked the council to consider eventually taking over the maintenance of a solar pumping system invented by Sam Shirey to water the flowers on the two Crosslake bridges, one of the Crosslakers’ projects. She said Shirey has been doing the labor to install and remove the systems each year and does not want to do this indefinitely. The council decided to have Public Works Director Ted Strand work with Shirey this fall to learn how the system works so that the city can begin to maintain it.

VRBO Committee

At the May council meeting, Nevin asked for volunteers to serve on a committee to look at the possibility of regulating Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) properties in the city. The council approved the following volunteers to serve on the committee: Blaine Kriesel Jr.; Deanne Furan; Daniel Mattes; Matt Balmer; Catharine Funk and Nevin.

Planning and Zoning

The council adopted a recommendation from Zoning Administrator Jacob Frie establishing a new policy regarding public hearing application refunds. Under the new policy, once an application to the Planning and Zoning Commission/Board of Adjustment has been submitted for a public hearing:

*If the application is withdrawn within five days of the application deadline, 100 percent of the application fee will be refunded;

*After five days and prior to the publication of the application, no more than 50 percent of the application fee will be refunded;

*After publication of the public hearing date, none of the application fee will be refunded. Rescheduling or resubmittal will require an additional application fee.

If the application is tabled by the Planning and Zoning Commission/Board of Adjustment, the applicant shall not incur any fees due to this policy.

The council approved the preliminary plat to subdivide a parcel involving 71,264 square feet into eight tracts at 34076 County Road 3 owned by Bennett and Jill Gibbs and it approved subdividing a parcel involving 1.5 acres into two tracts at 33909 County Road 3 owned by John Keil and Cornerstone Construction Services.

Public Works

Andy Waletzko of Hy-Tec Construction told the council that work on the new building to house the police and administration departments is on schedule. At this point surveying is being done. The council voted to have staff consult with Sourcewell to instruct the council on the steps required to select a contractor for the project. It also approved a recommendation from the Public Works Commission to have Kamco, Inc. do crack sealing, blowing and routing on various streets and parking lots this year at a cost of $38,600.

The council approved a Public Works Commission recommendation to authorize WSN to complete a feasibility report to extend a sewer line from County Road 66 to the new facility to house the police and administration departments at a cost of $3,800.

Other Business
In other business, the council:
• Voted to have the city attorney ask Crosswoods Development about the possibility of the city purchasing land behind Andy's Bar and Grill to be used as a parking lot and park;

• Set a date of 4:30 p.m. on June 17 for a workshop meeting to review the city’s proposed capital improvement plan;

• Read a letter from a resident praising local first responders from the Crosslake police and fire departments;

• Approved a bill for $669.10 for soil and other materials used to plant the flowers in baskets on the two Crosslake bridges;

• Passed a resolution to accept a $1,500 donation from the Crosslake Firefighters Relief Association for the purchase of an aluminum flatbed ATV trailer;

• Appointed Councilmember John Andrews to attend a meeting of the Crow Wing County Housing and Redevelopment Authority task force on housing;

• Reviewed the minutes of a June 3 meeting of a group working on a Parking and Pedestrian Study and

• Voted to approve a memorandum of understanding with the Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District regarding a stormwater management project adjacent to County Road 66 and Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

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