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The archery team goes through the human tunnel - photo courtesy of Kelli Engstrom Photography

CCS Pepfest honors Archery Team

Web posted May 27, 2014
Monday, May 5, the Crosslake Community School students and staff gathered in the gymnasium for a pepfest in honor of the Archery Team travelling to Nationals. Students were given a pompom made of recycled paper to use during the pepfest as they entered the gym. Team members were announced one by one and raced through the crowd to the stage. Once every team member reached the stage, veteran team member Taylor Schulz gave a short speech:

“Hi, my name is Taylor. I have been a member of the archery team for four years now. This will be my second time going to Nationals. I would like to start off by giving a big thanks to our coach, Mr. Swanson, for all he has done for our team. I would just like to say that I am so proud of our team because I know we are not one of the biggest teams out there, but we do our best and that’s all that matters. It’s not about winning or losing so for us to make it this far I feel like we have accomplished a lot. I would also like to thank everyone who helped fundraise for our trip! This program has really given me lots of opportunities and strengthened my patience and self-discipline. So congrats to the CCS Archery team!”

Students led two cheers and everyone participated in the Interlude Dance. At the conclusion of the activities, Ms. Schultz’s 7/8 class made a human tunnel and the archers were dismissed from the stage to run through the tunnel and greet students in the back of the gym. As a celebration of school spirit, classes were dismissed one at a time and every student was given the opportunity to race through the human tunnel. Congratulations again to the Crosslake Archers!

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