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Tuesday | November 14, 2017





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Basement fire in Crosslake home

Web posted September 12, 2017
By Bill Monroe, Northland Press Correspondent

The Crosslake Fire Department was called to a basement fire at 13xxx block of Wildwood Drive last weekend at a residence. When firefighters arrived they saw smoke coming from the basement. Mutual aid was called from the Ideal and Mission Township Department but later cancelled.

Upon entering the basement, firemen found fire inside the doorway on a piece of furniture that was located next to a treadmill. Once the fire was extinguished, crews began to ventilate the structure. They also found the electrical panel and shut off the main breaker. Three breakers had been blown due to the fire and a water line had been melted.

The fire and smoke damage was contained to the lower level of the structure, with some smoke in the first and second floor. Once overhaul operations were complete, crews began to ventilate the entire structure.

According to the incident report, the homeowner had been working in the basement during the afternoon and was staining the mantle of the fireplace. When he was done he placed the rags on the furniture next to the treadmill. After interviewing the homeowner and his daughter it was clear that the cause of the fire was from spontaneous combustion from the staining rags placed on the furniture. The daughter said she had smelled a varnish/smoke smell for about an hour prior to the fire.

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