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Tuesday | September 27, 2022





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County Road 66 Opened in Time for Crosslake Days

Web posted September 20, 2022
By Paul Boblett, Editor

County Road 66 was opened through Crosslake on Thursday, September 15 following negotiations between City Engineer Phil Martin on the city’s behalf, and the project's contractor, Casper Construction.

The sanitary sewer extension project began in May and a large section of CSAH 66 north of Daggett Bay Road has been closed to traffic.

The start of the dialog between the City and contractor was presented and supported by council at their regular monthly meeting, held Monday, September 12.

Martin presented a few scenarios to the council on September 12 to see if the contractor was willing to open the road in time for the Crosslake Days celebration this coming weekend, Sept. 22-24, even though final the final striping would likely take place following the event.

Council directed Martin to see what could be done and after a few days of negotiations, Casper agreed to open the roadway after the temporary striping was completed.

Final striping is the last task before the job is complete.

City Administrator Mike Lyonais stated by phone Friday that there is still work to be done concerning driveway approaches and some dirt work, but the contractor was willing to allow traffic along the active work zone.

Lyonais added that the terms to open the road included stopping liquidated damages from accruing against the contractor, to be negotiated.

A special meeting was held Friday, September 2 to see if anything could have been done to open the road for Labor Day weekend, but a motion to to allow the City to be liable for the work zone failed that day.

• Council approved pay application Number 4 for Casper in the amount of $525,087.31

Road Assessments Public Hearing
Lyonais reported to Northland Press that the public hearing for road assessments ended in a 2-2 vote, (Council member John Andrews and Mayor David Nevin voted no, council members Marcia Seibert-Volz and Aaron Herzog voted yes. Dave Schrupp was absent from the assessment hearing.)

No road assessments were determined for the following projects:
• Project Area #1 Wild Wind Ranch Drive from the intersection with CSAH 103 to the end of the city-maintained portion of the street.

• Project Area #2 Rushmoor Boulevard and Rushmoor Trail from the intersection with CSAH 16 to the end of the city-maintained portion of each leg of the streets.

• Project Area #4 Birch Narrows Road from the intersection with CSAH 3 to the end of the city-maintained portion of the street.

Playground Grand Opening
Park and Recreation Director TJ Graumann told the council the grand opening of the new Community Center Playground would be taking place on Saturday, September 24 with a ribbon cutting at 11 am. It will be part of a bigger day at the Community Center as the Park and Library (PAL) Foundation will be hosting several events including pickleball lessons, timed obstacle course races, trail rides, and tours. PAL will be serving chili as part of Crosslake Days.

Public Safety

Council approved a request from Crosslake Police Chief Erik Lee to order a 2023 Ford SUV Police Interceptor for the amount $43,021 to replace a 2017 vehicle. The vehicle will still need to be outfitted.

Also approved was a request to purchase four used and refurbished, radar signs for $13,440 to put on roads where they are needed.

Council heard a letter from residents Joshua and Tamara Reding thanking Sgt. Jake Maier for his handling of a situation concerning the road closure.

Crosslake police reported 301 incidents in Crosslake for August that included 69 traffic warnings, 56 EMS calls, 28 agency assists, eight traffic citations, 12 ATV incidents, and five property damage accidents There were 84 calls in August for Mission Township, including 53 traffic stops, 16 traffic citations, and four agency assists.

• Crosslake Fire reported 78 calls in August, including 47 EMS calls, 10 agency assists and one grass fire.

• North Ambulance reposted 112 callouts in August.

In other council action:

• Heard a request from Goodrich and O’Brien Lake Associations residents for a paved walking trail along citing safety concerns and many near misses over the past several years. The proposed trail would be in two jurisdictions, Crosslake and Fairfield Township. The group plans to attend the Fairfield Board meeting on October 11, Mayor Nevin offered to attend with the group;

• Heard from Cindy Myogeto, Crosslake Chamber Director who gave a brief rundown of the Crosslake Days events and requested and was granted approval for the Chili Cookoff, and for closure of a portion of Pioneer Drive for the Bean Bag tournament and Street Dance, both held Saturday, September 24;

• Accepted three donations; One from the Crosslake Firefighter Relief Association in the amount of $56,342.55 for a 2022 GMC truck; the other two were from the PAL Foundation in amounts of $24,795 for the playground, and $936 for picnics tables for the pickle ball area;

• Set a budget workshop meeting for Monday, September 19 at 2:00 p.m.;

• Approved Mayor Nevin and Lyonais to be included on the CR3 and CSAH 66 Intersection Improvement Project committee;

• Approved a memorandum of understanding between the city and Teamsters General Local #346 concerning payscales for three police officers;

• Approved a request from Graumann to offer copying services at the Community Center;

• Approved a recommendation to replace two HVAC units the Community Center in the amount of $24,400;

• Approved pay applications 1 and 2 for repairs to the clarifiers at the sewer treatment plant in the amount of $91,371.38 and $33,496 respectively;

• Approved opening the leaf and brush dump from 6:30 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday and from 10 am to 6 on Saturdays.

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