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Tuesday | August 16, 2022





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Gas line damage forces evacuation in Crosslake

Web posted July 26, 2022
By Paul Boblett, Editor

Damage to a natural gas line along the CSAH 66 sewer project forced the evacuation of around 245 people in Crosslake on Wednesday, July 20th.

Crosslake Fire Chief Chip Lohmiller stated in an email that at 1:20 p.m. the 6-inch main carrying natural gas to customers was damaged by a Casper Construction worker operating a backhoe.

Lohmiller said approximately 245 people were notified to evacuate their homes and relocate to the Crosslake Community Center, adding that leak affected everything east of CSAH 66 from Daggett Pine to Daggett Bay Road and east to Bunkhouse Road.

Crosslake Fire and Crow Wing County Emergency Management sent out an Everbridge alert, and that it worked very well. Residents are encouraged to sign up for alerts by visiting https://crowwing.us/1490/Crow-Wing-County-ALERT or calling Crow Wing County Emergency Management 218-825-3443.

Xcel Energy representative Lacey Nygard stated in an email that Xcel Energy had received notification and crews were dispatched to the scene. The crews were able to safely and  successfully repair the damage and began to relight pilot lights on customers’ appliances around 7 p.m. and continued that work through the next morning.

Nygard confirmed that approximately 177 customers experienced an outage to their natural gas service and that crews, adding that Xcel Energy would like to thank their customers for their patience as their crews completed the repair work. Nygard additionally reminded customers that if they ever detect a sulfur or rotten egg smell inside or near their home, it could be the odorant that they put in natural gas to help detect leaks. If they notice that smell, they should leave their home immediately. Additionally, do not turn any electrical devices on or off, do not use a garage door opener and never use any phone until they are outside and away. Once a customer has left the area of the leak, they should call their service provider or Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-2999. In a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Web posted August 2, 2022
In the July 26 edition of the Northland Press article, “Gas line damage forces evacuation in Crosslake”, the article stated that “approximately 245 people were notified to evacuate their homes and relocate to the Crosslake Community Center…”

The article should have stated, “At 245 an Everbridge notification was sent to the area that people they could return to their homes or business.”

Northland Press regrets the error.

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