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Pumping well water - photos submitted
Ringing the Ideal Schoolhouse bell

Field trips to the Crosslake Area Historical Society

Web posted June 3, 2014
Springtime at the Crosslake Area Historical Society Log Village Museum has been a busy, noisy place filled with many questions and much laughter

On May 15 and 16 the Crosby-Ironton kindergarteners visited the Log Village Museum. Ms. Stengel’s & Ms. Hawkinson’s classes with a total of 40 students and 17 chaperoning adults toured on the 15th while Ms. Callisto’s & Mrs. Hoffarth’s classes with 38 students were accompanied by 20 adults. The children were told about the historical buildings and shown many old artifacts which are on display. Ringing the Ideal Schoolhouse bell, sitting in the Schoolhouse desks writing on slates with chalk, and pumping water from the old fashioned well near the Watertown Township Town Hall remain the favorite activities of the school children during the visit.

On Friday, May 23rd there were 156 first graders and guests from Eagleview Elementary of Pequot Lakes. The students arrived at the CAHS Museum with their teachers: Mrs. Zidler, Mrs. Hurin, Mrs. Amsclen, Mrs. Sposito, Mrs. Brill, Mrs. Zierden, and chaperons.

In preparation for the visit to the museum, the children watched the movie and read the book the "Little House on the Prairie", studied the history, and read other books. They were able to compare the past with the present. Examples included: differences between ice boxes and refrigerators, wood burning stoves vs gas or electric stoves, telephones vs cell phones,typewriters vs computers, adding machines vs. calculators, old outdoor water pumps vs. modern running water and indoor plumbing, school bus sleigh vs a big orange/yellow school bus

The main focus of their visit was to learn the differences between the past and the present. They were shown iceboxes, irons, typewriters, old fashion telephone and a switchboard. The old games they played included duck duck grey duck, tiger in the corner, cats cradle, and pushing a potato with their nose.

Volunteers Dorothy Allen, Kitty Anderson, Doug Davis, Dennis Dischinger, Dodo Fraser, Leo Fraser, Bunny Geiger, Howard Hutchins, Delores Rubald, and Carla White showed the groups around and were soundly and loudly thanked by the students as they left.

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