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Johnson to leave Crosslake Communications

Web posted July 29, 2014
By Kate Perkins, Northland Press Correspondent

Jared Johnson, operations manager for Crosslake Communications, has submitted his resignation from the company after 13 years. He’s accepted a position as general manager at Goldfield telephone in Goldfield, Iowa.

Johnson is the second to leave Crosslake Communications in as many months. Paul Davis, network engineer, announced his resignation in June. Prior to the resignations, Crosslake Communications had 13 employees.

By phone, Johnson said there’s currently some uncertainty at the company that led him to look into other options.

“We don’t know what’s happening here,” Johnson said. “There’s significant uncertainty and that uncertainty definitely had me at least exploring other opportunities.”

The Crosslake City Council recently hired Charlesmead consultants, a group out of Boston, to examine the communications company. On its website, Charlesmead highlights its role in helping sales and acquisitions of telephone companies, among its other services.

Davis’ resignation was also an issue, Johnson said.

“He and I spent 10 years trying to improve service and technology. His leaving was quite a blow,” Johnson said.

He said that because his new position is a promotion from his former position, he feels the move is a good one for himself and his family.

Johnson wished to stress his appreciation for his time at Crosslake Communications.

“It’s been my pleasure to service the citizens and community of Crosslake,” Johnson said. “It’s been a lot of fun. And we’ve definitely in my opinion taken Crosslake Communications to a place that didn’t exist.”

The company has gone from 1,000 dial-up and only 25 broadband customers in 2001 to now being ready to shut off dial-up completely. Johnson said he’s been delighted to be a part of the revolution that’s happened with technology.

“I appreciate the support we’ve gotten throughout the years to advance the city,” he said.

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