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Tuesday | August 4, 2020





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News from the Whitefish Chain Yacht Club

Web posted July 28, 2020
After a successful Light the Buoys campaign for the Whitefish Chain of Lakes, the Whitefish Chain Yacht Club (WCYC) has created DOCK plates for members to attach to the front of their docks, identifying their membership in the WCYC. The plates are available to qualifying members making a donation of $25.00 or more, included in their annual membership.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the WCYC to cancel this year’s youth swimming and boating classes and Women at the Helm classes and social events for the members. The DOCK plates signify the owner’s membership and support of the WCYC, and the club’s important mission to promote safety on the water.

Not only does the WCYC provide classes, but also maintains the navigation buoys on the Whitefish Chain of Lakes. Residents and visitors appreciate the buoys, signifying hazards (rocks and stumps that can damage a boat prop) and lighting the way through the many channels for nighttime navigation. Any excess funds collected for the DOCK plates will be used for ongoing buoy maintenance.

“We have many members who have made donations to the WCYC at the Commodore ($250) and Captain’s Wheel ($150) level showing their support of the WCYC”, stated Vice Commodore Bonnie Coffey. For more information please go to www.wcyc.info.

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