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Tuesday | May 17, 2022





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Stop Pruning Oaks

Web posted May 10, 2022
According to Andrew Seagren, Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Forester, "April 1st is an easy date to remember to stop pruning your oak trees until after July. If you must prune oaks, immediately apply a wound dressing or shellac to prevent oak wilt.”

Oak wilt is a fungal disease that kills oaks that can become infected with oak wilt if trimmed or damaged when the fungus is present and sap beetles are active. This high-risk period usually runs from April through July. The sap beetles are attracted to fresh wounds on oaks and quickly transfer infections from tree to tree. Once oak wilt infects a tree, it spreads to neighboring healthy oaks through connected roots.

It was discovered for the first time in 2021 in both Cass and Crow Wing Counties.

“A red oak that took more than a hundred years to grow can be killed within weeks after becoming infected with oak wilt,” said Brian Schwingle, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Forest Health Specialist. “So don’t prune your oaks from April through July.”

Oak wilt symptoms start in the tree’s outer crown and move inward. Infected branches rapidly shed their leaves. The primary way to identify oak wilt is the leaves quickly fall off the tree in the summer. The spread of oak wilt can be controlled with professional assistance.

Morrison SWCD has Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Grant Funds (ENRTF) to help landowners with oak wilt affected trees.

To prevent the spread of oak wilt, follow these management guidelines:
• Trim oaks during the winter.
• If wounds are made April through July, immediately paint them with water-based paint or shellac to prevent oak wilt.
• Before removing oaks killed by oak wilt, sever root connections to healthy trees by trenching around diseased trees with a vibratory plow.
• Cut down oak wilt-killed oaks in the winter.
• Destroy or treat diseased wood sites by burning, debarking, chipping, covering with a tarp with the edges buried, or kilndrying the wood.

Visit the DNR Oak Wilt website at: mndnr.gov/treecare/forest_health/oakwilt for more information on oak wilt and how to prevent its spread. If you suspect you have oak wilt, you can report it on the GLEDN app or contact Morrison SWCD at 320-631-3551 or DNR Forestry at 218-947-8600

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