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Tuesday | September 14, 2021





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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announces summer land sale

Web posted July 27, 2021
Public lands for sale in Pine and Wadena counties

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has state lands for sale in Pine and Wadena counties. The five parcels for sale include rural and recreational properties.

State statute requires the DNR to conduct a public auction when parcels of land are available to sell. This summer’s online public auction is in partnership with MinnBid, the Minnesota Department of Administration’s Surplus Services online auction website. Bidding on properties requires registering for an account on the MinnBid site. Property will be available for bidding Wed., July 28, through 12 p.m. Friday, Aug. 6.

“The DNR is excited to partner with the Department of Administration for the first summer land auction,” said Andrea Johnson, DNR land sale coordinator. “The option for full online participation creates a more accessible and efficient way for more people to bid on state land.”

The public can visit mndnr.gov/landsale to obtain property data sheets, terms and conditions of sale, and instructions for participating in the MinnBid system. Call 651 259-5432, 888-646-6367 or email min.landsale@state.mn.us with questions about a specific property.

The DNR’s annual land sales help the department optimize its land holdings and meet its responsibility to maximize recreational, conservation, and economic opportunities for the state. Public lands provide support for natural resource-based economies; outdoor recreation opportunities; ecological benefits like clean air and water; and critical habitat for wildlife and rare plant species.

Selling land allows the DNR to remove land from its portfolio that is no longer meeting primary management objectives. Depending on the type of land sold, revenue from sales may go to the School Trust or provide funds to allow the DNR to invest in other, high priority land acquisitions.

All are welcome to participate in the public auction. Subscribe now to receive emails about the 2021 summer public land sale, as well as future land sales: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/lands_minerals/landsale/index.html

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