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Tuesday | September 19, 2017





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Emily Council discusses Bungalow site cleanup

Web posted July 11, 2017
By Bill Monroe, Northland Press Correspondent

(Editor’s Note: The following article was written from the unapproved minutes of a meeting of the Emily City Council held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 as provided by the City Clerk.)

The Emily City Council dealt with cleaning up the site of a fire at the Bungalow, hiring police, reviewing project cost estimates and numerous city maintenance issues at its June 13 meeting. Mayor Roger Lund and Council members Council members Dan Barrett, Gary Hanson, and Jan Mosman were present.

Bungalow Cleanup
City Attorney Tom Pearson provided the Council with a draft resolution ordering removal or repair of hazardous building materials at the Bungalow fire site. Pearson sent a certified letter to the Bungalow property owners regarding cleanup. He said the owners’ insurance company is required to make a settlement decision by the end of July. He recommended not taking action on the resolution but putting the matter on the July Council agenda and to include a 30 day requirement to clean up the site. Pearson will request permission for installation of a temporary chain link fence and, if possible, secure an agreement for reimbursement. Pearson said the City cannot clean up the site at this time because the insurance company investigation is still ongoing. The Council agreed to seek quotes for the fencing and to spend up to $5,000 on the fence with the property owners to reimburse the City.

New police
Police Chief Josh Herold asked the Council for authorization to hire two currently employed part-time Police officers to cover unworked available police officer hours. Hiring the part-time officers to fill the staffing needs would minimize training costs and may reduce testing costs Herold said. The Council approved his request.

GoNorth Update
Council member Mosman presented a monthly GoNorth report. The organization has requested funds from the Chamber of Commerce for The Landing Welcome Center and Marketplace. GoNorth, like the Chamber, supports business, the area, and the community. GoNorth is a committee of unpaid volunteers which promotes business, future development, arts and culture, nonprofits, and residents of Little Pine, Fairfield, Outing, Fifty Lakes, and Emily.

Dollar General Request
Dollar General representative Jim Kramer attended the meeting to discuss a Conditional Use Permit for a proposed store to allow for additional impervious surface coverage. Additional impervious coverage is allowed by City ordinance if a storm water plan is submitted with the proposed construction plans and approved by the City. A turn lane would be installed by Dollar General on County Road 1 into the store parking lot. The Council approved the request.

Cost Estimates
Sharp’s Forestry estimated it would cost $1,200 to complete an inspection of trees on City property with future annual inspections at $40 per hour. Sharp’s estimate included completing an inventory of significant trees that need to be watched at the City Hall forest and the main City Park and a review of trees at the cemetery, ballfield and along the roads. The Council took no action on the proposal.

Anderson Brothers submitted a rough estimate to be used for budgeting purposes of $51,103.85 to pave the City parking lot and $34,361.17 to pave two alleys. City staff will request estimates for surveys of the City parking lot and two alleys to be completed this fall.

Quotes for replacement of City Hall gym lights with solid base LED lights with wire guards were $3,945.26 from Northern Lakes Electric and $3,850 from Jim’s Electric and will be considered for the 2018 Budget.

Maintenance Items
• The Council voted to spend $3,465 for an aluminum tank and rack for the City’s fire truck. The original estimate approved by the Council was $3,265 but the actual cost was higher than anticipated.

• The Council voted to have Northern Lakes Electric replace the emergency light in the gym at a cost of $561.55

• After receiving complains from residents, the Council approved spending up to $6,000 to hire Tri-City Paving to apply calcium chloride to 1.6 miles on Butterfield Beach and Woodpecker Point to alleviate dust problems.

• Repairs to the South Shore Drive bridge by the H&R Construction Company in the amount of $8,601 were approved by the Council. Repairs included replacing wooden posts and guardrail panels.

Other Business
In other business, the Council:
• Announced there will be a closed personnel meeting held during the Thursday, June 29 special meeting;

• Learned that the Clerk’s office has caught up on codification work. The City will formally request an extension of the codification process deadline. Development of a Long Range Capital Improvement Plan will be tabled until the codification process is complete;

• Approved the independent auditor’s report for the year 2016;

• Held a public forum.

• Were told that the Personnel Committee will schedule a meeting with the City Attorney regarding the Police Chief’s contract;

• Approved the Emily Fireman’s Relief Association’s application for a one-day temporary on-sale 3.2 malt liquor license for Emily Day July 15 and a $20 per diem for first responders working the event;

• Approved a proposal for SEH, Inc. to provide 2017 road and bridge maintenance engineering services;

• Approved the purchase of 24 bronze U.S. veteran grave markers for the cemetery at a cost of $49.95 each and

• Approved the National Joint Powers Alliance shared services agreement for the park and trails project.

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