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Tuesday | November 13, 2018





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Emily Council Votes Not to Vacate Part of Dahler Avenue

Web posted September 11, 2018
By Bill Monroe, Northland Press Correspondent

(Editor’s Note: The following article was written from the unapproved minutes of a meeting of the Emily City Council held on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 as provided by the City Clerk. Items in quotation marks come directly from the minutes.)

Following a public hearing on the matter, the Emily City Council voted to deny a petition to vacate a portion of Dahler Avenue. Mayor Roger Lund was present along with Council members Gerhart Hanson, Jan Mosman, and Bill Spiess. Also present were City Attorney Tom Pearson, Cari Johnson, City Clerk/Treasurer, and Pam Roden, Deputy Clerk.

The Council expressed the following concerns regarding the petition to vacate part of the avenue:
• Vacating the end portion of Dahler Avenue would move the turnaround location to before the gate, which would move the problem to neighboring property.

• If Dahler Avenue were vacated, petitioner Bob Dahlke would need a permanent easement for access to his property at the end of the street.

• Dahler Avenue is a public city street. A public street may not be blocked or gated. The City had previously requested the gate remain open or be removed. City Attorney Pearson has a historical file regarding the gate across Dahler Avenue.

• There are title issues with vacations.

The Council received a request from Emily Meats for reimbursement of $9,852.64 in alleged damages to freezers and coolers during the State Highway 6 reconstruction project. The reimbursement request has been forwarded to the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

“The Council discussed parking concerns. There is a concern regarding the sight lines at the State Highway 6/County Road 1 intersection. Parking concerns at Emily Meats were discussed, especially regarding cars exiting the business onto State Highway 6. Additional striping and pedestrian crosswalks should be completed soon which should assist with the situation. The Council discussed the possibility of police patrols for people driving over curbs and crosswalks and installation of bollards across the pedestrian crosswalk ramp.”

The Council approved payment application number one of $25,196.23 to Dechantal Excavating for the city parking lot and west alley.

The Council approved the S.E.H. agreement for professional services for $2,000 for coordinating with MnDOT for the east alley project.

The Crow Wing County Highway Department is providing “No Parking” signs on County Road 1. MnDOT will  install “No Parking” signs on State Highway 6 in no parking zones. There was a discussion regarding painting of curbs along State Highway 6 in no parking zones.

The Council also voted to paint the curbs in no parking zones along State Highway 6 and County Road 1.

“Council Liaison Mosman reported the Park Commission had a meeting. A bid was received from Anderson Brothers to resurface the tennis courts for $58,609. An effort was made to obtain additional bids, but was not successful. In 2017 the City planned to commit $8,000 towards repair of the tennis courts. The Park Commission requested addition of $7,000 to the 2019 Budget for resurfacing of the tennis courts. The City has approximately $49,000 in unassigned Park funds that may be used for resurfacing of the tennis courts. The Park Commission requested approval of the proposed natural surface Multi-Use Trail route. The trail route would be on City Park property and road right-of-ways. Fence posts could be used to delineate the route in multi-use areas of the trail. Very little grading would be required. Gravel would be needed in some areas. More research is needed to determine whether all parcels involved in the trail route are City property.”

A motion to request bids for work on the multi-use trail was not seconded and failed.

“The bids to develop the trail would include brushing, 6” of Class 5 gravel, and grading. Some of the route would be a natural trail with grass. Maps would be available online. The Council requested the information that would be included in the bids, including more details. The Park Commission requests addition of replacement of the City Hall basketball posts and hoops to the 2019 Budget with the Clerk’s office determining the cost. The Park Commission requests budgeting a percentage of the cost of a restroom building in City Park each year until there are enough funds. The Park Commission is working on options for providing a public beach as an amenity. The public beach would be a low maintenance, unsupervised area. There is an existing small City beach on Trout Lake with very limited parking.”

Fire Jeep Sold
Twelve sealed bids for a fire jeep were opened. The highest bid was from Bill Mitchell for $3,779. The Council voted to sell the jeep to Mitchell.

Sourcewell Agreement
The Council approved a request from Planning and Zoning Administrator Welle to renew the Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) Planning and Zoning Shared Service Agreement. The agreement includes the same rate of $50 per hour with no mileage.

Other Business
In other business, the Council:
• Accepted a donation of $2,000 from the Crow Wing Power Community Trust for the purchase of an automatic chest compression machine for the Emily first response unit;

• Hired Jeff Strand as a fire fighter; Accepted the resignation of Nathaniel Deshayes from the Emily Volunteer Fire Department and thanked him for his many years of good service;

• Approved the Crow Wing County Attorney Misdemeanor Prosecution contract with an annual flat fee of $2,500;

• Approved a flat rate of $172 per quarter for sewer charges for Up North renovation effective July 1, 2018 due to ongoing issues with the meter that will be returned to the city;

• Approved handling commercial sewage charges by setting a flat rate on a case by case basis

• Accepted the low bid of $900 from First Nation to install Omnisites;

• Approved installation of a new city hall phone system to allow for the changing of prerecorded messages;

• Hired Jane Davis as a casual office assistant at $10 per hour and

• Announced that Clean Up Day will be held on Saturday, September 15 from 9 a.m. to noon.

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