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Tuesday | May 17, 2022





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Fifty Lakes City Council April Highlights

Web posted May 10, 2022
(Editor’s note: The following article was written from the draft minutes of the regular monthly meeting of the Fifty Lake City Council held Tuesday, April 12, 2022 as presented by the city.)

The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council was held on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Present were Mayor Steve Dahlke; Council members Jodie Schrupp, Toni Buchite and Gary Staples (council member Mark Bradley was absent); Clerk-Treasurer Karen Stern, Deputy Clerk Ann Raph; Zoning Administrator Justin Burslie; Maintenance Supervisor Chad Wosmek; Fire Chief Andy Hemphill and Liquor Manager Diana Johnson.

Council reviewed and approved the consent agenda as presented that included Council Meeting Minutes for March 15, 2022; Treasurers Report; Payment of bills in the amount of $116,695.80 including check #44016 to #44107; Fire & Rescue Minutes.

2022-2026 Highway Project Plan Update
Council received an update from Crow Wing County Highway Engineer Tim Bray regarding the speed study initiated by the City of Crosslake and performed by MnDOT over the past several months.

From the study, starting at the corner of County Road 1 headed south on County Road 3, the speed limit zone that is now 35 mph will increase to 45 mph sometime in May. Council did state their concerns with this increase and the effect on the city.

Tim Bray, Crow Wing County Engineer, presented a 2022- 2026 Highway Improvement Plan to the council.

Council expressed their concerns regarding ATV traffic and increasing the size of shoulders along CR 1 from Fifty Lakes to Emily, the number of accidents at the intersection of the east end of Buchite Road and CR 1, and possibly widening the ATV crossing on CR 1.

Bray told council that these items would be considered a reconstruction and are not part the plan for the next five years. He thanked council for their concerns in these areas, explaining there is not enough funding to all the concerns every city has with County Roads.

Planning and Zoning
Planning Specialist Justin Burslie reported the planning commission did not meet in March and would be meeting in April to review the Comprehensive Plan and interpretation of areas of the ordinance.

He reported that Verizon did inquire about an additional extension for their Conditional Use Permit on Kego Lake Road.

The completion date on this is the end of October. Burslie told council that he checked with the city attorney regarding the request of an extension, this is not allowed per the city ordinance and the city cannot allow another extension. Burslie has made Verizon aware of this.

Bursie told council that six permits have been issued in 2022, with 2 pending violations. He noted the past 2 years that permitting activity is up 25 percent from prior years.

Parks and Public Safety
Council approved a purchase agreement and waiver of liability release with the City of Crosslake to accept the donation of the used park playground equipment from the Crosslake Community Center. The equipment was gifted from Crosslake and is the responsibility of Fifty Lakes to remove and transport to its new location in Fifty Lakes.

Councilmember Buchite, Mayor Dahlke, and Deputy Clerk Raph presented draft plans of the proposed park improvements which include a pavilion, splash pad, pickle ball courts and half-court basketball.

Fire Chief Andy Hemphill informed council of the Wild Land Academy Course being held in Grand Rapids June 5-11, 2022, he would like to attend and will take this to the department to see if anyone else would be interested. This is a week-long course at a cost of about $2,000 which is reimbursable from state training money. Mr. Hemphill reviewed what he has found for new tanks for the dump trucks but are hard to find.

Hemphill stated his concerns that the City Hall and Municipal Bar has no real electric service backup in case of a power outage and will bring this back to council later.

In other council action:
• Approved the purchase of 3,000 year’s of Class V material;

• Approved the $35 cell phone stipend for Maintenance worker Chester Borntregger;

• Approved the purchase of a new ice bin with a cold plate for $1,250;

• Accepted the resignation of R. Kranz from the Bar and Bottle Shop;

• Increased the amount budgeted for the prep sink by $2,000; Learned the costs for a city newsletter: $480 for printing and folding, $406 for postage; $175 for envelopes, label costs were not known at this time;

• Accepted the PEIP Health and

• Dental Plan as presented;

• Approved the hiring of two AIS inspectors at a rate of $18 per hour.

The next regular meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council will be held Tuesday, May 10th.

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