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Tuesday | December 10, 2019





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Fifty Lakes Council Highlights September 2019

Web posted October 8, 2019
(Editor’s note: The following article was written from the unapproved minutes of the regular monthly meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council held September 10, 2019 as provided by the City Clerk.)

The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council was held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at the City Hall at 7:00 pm. The following officers were present: Linda Stiffens, Mayor; Jodie Schrupp, Toni Buchite, Julie Engle, and Mark Bradley Council Members; Karen Stern, City Clerk-Treasurer, and seven residents.

Public Forum
Brad Hemphill, resident for 40 years commented on his disapproval of the installation of streetlights. Wilmar Buchite requested Council to comment on their opinion of the City taking over private roads. Mayor Stiffens and Ms. Engle expressed interested in taking over private roads. Ms. Buchite, Mr. Bradley and Ms. Schrupp commented there is a procedure for residents to petition for road improvements. Edward Resler, resident since 1999, reported to Council as a neighbor, a timeline and the concerns of damage on the Tuomi property and damage to the Schabert property.

New Business
Council discussed the Lake Improvement Resolution. Discussions followed regarding the creation of an advisory committee and the lakes that are included within the improvement. Council requested changes made to the resolution, including the advisory committee and city staff to be involved with expenditures. Council tabled the issue until further information can be obtained.

Planning & Zoning
Planning and Zoning Administrator Justin Burslie reported to Council the violation report. Justin apologized to council if he misled Council regarding the approval from Crow Wing County Soil & Water for the Tuomi property. He told council that this is not correct and he included that the ice ridge has been restored and vegetated. Burslie informed council that the area that was cleared for a driveway/road is vegetated with grass and is not creating an erosion issue, adding that the area must be planted with trees to further stabilize the soil and improve aesthetics. The driveway/road constructed in the shore impact zone along the shoreline has not been restored, the area must be reduced from ten ft. to four ft wide and may be utilized as a walking path. Discussions followed, and Burslie asked council members to tour the property with him.

Burslie informed council of a violation letter had been sent to D. Logelin for grading in SIZ without permit.

Council approved two Planning and Zoning Commission recommendations for ordinance amendments, commercial storage units and forest management.

Park and Public Safety
Andy Hemphill of Fifty Lakes Rescue informed Council of a trial test creating a mutual aid for fire and rescue within the Manhattan Beach – Northgate area. The test will include dispatching simultaneously Fifty Lakes, Crosslake and Ideal Township for emergency response. If this works, it will expedite response time for everyone concerned. There were no fire calls and 5 medical calls for the month of August 2019.

Council reviewed the truck bid from Brandl Chevrolet. Chad Wosmek had contacted several dealerships in Brainerd and no one wanted to bid. Council approved the purchase of a 2020 truck and chassis from Brand Motors in the amount of $41,608 including tax. Another motion was massed to purchase a V Plow with skid plates, a tipper box and tool box in the amount of $21,350.

Council passed a motion for additional schooling for gravel road maintenance at the Mn Expo for Wosmek and Chester Bortreger in St. Cloud.

Liquor Store
Council reviewed the profit and loss and gross profit for the bar. Discussions followed regarding the new POS system. Liquor manager Diana Johnson informed council that she purchased a new cast iron booyha pot. Council approved Johnson’s request to hire Jesse Potz as a part time bartender at the hourly rate of $9.86.

Mayor’s Report
Council discussed and reviewed the Preliminary 2020 Levy, including budgeting for the Fifty Lakes Lakes Improvement Program (FLLIP). Council ultimately decided not to include any monies for FLLIP. The approved total preliminary levy amount for 2020 is $475,165 (General Fund $202,000; Roads $195,165; Fire & Rescue $70,500; Parks $7,500). Council member Schrupp requested a budget for the Liquor Store.

Council approved a $450 donation to the Initiative Foundation and reviewed creating restrictive capital expenditure funds.

Two motions to move funds were passed unanimously. The first was to move $30,000 from the General Fund to the Capital Building Fund, the second moved $15,000 from the Fire & Rescue fund to the Capital Fire Equipment Fund.

Purchasing, Personnel
Julie Engle proposed to Council a redesign of the city’s signs and logos. Discussions followed and the issue was tabled until the next regular meeting.

Council approved the purchase of two kiosks and a bench with powder coat and a bear cutout for $2,700 with monies to be used from the Parks Fund.

Unfinished Business
Council member Bradley requested an update on the discussions with the City Attorney, Mayor Stiffens and Julie Engle. Mayor Stiffens said the discussions revolved around the concerns and the need to clarify the road policy and notation in ordinance of repeal along with verification of the process for metes and bounds. Council member Schrupp confirmed any communication with the City attorney should be run through the City Clerk so that all communication is forwarded to the entire council.

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