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Tuesday | September 14, 2021





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Fifty Lakes Council: June and July Highlights

Web posted July 27, 2021
(Editor’s note: The following article was written from the minutes of the June 8, 2021 regular monthly meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council.)

The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council was held on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, at City Hall with the following officers were present: Mayor Steve Dahlke; Council members Jodie Schrupp, Mark Bradley, Toni Buchite and Gary Staples; City Clerk Karen Stern; Deputy Clerk Ann Raph; Planning specialist Justin Burslie; Liquor manager Diana Johnson; Maintenance Supervisor Chad Wosmek; Fire chief Andy Hemphill; and 2 residents.

Council approved the agenda with one addition, and reviewed and approved the consent agenda as printed. The consent agenda included May 11, 2021 Council minutes; Treasurers Report; Payment of bills in the amount of $163,971.32 including check #43074 to # 43160; Fire & Rescue Minutes.

New Business
Jill Anderson and Jan Mosman from the Lakers Lions Club addressed council to begin working with the City of Fifty Lakes, City of Emily, and Fairfield Township to come up with a recycling solution.

The Lions are willing to help with the volunteer hours with the goal to serve the permanent residents on a monthly basis. Discussions have been held with Crow Wing County and they may offer a 50 percent cost share for a recycling program.

Ms. Anderson and Ms. Mosman will get feedback from the other cities, come up with options and return with a report. Council agrees there needs to some type of recycling offered in the area and is willing to work with the Lions on this.

Planning & Zoning
Council approved several ordinance amendments presented by Planning specialist Justin Burslie:
• “Permits Required” to clarify language regarding permit requirements for replacement of structures.

• “Demolition Permit Required” to add language to require a permit for the demolition of any structure that contains plumbing facilities.

• “Land Use District Descriptions” and Section 5.13 “Commercial Mixed Use (CMU)” establishing the Commercial Mixed-Use District. The purpose and intent of the district is, “To establish a land use district for a mix of medium/high-density residential and commercial uses. Commercial Mixed-Use zones should be clustered to provide the maximum amount of interaction and accessibility between the different establishments.”

The Council also adopted Ordinance 02-2021 regarding lighting standards as amended, and striking of residential lighting standards in 9.09.03 and adding Riparian Residential in 9.09.05. Also approved was the publishing the amendments.

Burslie presented his staff report including 20 permits issued year to date and the removal of the Murchie property on the violation list. He asked for direction on the Basler property and will contact the complainant to see if they are satisfied with the improvements made.

The ATT tower request has been tabled per the applicant’s request. A representative for Verizon has contacted the city to begin the process of obtaining a permit to begin building the approved tower down Kego Lake Road.

Parks and Public Safety
Council member Toni Buchite presented a layout of a park plan including the planting of 6 trees and installation of 3 new pieces of playground equipment.

Council discussed involving the city engineer when the planning process begins, adding a pavilion and splash pad to the park area.  Council comments included removing two trees.

Council approved Lorie Wosmek as a new member of the Fire and Rescue Department pending a background check and executive review board approval.

Council received a letter from a citizen requesting that the signage on the front of the Fire Hall be replaced. Council recommended the Fire and Rescue department present a design for new signs and present to council.

Road Construction and Maintenance
Maintenance Supervisor Chad Wosmek stated part time maintenance worker Jon Engle, scheduled a CDL test.

Wosmek told council that the City signs are painted, and Hidden Lake Road and Buchite Road will be dust guarded this week.

Liquor Store
Liquor manager Diana Johnson presented the liquor stores profit and loss report with the gross profit at 54.5 percent for the month of May with the receipts $24,000 up over 2019. The sales in the bar have been outstanding and entertainment has been great.

Johnson told council that she purchased numerous patio sets along with a gas fire pit table and chairs. Council approved her request to purchase more chairs and fire pit for a total amount of$4,000.

Johnson reported she would like to add electrical outlets in between the alley and corner lot. Council reviewed a bid for $2,575 for this project and would like to see this redone without extensive trenching. Mayor Dahlke and Johnson will meet with the electrician to explain exactly what is needed. Ms. Stern recommended a lock box be place on the electrical outlet.

Council approve the hiring of a Tierney Johnson as a part-time cook/runner for minimum wage. The recommendation from council was to schedule an interested bartender to cook/run and use Tierney Johnson as a backup.

Council approved overtime pay for bar staff for 90 days, and accepted the resignation of Lorelei Stone as a part-time bartender. Council approved DRAM insurance for $2,870.

Mayor Dahlke is requesting staff shirts are ordered and all staff wear them to signify them as staff. Ms. Schrupp suggested vests for staff. Ms. Johnson will work on this and include STAFF on the back of the shirts.

Council held discussion on procedures for disciplining staff: 1.) Verbal Warning; 2.) Written Warning; 3.) 3-Day Suspension; and 4.) Termination. Johnson will write up this procedure, have office staff include in the employee handbook and distribute in a memo.

The Wounded Warriors gathered in the pavilion last Saturday after their annual fishing tournament with the bar preparing a meal for them. Roughly $150 was spent to feed them hamburgers, hotdogs and pop and Johnson would like the bar to sponsor this meal. Council supported this request.

Mayor’s Report

Deputy Clerk Ann Raph reported that Fifty Lakes Day has 36 vendors with a lot of variety in all  the options of food and inventory. Mayor Dahlke is requesting blue/red line flags be purchased for display at Fifty Lakes Day to represent police officers/fire & rescue workers, council supported this.

Purchasing, Personnel
Approved Worker’s Compensation insurance renewal in the amount of $10,320 and Liability insurance in the amount of $14,356.

Council agreed to remove all the COVID-19 protective plexiglass from City Hall.

(Editor’s note: The following article ws written from the draft minutes from the regular monthly meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council held on Tuesday, July 13, 2021)

The Fifty Lakes City Council meet for the regular monthly meeting on July 13, 2021, the following officers were present: Mayor Steve Dahlke; Council members Jodie Schrupp, Mark Bradley, Toni Buchite and Gary Staples; City Clerk Karen Stern; Deputy Clerk Ann Raph; Planning Specialist Justin Burslie; Liquor manager Diana Johnson; and Maintenance Supervisor Chad Wosmek.

Council approved the agenda with one addition for recycling discussion. The council then reviewed and approved the Consent Agenda as presented that included: Council Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2021; Treasurers Report; Payment of bills in the amount of $210,945.31 including check #43161 to # 43280; Fire & Rescue Minutes.

New Business
Deputy Clerk and Fifty Lakes Day organizer Ann Raph presented a report on Fifty Lakes Day held on June 26th. Raph told council the day was successful and she received positive feedback from visitors. Mayor Dahlke and council acknowledged the fantastic job Raph did in planning and organizing this event along with staff, committee members and the Fire department.

Council approved a fireworks display for the 2022 event, but the location of the fireworks show will be discussed in the spring of 2022.

Planning & Zoning
Planning specialist Justin Burslie reported there was one public hearing in June for the AT&T tower request. AT&T requested an extension of their request for a cell phone tower to August 24th. Burslie presented his staff report with 28 land use permits YTD and 1 pending violation.

Council approved the contract with Sourcewell at $55 per hour for services. Burslie told council that he appreciates working with Ms. Stern and Ms. Raph.

Parks and Public Safety
Dahlke suggested the city reach out to local landscapers to obtain a cost in creating the new park area and installation of equipment.

Road Construction and Maintenance

Council heard information on Productive Alternative Management, a program to help kids between high school and college learn on the job skills. A local student can work for the city through this program until August 13th with wages covered by the state of Minnesota.

Council approved using volunteers through the program for the part time maintenance position.

Concerns were discussed on the slope of the overlay on Kego Lake Road and some holes. Maintenance Supervisor Wosmek has been in touch with Anderson Brothers regarding these concerns.

Council discussed that ATV and farm approaches need asphalt. Wosmek will bring this to the county for discussion.

Ms. Stern reported a road assistance bill $18 million was passed and the city will receive $41,480 from the state of Minnesota. Mayor Dahlke requests this money be used to fix the end of Peninsula and North Mitchell Lake Road. Stern suggested the city engineer be involved in this process.

Liquor Store
Liquor manager Diana Johnson reported the profit loss for June was great with a gross profit of 47.8 percent. Johnson noted that credit card fees are high, and shehas been working on this with the credit card company and Transform POS. She is also waiting for chip readers and/or tappers but there is a backlog of merchandise because of Covid- 19.

Johnson is looking at having a minimum purchase of $10 for credit/debit card transactions.

Concerns were discussed with the HVAC system and the smell in the bar which is now filtering over to city hall.

Johnson will advertise for additional bartenders and has started advertising for a cleaner. Mayor Dahlke and the council commended Johnson and her staff for the great job they did on Fifty Lakes Day.

Mayor’s Report
Cleanup day will be in Emily on September 18th, 2021, and the City of Emily asked if the City of Fifty Lakes would participate. Council approved the request. The city’s cost is approximately $1,500. Volunteers are needed to help with cleanup day, Raph will post this.

Discussions held on curb side or drop off recycling in the city and the need to continue pursuing this. Clerk Karen Stern will be attending a meeting to work on getting a recycling program.

Purchasing, Personnel
Stern reported there are currently five outstanding checks in the CTAS system and confirmed with three staff members they have lost them. Stopping payment on these checks will have to be done with a cost of $32 per check.

Council approved issuing reimbursement checks with the $32 fee subtracted.

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