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Tuesday | January 11, 2022





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Fifty Lakes November Council Highlights

Web posted November 23, 2021
(Editor’s note: The following article was written from the draft minutes of the regular monthly meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council, held on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.)

The Fifty Lakes City Council met for the regular monthly meeting on November 9, 2021. The following officers were present: Steve Dahlke; Council members Jodie Schrupp, Mark Bradley, Toni Buchite and Gary Staples; Clerk-Treasurer Karen Stern; Deputy Clerk Ann Raph; Liquor Manager Diana Johnson; and Planning and Zoning Administrator Justin Burslie.

AIS Inspectors
Bob Stancer, Ken Neihart and Fred Strohmeier of the Fifty Lakes Property Owners Association (FLPOA) presented information on a Delegation Agreement with the DNR regarding AIS Prevention.

This type of agreement would include the Local Governmental Unit which would be the City of Fifty Lakes. The group told council that FLPOA is willing to take the lead on putting this agreement together and help with the funding and managing the AIS inspectors.

Neihart said he will work on putting together the initial agreement with the DNR and once approved, it will be a matter of finding more funding for the inspectors and managing the program. Stancer and Strohmeier would volunteer to monitor the inspectors at the landing.

Equipment for the inspectors would run about $700 for an iPad, vest, banner and they said they would need a minimum of 2-3 inspectors. The group told council that FLPOA would contribute to the wages for this program, but the inspectors would be employees of the city.

Clerk Karen Stern told council that if the inspectors are seasonal employees working six months or less, and specific dates determined for the work period, the city would not be requited to pay in PERA.

Stern will research the unemployment responsibilities of the city for this program and it will be placed on the agenda for the December council meeting.

Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning Specialist Justin Burslie presented his staff report including Ordinance Amendment 04-21 that clarifies that non-conformities may be expanded with a variance.

Council discussion included how long, and why, the variance extension would be allowed. Burslie will be adding to the variance approval letter, that the property owner has 6 months to apply for the building permit. Council did not recommend extending a variance request, and agreed to strike the last sentence of 3.08.08.

Council approved the amendment contingent on review and approval by the City Attorney.

Burslie presented his staff report showing 60 permits year to date and one pending violation, and added that he had sent out letters regarding lighting ordinance complaints.

In other council action:
• Approved the consent agenda including Meeting Minutes for October 12th, 2021; Treasurer’s Report; Payment of bills in the amount of $284,796.54, including check #43551 to #43646; Fire & Rescue Minutes;

• Approved rezoning application RZ-01-21 from Commercial-to-Commercial Mixed Use; Approved amending the Fire Relief Association Bylaws increasing the yearly pension from $1,200 to $1,300;

• Approved a Parks Department purchase of an Omnispin Spinner for the playground in the amount of $9,490 including shipping;

• Approved a resolution to allow the Over the Hills Gang ATV Club to hold a raffle on September 17, 2022;

• Approved up to $2,500 to survey the park area including one foot contours, middle and four corner markers and septic system;

• Passed a motion to discontinue accepting personal checks at the Municipal Bar as of January 1, 2022;

• Approved hiring Angie Glass as a part time bartender;

• Scheduled a November 16, 2022 meeting to discuss the budget;

• Approved reimbursement for lost checks to Nan Bares Brendle excluding $32 per check.

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