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Fifty Lakes City Council

Web posted November 26, 2019
By Paul Boblett, Editor
(Editor’s note: The following article wa written from the unapproved minutes of the regular monthly meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council held Tuesday, November 12, 2019 as provided by the city clerk-treasurer.)

The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council was held on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at the City Hall at 7:00 pm. The following officers were present: Mayor Linda Steffens, Council members Jodie Schrupp, Toni Buchite, Julie Engle, and Mark Bradley, Clerk-Treasurer Karen Stern, and 2 residents.

Consent Agenda

Council reviewed and approved the consent agenda which included: Council Meeting Minutes for October 8, 2019; Treasurers Report, Payment of bills in the amount of $117,046.52; Fire & Rescue Minutes and Resolution 2019-18 donation of $5000; Resolution 2019-17 designating polling location.

Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning Administrator Justin Burslie informed council of the approval by Planning Commission to approve Conditional Use Permit for Verizon Wireless Tower and Conditional Use Permit to construct and operate two commercial storage buildings. Burslie reviewed with Council the violation report, and council requested a letter be sent to Schabert property owner regarding restoration issues.

Council member Schrupp commented that Crow Wing County could give the city information on new city residents to disburse welcome packets for the City. Council requested office staff to put together a packet.

Park and Public Safety

Council member Buchite reported that she has begun the process of maintenance on the Community Center. Paint has been purchased and Jim Berquist is in the process of cleaning and painting the Community Center cabinets. Discussions followed on repairs and replacement of appliances in the community center. Council passed two motions, one approving Bergquist to complete painting of the cabinets by November 28 not to exceed 40 hours per week combined with his liquor store hours. The second motion approved allowing Buchite to fix up the Community Center, with labor and materials not to exceed $2000

Road Construction and Maintenance
Council reviewed the road construction policies. Council approved council member Bradley’s request for the City to formally take over the grading and plowing of Majestic Road as it has been brought up to city specifications.

Council discussed and approved a motion to put 2006 GMC plow truck up for sale by sealed bid. The minimum bid must be $5,000. Council also approved the purchase of a 2008 GMC plow truck for $27,000 and the cancellation of the purchase owed with Brandl Motors for a 2020 plow truck.

Council held discussion on seasonal snowplow backup personnel and recognized one application had been  received. Council approved the hiring of John Engle for the seasonal snowplow maintenance position at a wage of $15.53 an hour. (Council member Julie Engle abstained from the vote.)

Council discussed the upcoming Crow Wing County Highway project for 2020 Bituminous Seal Coat and agreed to have Peninsula Road and the first mile of Kego be included with this project.

Liquor Store
Diana Johnson reviewed the Liquor profit and loss report with Council. Diana informed Council the POS program is scheduled to go live on November 19 after a complete inventory is conducted.

Council approved the hiring of L. Stone as a part time bartender at an hourly wage of $9.86.

Mayor’s Report

Council discussed and reviewed the 2020 budget. Mayor Steffens reviewed the 2020 budget projections with the tax capacity increasing and the increase in levy, the tax rate is indicating a decrease of .14%. No action was taken at the meeting.

Mayor Steffens commented on the Fifty Lakes Lake Improvement Program (FLLIP) committee, recommending three citizens, a council member and the city clerk.

Council approved FLLIP resolution which is “dedicated to maintain the City’s character, community, and quality of life by preserving the natural character of lakes and their shoreland environment as feasible and practical, improving the quality of water in lakes, providing for reasonable assurance of water quantity in lakes, where feasible and practicable, and assuring the protection of the lakes from the detrimental effects of human activities and certain natural processes.”

Copies of the Fifty Lakes Lake Improvement Program are available at City Hall.

Purchasing, Personnel

Council reviewed and approved the purchase of a Soni Clear Gov Recorder 9 Software and Microphone Kit for recording audio at meetings, pending research into the warranty and return policy.

Council discussed the design of the city welcome signs and city logo and requested Julie Engle to mockup a final design using the existing logo, change in colors and using the wording of City of Fifty Lakes Welcomes you.

Other business
City Offices will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Noted the the Holiday Craft Fair is scheduled for December 7th in the City Hall and Liquor Store and the Meet Santa event in City Hall will be December 13th & 14th.

The meeting adjourned at 9:16 pm. The next regular meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council will be held on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

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