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Fifty Lakes City Council - November 2022

Web posted December 6, 2022
(Editor’s note: The following article was written from the unapproved minutes of the November 15, 2022 Fifty Lakes City Council regular monthly meeting.)

The Fifty Lakes City Council met for their Regular Monthly Meeting on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. The following officers were present: Mayor Steve Dahlke; Council members Jodie Schrupp, Mark Bradley, Toni Buchite and Gary Staples: City Clerk Karen Stern: Deputy Clerk Ann Raph; Maintenance Supervisor Chad Wosmek; Liquor Manager Diana Johnson; Fire Chief Andy Hemphill; and 2 residents.

Council reviewed and approved the Consent Agenda that included: Council Meeting Minutes for Special Meeting August 16; Minutes from the September 27 Special Meeting; Minutes from the October 11 Regular Meeting; Treasurer’s Report: Payment of bills in the amount of $159,896.60 including Checks #44738 through #44824; Resolution 2022-15; and Fire and Rescue Minutes.

Election Results Certified
The 2022 General Election Municipal results were certified. A total of 356 votes were tallied in the City. Steve Dahlke was reelected to another two-year term as Mayor, and Mark Bradley (incumbent) and Jill Radman were elected to four-year terms on the council.

ATV Ride & Rally, Trail Update
Perry May of the Over The Hills Gang ATV Club presented an ATV MN Ride and Rally summary to council, stating that the event was very successful. May noted that there were 60 OTHG volunteers along with Fifty Lakes staff and Grounds, all doing an excellent job.

ATVMN exceeded their fundraising goal with a total of $16,200, and there were no safety incidents with the ten guided rides.

May told council there were many compliments on the event being held in Fifty Lakes and the beautiful trails surrounding the area. Council member Buchite thanked the OTHG and ATVMN for all their hard work to make this event such a success.

May noted that at the last ATV club meeting, it was voted on to move forward with the application for the Fifty Lakes Trail. May has been working with Tom Strack from Crow Wing County on the process.

2021 Audit
Council approved a request from Mayor Dahlke for review and action on the engagement letter from Clifton, Larson, Allen LLP for the 2021 city audit, with an estimated cost of $14,700.

Planning and Zoning
Councilmember Schrupp attended Crow Wing County’s Short Term Rental (STR) Licensing Ordinance meeting with Bob Stancer attending virtually. The meeting was to begin dialogue concerning preferences for how the county is currently regulating STRs.

Current options under consideration include: 1) Repealing the ordinance and no longer regulate STRs in Crow Wing County; 2) Repeal the existing ordinance as it uses the County Public Health authority and move it into the zoning ordinance, which would only apply wherever the County is doing the zoning; and 3) Continue with the current STR ordinance or some variation of it. Meetings at the county level will continue to be held on this topic.

Parks and Public Safety

Fire Chief Andy Hemphill presented quotes for demo and new extraction equipment for the fire and rescue department. The current unit the department has now was purchased used from the City of Pine River for one dollar and is approximately 20 years old. An opportunity has come up through Great Plains Fire for the to purchase a demo set at a significant savings for $22,890 plus freight, this is a savings of $12,340 compared to a new set. This will include new batteries with 3-year warranty of full coverage on the unit. A new set of the same equipment was quoted at over $49,000. The Council voted 4-0 to approve the purchase, abstaining was Bradley.

Liquor Store
• Ms. Johnson presented the profit and loss statement for the bar with 2022 up significantly over 2021 with a gross profit of over 59%.

• A policy for register deposits was presented to council due to concerns with deposit discrepancies. Discussion held on the procedure of dropping deposits. Council discussed the process concerning tips from credit card transactions being removed from the cash register. Council agreed to all monies being deposited from every cash register, and Johnson will decide on how to disperse the credit card tips. Any unexplained discrepancies in deposits could result in employees being written up.

• Clerk Stern filed a claim with city insurance for the break-in damage in the bar to a window; pull tab boxes, and one bottle of liquor. Council approved a motion to place city has received a check from League of Minnesota Cities for $727.10 in the Fire Department Fund for reimbursement on damages to the pull tab boxes.

Purchasing & Personnel

• Council approved a request from council member Schrupp for an increase of the planning commission members pay for attending their monthly meetings to $70 per meeting for all members. Currently members are paid $40 per meeting and the chair $50 per meeting.

• Mayor Dahlke announced he would like to move forward on advertising for a city clerk/treasurer. Council discussed placing an ad in the newspaper.

Council member Staples noted he would like to see the job descriptions for the Clerk-Treasurer and Deputy Clerk. Stern will send these out to council for review. Council member Buchite stated she is willing to work on updating the job descriptions. Council approved a special meeting for November 22 to review the job descriptions.

In other council action:
• Approved Resolution 2022-15 regarding a $500 donation from the Fifty Lakes Fire & Rescue Relief Association for the Booyah event;

• Approved a quote on new garage door openers for the fire hall in the amount of $3,500;

• Approved an additional $3,000 for additional cash drawers;

• Approved reimbursement to T. Johnson and M. Bradley for $426.45 and $506.80, respectively, for lost checks;

• Reviewed the proposed property tax rates payable in 2023 for the City of Fifty Lakes, with a proposed decrease in the tax rate;

• Approved payment to Crow Wing County for the striping of the parking lot in the amount of $596.28

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