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Tuesday | October 16, 2018





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Fifty Lakes Bar reports profit in June

Web posted August 7, 2018
By Bill Monroe, Northland Press Correspondent

(Editor’s Note: The following article was written from the unapproved minutes of a meeting of the Fifty Lakes City Council held on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 as provided by the City Clerk.)

Fifty Lakes Clerk and Treasurer Karen Stern told the City Council that the municipal bar had a profitable month in June when the Council met in regular session on Tuesday, July 10. Members present included Mayor Tim Anick and Council members Jodie Schrupp, Jay Weinmann, Linda Steffens and Mark Bradley. During a citizens' forum, Colleen Ferguson asked the Council to support the bar or shut it down. She said the staff is doing the best it can and that the bar is what keeps the community together.

Stern asked the Council to consider hiring Toni Buchite as a part time bartender but the Council defeated a motion to do so with Anick, Weinmann and Schrupp voting no.

Council member Weinmann made a motion to hire D. Bradow and N. Phillipson as part-time bartenders at $9.50 an hour. That motion passed unanimously.

Stern asked the Council to consider allowing Texas Hold’em to return to the bar. The Council agreed to start Texas Hold’em sometime after Labor Day.

Planning and Zoning
Justin Burslie informed the Council of the need for a renewal of the planning and zoning contract with Sourcewell (formerly known as NJPA). The Council requested Termination for Convenience be extended to a 60-day notice. Burslie will contact Sourcewell’s attorney to request the extension of days from 30 to 60.

Burslie told the Council the Planning Commission was asked to review the State Building Code. He introduced Scott Sandusky, local state inspector for the Minnesota Building Code.

Burslie informed the Council of violations within the City involving exterior storage issues, shoreline grading, junk debris, inhabited RVs, accessory structures without permits, grading and construction within SIZ, and shoreline grading on Sand Lake.

The Council reviewed the Comprehensive Plan. Burslie will bring back a revised version to the August meeting for Council approval.

Community Center Remodeling
The Council reviewed the Community Center remodeling contract documents. Discussion followed regarding changes on the construction designs. The Council agreed to publish a bid package with Mayor Anick and Clerk Stern to open the bids on August 7 at 2 p.m. and forward all information to the Council for review at the August Council Meeting.

Other Business
In other business, the Council:

• Thanked the Fifty Lakes Committee members for all their hard work. Ann Raph, Ronda Veit, Diana Johnson, and Deb Shetka were mentioned;

• Approved payment of an $11,339 workers compensation insurance premium;

• Approved the purchase of a Lazer Z Series lawnmower from AAA Equipment Center for $9,999 after reviewing three bids;

• Rescheduled the August Council meeting to Wednesday, August 15 at 7 p.m.;

• Voted to approve Mayor Anick’s appointment of election judges Karen Stern, Bobbie Braham, Ann Raph and Lorie Johnson and

• Increased the hourly wage of maintenance supervisor Bill Bright to $24.80.

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