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Public meeting to be held July 22 in Fifty Lakes regarding Enbridge Sandpiper Pipeline project

Web posted July 22, 2014
The Whitefsh Area Property Owners Association (WAPOA) wants to inform and educate all lake groups about the impacts of the pipeline that is proposed to go through the North Central Lake Region of Minnesota and the alternate routes proposed by groups like Friends of the Headwaters (FOH).

WAPOA has invited Richard Smith, FOH President, a local environmental group in Hubbard County opposed to the location of the proposed Enbridge Sandpiper Pipeline through our lake country in Hubbard, Cass and northern Crow Wing Counties to speak about the proposal. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 22 at 4 pm at the Fifty Lakes Foundation Clubhouse, Fifty Lakes.

FOH has studied this matter extensively with good science and needs the support of other lake groups/associations and their proposal(s) for alternate routes for the Sandpiper Pipeline. The Hubbard County COLA are active in supporting FOH and the alternate route plans presented. WAPOA is taking this opportunity to coordinate and encourage other COLAs, LARAs and lake associations in our area and along the Enbridge route to hear the FOH alternate route proposal(s) and support the efforts of FOH.

To learn more about the FOH and their alternate route proposal(s), please go to http://www.friendsoftheheadwaters.org/index.html

You can also learn more about the Sandpiper Pipeline on the Hubbard COLA website at http://www.hubbardcolamn.org/sandpiper-pipeline.html

County maps that show the pipeline route through your county is available on the Hubbard COLA website at http://www.enbridge.com/SandpiperProject/Maps.aspx. On this link you can view the proposed route for the Sandpiper Pipeline through all the northern Minnesota counties.Together we can have a stronger voice for our Minnesota water resources.

WAPOA looks forward to seeing you next Tuesday to learn more about how we can best protect our lakes, rivers, wetlands and ground water from the impacts and potential risks of the Enbridge oil pipeline (Sandpiper) proposed through the North Central Minnesota lake country. If you have questions about the meeting, please contact Ken Neihart, WAPOA Director of Outreach: kjneihart@aol.com or Tom Watson twatson@iphouse.com.

The Fifty Lakes Foundation Building, is located one block north from the intersection of CR 1 and CR 3 (which is currently under construction). From the south, you will need to travel via Highway 66 or 6 and then County Road 1 to Fifty Lakes.

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