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Tuesday | August 21, 2018





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Jenkins City Playground Dedication June 16th

The City of Jenkins will be hosting an official grand opening for the new City Playground on Saturday, June 16th. From 12 noon to 4 pm, there will be a picnic meal of hot dogs, chips and beverages (while supplies last), Ladder Golf, Croquet or Bean Bag toss and at 1 pm a ceremonial ribbon cutting and presentation of a golden shovel to the  main donator. Families and friends are invited to this old-fashioned day at the park. The city continues to seek Park and Recreation Committee members, for more information contact City Hall at 218-568-4637.

Jenkins City Council May Highlights

Web posted June 12, 2018
(The following article was written from the draft minutes of the Jenkins City Council regular meeting held May 14, as provided by the City Clerk.)

Sheila Haverkamp, Brainerd Lakes Area Development Corporation (BLADC) was present to address the Council and asked for continued support from the city. She reported that BLADC had recently pooled together resources with other utilities and government funding sources to create the Unified Fund. She explained that the Unified Fund offered gap financing for businesses in Crow Wing County. Haverkamp introduced the Key Recruitment Program, which offered workforce assistance. She stated that the City of Jenkins had been a partner of BLADC and she asked for continued support.

A motion to approve the Agreement for Professional Service between the City of Jenkins and Brainerd Lakes Area Development Corporation was made by Rudlang and seconded by Hart. It passed unanimously.

Haffs and City agreement
Engineer Reese reported hat the City had agreed to construct a privacy fence for Paul and Joan Haff in for their dedication of land for Right-of-way for the new service road. Council discussed different types of fencing and options.

Erik Haff, on behalf of Paul Haff, stated that since the road had changed from a one lane to two lane road. He said that a jog in the fence that was previously agreed upon was no longer needed. Clerk Okerman stated that Attorney Person said the city had two options: build the fence the City had in mind or pay the Haffs a cash amount. After further discussion, Hoffman made motion; Rudlang seconded with all present voting aye to authorize Engineer Reese to draft a specification to be approved by the City and Paul Haff.

Engineer’s report
Engineer Reese reported that a walk-through inspection still needed to be completed on Gateway Avenue and Poualak Street. He explained that the County might be involved on the portion located at County Road 145. Reese said the following the inspection, a list of items to be completed would be drafted and upon completion of those items, a final inspection could be done.

Reese told council there was a drainage issue on Poualak Street, and that there needed to be more turf establishment in order for the water to drain. His recommendation was to let the grass grow and see if that fixed the issue. Council member Hoffman expressed concern with standing water on a new street. He said he did not want to see a freeze/thaw situation that would cause a newly constructed street to become disrepair because of the standing water. Reese said he would monitor the situation.

Reese reported that there was an outstanding bill from Holden Electric due to a line that was severed from installing street signs. He said that the owner of the Super America station had been getting the bill and it was determined that he was not responsible. Reese said Mathiowetz Construction had paid the bill and that Mathiowetz was requesting the City pay half of the bill. Council consensus was that the City has no responsibility and therefore declined to pay half of the bill.

Reese reported that he and Public Works Olmscheid had completed a visual inspection of the City Streets. He said crack filling needed to be completed. He stated that he drafted specifications for crack filling and received a bid from Anderson Brothers. Hoffman inquired if crack filling should be done before the seal coating project. Okerman stated the County seal coating contractor would be starting the first week in July. Hoffman made motion to accept the bid from Anderson Brother for seal coating in the amount of $16,318.33 contingent upon completion prior to July 9. Rudlang seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Engineer Reese provided and reviewed a draft 5-year Capital Improvement Plan and Maintenance Projects to aid in the budgeting process. No action was taken.

Old Business
Okerman reported that Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) had approved a location for the municipal entrance sign. She stated the City was required to adopt a resolution authorizing the City of enter into a Limited Use Permit (LUP) with the State. She said the LUP provided for items such as terms for the length, construction and maintenance of a municipal sign. Council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing execution of a Limited Use Permit between the City of Jenkins and the State of Minnesota, Department of Transportation. Council also unanimously approved to authorize and execute Limited use Permit #1810-0028 between the City of Jenkins and the State of Minnesota, Department of Transportation.

In other council business
• Okerman reported that Crow Wing County had approved Ordinance #0601 related to the use of ATV’s on County Roads with two changes. Lubke stated, and council agreed, to request the County to complete a speed study on CR 145 for safety issues and multi-modal traffic.

• Okerman reported that the annual Liability Coverage Waiver Form was due to the League of Minnesota Cities. Council unanimously moved to not waive the monetary limits on tort liability established by Minnesota Statutes section 466.04.

• Okerman reported that Bob Heidelberger wanted to donated a cemetery lot back to the City of Jenkins. Lubke said he would like Heidelberger to know the City would reimburse him for the cost.

• A quote for adding on to the sprinkler system at Veterans Park was received from Nelsons Lighting and Landscape The Council questioned the number of sprinkler heads and wanted clarification. Council tabled the issue and is seeking more information.

• A quote for picnic tables four picnic tables was received under the National Joint Powers Alliance contract pricing. Rudlang said he would be opposed to approving the quote because of the expense and said that wood tables would be less expensive. It was consensus to obtain more information on wood picnic tables.

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