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Tuesday | January 31, 2023





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Jenkins City Council

Web posted January 24, 2023
(Editor’s note: The following article was written from the draft minutes of the January 9, 2023 regular monthly meeting of the Jenkins City Council.)

The Jenkins City Council held their first meeting of 2023 on Monday, January 9. Before calling the meeting to order, newly elected mayor Charlie Hoffman, and re-elected council members Andrew Rudlang and Jerimey Flategraff took their oaths of office, as read by Clerk Krista Okerman.

The meeting was called to order, present at the meeting were Mayor Hoffman; Council members Rudlang, Kim Bachmann and Flategraff; and Clerk Krista Okerman.

It was noted that with the election of Hoffman, who was only two years in to a four year term, a vacancy needed to be declared and council approved publishing advertisement seeking potential council members.

Consent Agenda
The Consent Agenda was approved as presented and included: the January 9 Agenda; Pre-written checks #23763-23794 totaling $16,607.66; Proposed checks #23795-23799 & EFT’s in the amount of $2,935.10. Total expenses were $19,542.76

Open Forum
Resident Debbie Siltman stated she was disappointed in how things were stated in reference to deferring assessments.

Cottage Avenue Feasibility Study Revision Engineer Dave Reese (WSN) stated that per Council direction he omitted the sidewalk from the proposed street improvements. He noted that by omitting the sidewalk, the assessment amount was reduced from $7,735 to $6,015. Okerman stated that the omission was based on the Council’s decision and there were a few options.

Hoffman said based on the public hearing he would not be in favor of going forward with project. Council discussion included Flategraff noting other variables such as the alley, Rudlang stating he was in favor of approving the Study with the revisions, but did not want to proceed with the project based on feedback from the public hearing.

Hoffman stated bonding would cost more if there were fewer projects and based on comments from the public hearing, he thought residents felt that road reconstruction was a maintenance issue, adding that there had to be a desire and ability for residents that want their road paved. Flategraff noted there was not much support for the project and felt it would be difficult to ask people for an assessment when it was clear the residents did not want the project to proceed. Bachmann said he did not feel that the feedback would change if the Council waited to do the project.

Reese stated he wanted to ensure the Council had the correct and as much information as possible to help in the decision making.

Ultimately, council approved the Feasibility Study, but tabled any further work on the project. No action was taken on deferred assessments.

Organizational Appointments The council made the following designations for 2023: Official Depository - First National Bank of Pequot Lakes; Official Newspaper -Echo Journal (primary), Northland Press (secondary); Acting Mayor - Andrew Rudlang.

No action was taken on committee and board appointments for council members and residents, but a list has been compiled by Hoffman, action will be taken at a future meeting.

In other council action:

• Approved Mayor Hoffman to attend the League of Minnesota Cities Leadership seminar in Alexandria.

• Requested Roger Olmscheid of the Maintenance Dept. to attend council meetings on a quarterly basis. Okerman said she would communicate that with him.

• Learned the City of Breezy Point had extended an offer for some planning and zoning training on January 24. It was offered to any and all appointed and elected officials at no cost.

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