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Tuesday | January 11, 2022





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Jenkins City Council November Highlights

Web posted November 23, 2021
(Editor’s note: The following article was written from the draft minutes of the regular monthly  meeting of the Jenkins City Council, held on Monday, November 8, 2021.)

The Jenkins City Council met in session Monday, November 8, 2021. Present was Mayor Jon Lubke; Council members Charles Hoffman, Andrew Rudlang, Kim Bachmann and Jerimy Flategraff; Clerk Krista Okerman. Others in attendance were Debbie Siltman, John Schommer of the Brainerd HRA, and Travis Grimler.

Lange CUP Update
Clerk Krista Okerman reported that she had met with property owner Nathan Lange and County Commissioner Bill Brekken regarding an access from Lange’s property to County Road (CR) 145. After discussing the issue, Okerman noted there were three viable options as follows; (a) the city support the property owner; (b) the City could negotiate with the County; (c) the City could take over CR 145. Council approved having Mayor Lubke speak to the County Board on behalf of Mr. Lange.

Small Cities Development Funds

Council adopted several policies required to be implemented prior to receiving any Small Cities Development Program funds. John Schommer, Brainerd Housing Rehabilitation Authority was present to address the Council.

He stated the policies were based on the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) guidelines and that the funds the City were awarded were for rehabilitation and not remodeling. He explained that rehabilitation puts back what is there and noted projects that were not allowed. Lubke clarified that in the policies it stated that the funds were forgivable loans with a lien against property, adding that if the homeowner moved, the loan would be repaid. Schommer agreed and noted the repayment agreement was with the City of Jenkins. He noted one policy defines the amortization schedule.

Hoffman asked if there was any situation where the city would be liable for any costs. Schommer replied he had not come across that situation and explained that is the reason a risk assessment was completed.

Policies approved were: Prohibition of Excessive Force Policy; Certification for a Drug Free Workplace; Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan; Section 3/Affirmative Contractor Outreach Plan; Fair Housing Plan; Program Income Reuse Plan; SCDP Grant Contract Agreement; and the Brainerd HRA Administrative Contract.

Mayor’s Report

Lubke said there was an upcoming meeting regarding broadband to be held at Ideal Township with Emily Cooperative Telephone Company attending to answers questions. Flategraff said he would be willing to attend as well.

Public Safety

Bachmann reported that the City of Pequot Lakes Fire Department was awarded a grant for equipment in the a mount of $280,000.

Bachmann added that the Pequot Lakes City Council had also agreed to start contributing $23K to fire department in their yearly budget, explaining that those changes would help offset any increase for the City of Jenkins Fire Service contract.

In other council action:
• Approved the consent agenda including: Agenda with additions, Minutes of the October 26, 2021 meeting, Financial report through October 31, 2021, and pre-written check #’s 23349-23351 & EFT; $2,323.58. Total expenses: $4,995.67;

• Adopted Resolution #21-11-214 opposing the detachment from the City of Jenkins presented by resident Mark Leutem. The vote was 3-2, voting no was Hoffman and Bachmann;

• Approved a quote from Schrupp Excavating for $6,300 to apply 2 inches of Class 5 gravel on Ultra Flyte Drive;

• Approved Debbie Siltman for cleaning services at $15 per hour, with a cap of 8 hours per month;

• Approved hours for maintenance worker Olmscheid to clean up the salt sand material pile.

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