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Tuesday | January 15, 2019





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Jenkins Council discusses roads at October meeting

Web posted November 6, 2018
By Bill Monroe, Northland Press Correspondent

(Editor’s Note: The following article was written from the unapproved minutes of a meeting of the Jenkins City Council held on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 as provided by the City Clerk.)

The Jenkins City Council approved final payment of $26,721.73 to Mathiowetz Construction for work on the service road when it met in regular session Tuesday, October 9. Members present included Mayor Jon Lubke and Council members Hart, Rudlang and Stricker; Engineer Reese and Clerk Krista Okerman. Council member Hoffman was absent.

Some paper work on the project still needs to be completed as per the state of Minnesota requirements. Clerk Okerman asked about some punch list items that previously needed to be completed. Engineer Reese explained there were some spots that had been seeded that were yet to be established but not enough to hold back payment. Stricker asked about water that had been over the road in the past after rainfalls. Reese stated the silt had settled and grass growth alleviated the overflow issue.

An inquiry regarding the Territorial Highway 371 (TH 371) layout at the intersection of 371 and Lilac Veterans was received. The inquiry noted concerns about the lack of shoulders and fog lines. The Council discussed options for the layout to include painted stop bars on Lilac and Veterans, a speed warning sign to be placed on TH 371, painted turn lane arrows and fog lines. Reese stated that the striping and turn lanes might not meet the state standards for lane width. He said he could contact Kenneth Hansen at MnDOT to discuss options. Lubke inquired about different signage. Reese said sign pollution could create more  confusion and noted that there was not a bona fide right turn lane. The Council stated they would like to see arrows indicating turn lanes. Reese was directed to follow up with Hansen and report back. Lubke added that he would like Reese to look into options for striping on Veterans and Lilac. Rudlang suggested erecting a flashing yellow light. Reese said he would take all the comments into consideration and report back.

Okerman said she received a notice from Crow Wing County inviting Jenkins to join its 2019 seal coating bid solicitation. It was determined that Jenkins did not have any roads that would benefit from seal coating at this time. No action was taken. Reese reported he had contacted Rob Hall, Crow Wing County, regarding the County Road 145 Study. He said the response from the study had generally been that the cost of the project made it prohibitive and not feasible without funding and Crow Wing County aiding in the cost.

Old Business
Rudlang asked for direction on the recently donated Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway kiosk and the plan for the history panel at Veterans Park. Stricker said that the original plan was to have four history panels at the park. The Council discussed having a duplicate panel of the Gateway Gazebo panel made. Okerman said the cost was around $600.00 when the panel was made in 2011. The Council voted to purchase a duplicate panel not to exceed $600.

New Business
Okerman reported that MnDOT had requested the City’s participation in snow removal for the 2018-2019 winter season via a snow control agreement. She said it was unclear if the snow removal policy had changed from previous years and she would obtain clarification and report back.

Other Business
In other business the Council:
• Changed the regular October meeting date to October 31 at 9 a.m. and
• Asked Okerman to check on winterizing the irrigation system at the ball field and Veterans Park.

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