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Tuesday | March 28, 2023





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Manhattan Beach Council Highlights

Web posted March 14, 2023
(Editor’s note: The following article was written from the approved minutes of the Tuesday, February 7, 2023 regular monthly meeting of the Manhattan Beach City Council.)

The Manhattan Beach City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at City Hall. Present were Mayor Paul Allen; and council members, Barb Hanson, Jean Amundson, Steve Amans and Clerk Treasurer, Marlene Yurek.

New council member, Steve Amans was sworn into office on the council.

Council approved the agenda with the addition of the topic of Zoom meetings added under new business.

Council approved the minutes of the January 2023 meeting minutes as presented, and, the Clerk’s report as presented with the addition of Crow Wing Power to the claims report.

Clerk Yurek explained the accounting program needs to be updated and council approved her request to update the CTAS program.

There was no Planning and Zoning report.

The council discussed the steps to hiring a deputy clerk. Mayor Allen stated that the need for an ordinance and public hearing. Council member Jean Amundson made a motion to move forward on hiring a deputy clerk, Amans seconded and the motion carried.

Council accepted the contract from Tremolo Communications Pto update the City’s web page in the amount of $16.05 per month.

Council approved a resolution approving the county road project, and amended a Zoning Ordinance to included the word commercial. The ordinance was sent back to the Planning Commission for review.

The council discussed using Zoom (or remote communications) for council meetings for those unable to attend. Council will do more research on the subject.

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