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Tuesday | April 17, 2018





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Manhattan Beach Council discusses records retention

Web posted April 10, 2018
By Bill Monroe, Northland Press Correspondent

The Manhattan Beach City Council took action to make sure that the City will have recorded easements on all portions of two roads in town when it met in regular session on Tuesday, April 3 at City Hall. Mayor Paul Allen was present along with Council members Janis Allen, Marlene Yurek, Barb Hanson-Wannebo and Clerk-Treasurer Amy Wannebo. City Attorney Andrew Kalis was also present.

In December, the Council voted to have Stonemark Land Surveying of Pequot Lakes survey Goldstein, Satchell and Meyer Lake Roads. Mayor Allen reported that the surveys indicated the city does not hold easements on all portions of all of the roads.

The City does not hold easements on the east 33 feet of Goldenstein Road or the east 33 feet of Satchell Road. Kalis told the Council that since the roads have been in operation for over 15 years, the City has a prescriptive easement but he recommended that a recorded easement be secured on both roads. The Council voted to have the City send letters to all affected property owners explaining the situation and letting them know that the City wishes to obtain the easements at no cost to the property owners.

Records retention
In the past, the Council has discussed the possibility of enlarging the current City Hall to create space to store its paper records. At the meeting, Clerk Wannebo said she had consulted with the League of Minnesota Cities and had learned that records could be legally stored in digital form to save on space and to allow for off-site duplicate storage. She also received from the League a model records retention policy that she shared with the Council.

Council member Janis Allen said she would be opposed to storing records solely in a digital format. She said hardware and software can become obsolete over time and that could make it difficult to maintain the records. Council member Hanson-Wannebo agreed as did Mayor Allen and Council member Yurek. Allen said she would have no problem storing records both digitally and in paper form if the city could afford to do both. During discussion, it was the opinion of the Council that the cost of converting the existing paper records to digital form could be substantial. “It’s just not a viable solution for a town our size to convert paper records to digital,” the mayor said. The Council voted not to move to storing records in a digital form.

When Clerk Wannebo asked the Council about the records retention policy she was told to retain all records and paperwork indefinitely.

Fireworks control
Council member Yurek again brought up the subject of fireworks at Manhattan Beach Lodge. At an earlier meeting she reported that last summer guests at the outdoor bar were launching fireworks in a dangerous manner. She said in the past, sparks from fireworks have burned holes in boat covers and landed on building roofs. In light of the fire that occurred at the Manhattan Beach Villas two years ago, Villas residents are especially concerned about the potential fire hazard this poses, she said and she asked what the City could do about the situation.

Kalis said he would be reluctant to voice an opinion without researching existing ordinances and state laws but he added that any action the Council would take could be difficult to enforce. He suggested that Manhattan Beach might consider hiring private security to monitor the situation. The Council took no action on the matter.

Other Business
• Gave citizen Kevin Larson permission to work with Don Hickman of the Initiative Foundation to make an application in the City’s name for funds to partially underwrite a town meeting to discuss long range planning for the City;

• Reviewed the new city website which is live at www.manhattanbeachmn.org;

*Approved a $10,208.52 annual fire protection contract with the Crosslake Fire Department;

• Heard Mayor Allen report that the City will need to enact a new Northern States Power Ordinance to replace the current ordinance that expires in 2019;

• Heard Scott Bowers of Crow Wing Power report on the installation of a 300-foot tower by the town hall in Timothy Township;

• Purchased a new fire extinguisher for $59.95 plus tax for City Hall;

• Asked Clerk Wannebo to clarify with the City’s insurance agent the classification of City employees on the City’s workers’ compensation policy and

• Purchased a USB extender, a micro SD card and an America flag.

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