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Tuesday | November 30, 2021





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Faster, easier-to-use MNbenefits to replace ApplyMN

Web posted November 23, 2021
Beginning November 2021, ApplyMN will transition to a new, easier-to-use online benefits application portal called MNbenefits.

The new online portal allows users to simultaneously apply for benefits from the following nine programs:
• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
• Emergency Assistance
• Housing Support
• Child Care Assistance Program
• Diversionary Work Program
• General Assistance
• Minnesota Family Investment Program
• Minnesota Supplemental Aid
• Refugee Cash Assistance

Applying for benefits through MNbenefits can be done in about 20 minutes, reducing the time by about 40 minutes for applicants using ApplyMN to apply for these same benefits. MNbenefits’ mobile-friendly application portal also does not require an account login to apply for benefits, and is compatible with all internet browsers, computers, laptops and smartphones. Users can easily upload all required application documents from their computers and smartphones to help further speed up the application process. MNbenefits is currently available in both English and Spanish, with more language translations to come.

ApplyMN will remain available to users through early 2022, and Minnesota Department of Human Services staff will accept and process online applications from both MNbenefits and ApplyMN until that time.

MNbenefits does not replace paper applications. Paper-based applications will remain available to those who need or prefer them and users will still be able to access applications for these nine programs via eDocs. For more information on MNbenefits, visit https://mnbenefits.mn.gov.

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