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Tuesday | June 15, 2021





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Land and Waters Preservation Trust Awards Six Grants

Web posted May 4, 2021
Land and Waters (L&W), a preservation trust, is an endowment fund of the Initiative Foundation  (IF) and serves as a philanthropic vehicle for accumulating and distributing financial resources to benefit those in the area of the Pine River Watershed. It was established through a partnership between Whitefish Area Property Owners Association (WAPOA), The Pine River Watershed Alliance(PRWA) and IF. The purpose is to provide a consistent stream of resources to protect and preserve the Whitefish Chain of Lakes and Pine River Watershed, so that future generations can enjoy the rivers, lakes and woods experience.

Grants are made to 501c3 nonprofits such as the Whitefish Area Property Owners Association (WAPOA), other lake associations within the watershed, the Pine River Watershed Alliance (PRWA), and local units of government that serve the Pine River Watershed. On an annual basis, grants applications are accepted from Dec. 1-Mar. 30; and grants are awarded in April for funding proposals that fit within the following categories:

• Implement projects that enhance and protect surface and aquifer water quality in the Pine River Watershed.

• Support sustainable riparian land management practices.

• Protect habitat for native plants and animals.

Six grants were awarded in April 2021, totaling $21,950. These grants will support the following projects:
• AIS Control and Education to prevent introduction of new invasive species into Ruth lake ($500); awarded to Ruth Lake Improvement District.

• Shoreland Restoration and Community Education, Lawrence Lake Community Dock in Outing ($5,000)  to Roosevelt and Lawrence Area Lake Association (RALALA). This grant will support establishment and maintenance of a significant buffer zone of native plants, accompanied by instructional interpretative signage at the community dock in Outing; and through high visibility at the dock, will “Build Awareness” of the importance and methods used to protect shorelines.

• Data collection and modeling of proposed filtration system to reduce sediment and phosphorus runoff into Pine River from CSAH 66 between Crosslake Community School and Dam ($5,000). This information is required to apply for Minnesota BWSR Grant for construction costs of +/- $250,000. This grant was made to Crosslakers/Crow Wing County Soil and Water Conservation District (CWSWCD).

• Continuation of a Shoreland Restoration Project to install 1000 native flowers and/or grasses on the point by the channel connecting Lower Whitefish and Big Trout lake. These plantings should reduce a significant amount of erosion due to high boat traffic and wave action on the point ($2,550). This grant was awarded to Camp Knutson.

• Storm Water Remediation at Breezy Point Resort/Point Place Association Area ($5,000). A  bioretention basin remediation will establish native plantings in new engineered soils. Stormwater runoff will flow into the bio-retention basin through a pre-treatment Rain Guardian Turret. This grant was awarded to Pelican Lake /CWSWCD.

• Install Clemson Levelers in Fox Creek to stabilize Kego Lake levels and control flow of water downstream, reducing sediment and phosphorus into lakes downstream ($3,900); awarded to Fifty Lakes Property Owners Association.

The Land and Waters Advisory Board awarded these specific grants, for these purposes, knowing that they will help preserve our land and waters heritage for years to come. For information about Land and Waters Preservation Trust go to www.wapoa.org, or www.prwa.org.

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