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Tuesday | November 28, 2023





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Healthy shipped meals available to Minnesotans gain popularity

Web posted October 24, 2023
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota launched its LSS Meals to Go service in 2019, as a response to food deserts in many rural communities. The service grew and became necessary during the pandemic as Minnesotans avoided grocery stores and contact with others but still needed healthy, nutritious meals.

Since then, the healthy shipped frozen meals program has nearly tripled, delivering 40,792 meals last year. The service is about to become even more convenient with a new e-commerce online ordering system.

“While this service is for anyone who lives in Minnesota, people order these meals for a variety of reasons,” said Kristin Quenzer, senior director of LSS Meals. “Healthy meals come right to your door and offer convenience. That’s especially nice for busy families or older adults in rural areas who may not have many healthy meal options to meet their nutrition requirements. Minnesotans who are disabled or low income can also benefit if they are eligible through various waiver programs; and, the new online ordering system adds even more convenience.”

Quenzer said that the shipped meals program is seeing steady growth as more Minnesotans learn about it — especially in rural areas with older populations that need more options to remain living independently.

Plus, the meals have gained popularity because some grocery stores have closed, and individuals served say that the meals are high quality and appreciate that they are prepared locally. More Minnesotans facing food insecurity are also signing up if they are eligible for a waiver.

The meals are designed by a licensed, registered dietitian to ensure that they are healthy and nutritious. Plus, meals are available for individuals with special dietary needs, such as those who have diabetes or require a reduced sodium, low fat or low cholesterol diet.

Meals are covered for Minnesotans who use any of the following waiver programs: Alternative Care (AC), Brain Injury (BI), Community Alternative Care (CAC), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI), Developmental Disabilities (DD) and Elderly Waiver (EW). These waiver programs provide support to individuals in their home or community to help them avoid residential care in an institutional setting.

Meals are also available to anyone in Minnesota who could benefit from healthy meals shipped directly to their homes. Each shipment includes 14 frozen meals and the cost is about $9 per meal, which includes the shipping cost. To order meals, please visit lssmn.org/mealstogo or call 877.287.0768.

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