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Tuesday | October 19, 2021





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Lake Washburn Association holds a Floating Ice Cream Social on Lake Washburn - photo by Dan Laakso

Lake Washburn Association’s Ice Cream Social on Water and Land

Web posted September 14, 2021
By Vicki Lipstreuer

There is no better way to say goodbye to the Summer of 2021 with its relentless heat waves than with free ice cream. The LWA Floating Ice Cream Social crew took to the waters of Lake Washburn to handout cool treats on an equally cool Labor Day weekend.

The crew consisted once again of Captain David Patterson, Commander Eleanor Patterson, Ensign Glen Goodwin and Dairy Supply Officer Vicki Lipstreuer.

Each boat to visit the floating ice cream pontoon received a handout filled with AIS informational pieces, a decontamination station map, fishing guidelines, boating regulations and, new this year, a “Swedish” dishcloth purchased from the University of Minnesota. This eco-friendly towel is perfect not only for cleaning dishes but also handy for wiping down fishing gear to eliminate the spread of spiny waterfleas.

All of the younger patrons took home gift bags brimming with items such as a comic book, magnet, sticker, waterproof ruler and a poster from the soon to open National Loon Center in Crosslake. Canine customers were treated to a custom doggie bag loaded with miniature Milk Bones.

This year’s crew then took the "freezer” on the road. All the supplies were loaded in a trailer and driven to the Clint Converse Campground and DNR Public Water Access. A delicious surprise for campers young and old spending the end of summer at Lake Washburn.

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