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WAPOA 2014 Shoreland Restoration Contest Awards Totaled $11,000

Web posted July 8, 2014
The WAPOA 6th Annual Shoreland Restoration Contest Open House was held at Moonlite Bay on June 4th, 2014 and was very well attended. The Shoreland contest continues to evolve and expand as people realize our area lake water quality is decreasing, and shoreline restoration can help turn this trend around.

WAPOA has been fortunate to have area professionals from Crow Wing County Soil and Water, the U of MN Extension Service, MN DNR, as well as local restoration businesses, to help plan and judge the projects. These professional realize these projects will have a positive effect on area lakes and have given freely of their volunteer services. They have been key to the success of the contest.

The following contestants were awarded a total of $11,000 to help fund their shoreland restoration projects. In addition, some recipients will receive either a full day or a half day of Minnesota Conservation Corps Crew Labor:
-Cindy Reick Upper Hay Lake
-Ron & Lisa Engblom Ossawinnamakee Lake
-Denny & Donna Gambiana Ossawinnamakee Lake
-Ric & Jane Carlson Crosslake
-Julie & Charles Costa Ossiwinamakee Lake
-John Olson / Wilderness Park Little Pine Lake
-Geoff & Muffie Davidge Lower Whitefish Lake
-Marcelo Valdes Ossawinnamakee Lake
-Mike & JoAnn Dougherty Lower Whitefish Lake

Ten contestants presented their projects to a team of judges on June 18th at Ideal Town Hall. The above nine named people were selected to receive awards of dollars and or MCC labor crew hours to be used towards their projects. There was an excellent range of small to large projects presented that will have a positive effect on water quality. WAPOA had planned to award $7,000 and MCC crew hours, but the team decided that with the number of quality projects presented, to award the $11,000 and crew hours! WAPOA applied for and was awarded a Community Centered Runoff Mini Grant from the Crow Wing County Soil and Water Conservation District, which made these awards possible.

The next step will be to work with these contestants to bring their projects to completion by the end of this current year. Then, maintenance plans will be put in place to assure success and growth of the native plants and the restoration work over the future years.

The area has seen some very heavy rains over the last few years that have caused significant erosion and debris to be flushed into our area lakes. Creeks and rivers have flowed over their banks and caused our lake water levels to rise. These shoreline restoration buffers will help retain and filter the runoff water into our lakes.

If you have any questions or comments on the WAPOA Shoreland Restoration Contest, please contact Jim Brandt at 218-543-6483.

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