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Zebra mussels confirmed in Ruth Lake, Clearwater Lake; Red River also added to infested waters list

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will list three water bodies as infested with zebra mussels: Clearwater Lake in Wright and Stearns counties, Ruth Lake in Crow Wing County, and the Red River bordering northwest Minnesota. Zebra mussels likely found their way into these water bodies one of two ways, either overland or downstream spread.

Clearwater Lake and Ruth Lake were infested through overland spread, likely by people moving aquatic invasive species (AIS) attached to boats, docks and other equipment, or water not drained from watercraft. Overland spread is preventable if Minnesota’s AIS laws are  followed.

New infestations are usually discovered in the summer because more people are spending more time on Minnesota water bodies. The zebra mussels in Clearwater and Ruth lakes were discovered by observant people. A lake shore resident on Clearwater Lake contacted the DNR July 6 to report the discovery of a zebra mussel attached to a native mussel. A man vacationing on Ruth Lake reported that his 15-year-old son found a zebra mussel on a rock.

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Harnessing wind and water; Area kiteboarding community anxiously awaits wind

No motor, no cell phone, and plenty of silence- well, except for the sound of the wind. Kiteboarding has taken off (literally and figuratively) on area lakes in both winter and summer.

Kiting (or kiteboarding, or kitesurfing) is a relatively new sport that’s gained popularity in the last 10-15 years. It involves a large sail- a kite- that’s attached by four lines to a bar. The bar controls the kite and is also attached to the rider by a harness. Using a board that’s similar to a wakeboard, the rider flies the kite in such a way that creates power to ride across the water.

Riders are able to jump sometimes 30 or more feet into the air, with long, floaty jumps. They flip, spin, and glide through the air before landing back down on the water.

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Fifty Lakes City Council July highlights

Draft meeting minutes of the July 14 Fifty Lakes City Council meeting show that the council agreed to contract planning and zoning services with the National Joint Powers Association (NJPA). Council member Jodi Schrupp cast the only vote against the measure.

By phone, city clerk Karen Stern said the contract has been approved by the city attorney and NJPA’s Justin Burslie had his first day contracting with the city on Thursday, July 23.

Stern said that Burslie will work in City Hall every Monday, with the potential for increased hours if needed. Draft minutes show NJPA was hired for planning and zoning services at a rate of $40 per hour.

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Manhattan Beach City Council June highlights

The Manhattan Beach City Council met June 2, and minutes show the council approved Tom Yurek to the planning and zoning committee. The city had a space on the commission and had advertised for volunteers. Yurek’s was the only letter received.

Minutes also show that the council will have the new zoning map framed and hung in city hall at a cost of about $338, but not until after an issue is resolved with the legal description of a property on County Road 1.

The council approved a liquor license for Manhattan Beach (the restaurant and bar), having received the fee from the establishment and the all-clear from the sheriff.

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