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Tuesday | December 11, 2018





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Crow Wing County Employees Give $16,919 in United Way Campaign

Crow Wing County employees pledged $16,919 to the United Way of Crow Wing and Cass counties as part of their United Way Campaign for 2019. Many staff pledge to give through payroll deductions, one time donations and volunteering.

”Our 440 employees have a commitment to give back to the residents they serve,” said County Administrator Timothy Houle. “Staff generously give each and every year to support their communities, friends and neighbors. We collaborate with so many different organizations to accomplish our goals and what better way to personally give back to strengthen our mission.”

Since 2014 Crow Wing County employees have given more than $110,000 to the United Way.

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Beware of Scam Phone Calls

Cass County Sheriff Tom Burch reports that the Cass County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports from area businesses and individuals about a new scam call that is being received. In the most recent scam call, the caller identifies themselves as a representative of the “MN State Police Task Force” and are soliciting donations. The caller is using a caller ID “spoof” tactic in which it appears that the call is coming from a local 218 area code number. These solicitation calls are timed with the season of giving and disguised to go along with other legitimate fundraising initiatives that are happening this time of the year. The Sheriff’s Office is not aware of any state Law Enforcement organization that solicits donations or fundraisers in this manner. When attempting to call the number back, it is not valid.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office and MN Attorney General’s Office reminds citizens of the following tips to avoid potential scam and fraud situations:

If you notice any of these red flags during a transaction, it’s a strong indication that you’re being targeted by a scam. In these situations, remember the following tips:

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Tips for a healthy and peace filled Holiday season

We all love the holidays but most of us find it’s also a very hectic time of year, often too hectic leaving us tired and cranky. We don’t want that! So, how do we maintain our health and sanity and truly find peace and joy in the season?

I believe it’s all about balance. Really, truly looking at what is important to you during the holiday season and maybe letting go of some things. Do you really need to buy a gift for your second cousin on your Mom’s side?

Maintaining your health should always be a priority, yes, even during the holidays. It’s okay to splurge a little but overdoing it can leave us feeling guilty and groggy. Too many parties, too much food, too many sweets, too much alcohol and too little sleep can drag us down! You’ll feel better eating less rich foods and sweets and more fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll also feel better drinking plenty of water and less soda and alcohol.

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