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Tuesday | June 15, 2021





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Letter to the Editor

We are already seeing an increase in misinformation prior to the 2022 mid-term elections. Please check your sources and avoid reading the “news” on Social Media.

I recently received an unsolicited newspaper in the mail called the Epoch Times, published by a group who have immigrated from China. It claims to be honest and unbiased. However, in reviewing three different fact checking sources on line (Ad Fontes media, All Sides, and Media Bias/Fact Check), I find that Epoch Times is rated as right of center as well as a Questionable/somewhat unreliable source due to pseudo-science, propaganda, and failed fact checks. One example of misinformation in the late May edition was an opinion article alleging that Climate Change is a failed theory. This is obviously false, as I find frequent references to Climate Change in the Brainerd Dispatch and Minnesota Public Radio, in addition to Land Stewardship and conservation newsletters. Data show that Climate Change is happening faster than was predicted in the past.

Pat Scott
Brainerd, MN

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Don’t Defund... Rearrange Priorities

Letter to the Editor

I do believe the big cities and their leaders (union bosses) do not need to be defunded; they need to rearranged their priorities.

Average police cannot handle their load themselves as “police”, there are problems they cannot handle: mental illness, nervous breakdowns, people not taking their medications or simply letting their prescriptions expire.

Officers need to be assisted by other professionals and services, and not be so “gun happy” and aggressive.

However, the Crosslake Police Department needs more funding. Our community will grow. Crosslake Police also assists our neighbors in Mission Township - we need more police and tools that can help them do their job.

The Crosslake Police are very good, they DO protect and serve us in many ways and our  emergency services are great.

Maybe the Crosslake Police force should be training other police and unions.

Good night and good luck.

Richard Vandenbosch
Crosslake, MN
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