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Tuesday | May 17, 2022





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ATV Safety Training for 35 Youth Riders in Fifty Lakes

Letter to the Editor

Each year the Over the Hills Gang ATV Club holds an ATV Safety Class which is required for students age 10-15 years of age to obtain a Minnesota ATV Safety Certificate. This training is a two-part training where the student has to successfully pass an online safety course, before they can participate in a hybrid classroom-hands-on field training. All ATV Riders born after July 1st, 1987 and who are 16 years of age or older, have to complete an independent on-line study course before operating an all-terrain vehicle on public lands or waters, public road rights of way, or state grant-in-aid trails. Trained riders are the safest  nd most informed riders on our public trails. ATV Recreation has exploded over recent years  and new machine registrations are out-pacing education. The 66 ATV Clubs across Minnesota put on this training to promote Safe & Informed Riding.

Thank You to all Safety Instructors, Helpers, Conservation Officers, Fifty Lakes personnel and others for all your efforts putting on another successful ATV Safety Training. We certified 35 new youth riders on Saturday, April 30, 2022, and only had five no-shows for a rainy cool day. A special Thank You to Cindy Thompson who pre-registered the 40 students and handled the many emails and phone calls regarding the training.

I feel this is one of the best things ATV clubs can do is training new riders. I think all of you enjoy the rewards of watching and interacting with the students as they learn this important new skill. Keep spreading ATV safety wherever you can -It does make a difference.

For those interested in helping out with more ATV training this year, Northland Community Schools, Remer, MN, has asked if I could lead a training session on Monday morning, May 23, from 9am to 12pm for 6th grade students. They have 27 students that want to take the training. As many as you know I am a part-time Northland School employee.

It is a great pleasure to work with so many willing to volunteer your time to improve the sport of ATV Recreation. Safe Riders + Safe Trails = Fun in the Outdoors"

Perry May
State Director
ATV Association of Minnesota
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