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Tuesday | October 18, 2016





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Open Forum

Norgaard for Mayor of Crosslake

Letter to the Editor

We are asking those of you living in Crosslake to vote for our friend, Patty Norgaard, for mayor.

For many years now she has been instrumental in furthering the economic and cultural development of the Brainerd lakes area. She has been a member of the Brainerd Lakes Economic Development Commission for several years. She has supported the Heartland Symphony with her time, attendance and input in increasing cultural awareness here. Patty is also a board member of the Lakes Area Music Festival in charge of the Fund Development Team. Thousands of people come to these concerts and are awed by the excellence of the musicians. Of course, the endowments and donations ensure we will enjoy these concerts for many more years.

Besides her energy and intelligence, Patty is also known for her integrity, surely an asset to the Crosslake community.

Mike and Jean Shermock
Deerwood, MN

Crosslake-Fifty Lakes American Legion thank community for support

As the Post’s motto states, “Thank you for letting us serve you so that we can continue to serve our veterans, military and our community”.

In the past several years, with help from our Charitable Gambling, Auxiliary, and Post Membership we have been able to donate more than $46,000 to needy veterans and our local community.

A major focus for the Post is to support local Minnesota organizations that provide assistance and counseling to help rehabilitate our Veterans that have chemical/alcohol dependency, are homeless, jobless, or disabled due to mental disorder known as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or have physical wounds suffered when serving our country. These organizations include “Eagles Healing Nest” in Sauk Centre, the “Homeless and Wounded Warriors of MN” located here in Crosslake and the St. Cloud VA Rehabilitation Treatment Program.

In addition, the Post has helped finance other veteran activities including assistance in purchasing a new van to transport local veterans to their St. Cloud and Twin Cities VA appointments.

Locally Post 500 and our Auxiliary provides for scholarships for high school seniors, American Legion Baseball, Boys and Girls State, Care boxes for deployed Minnesota National Guardsmen, Crosslake Community Center, Lakes Area Pregnancy Center, Mid Minnesota Woman’s Shelter, Crosslake Fire and Police Department.

As the American Legion Motto states, we were organized to serve “God and Country”. In support of that our Post organizes and leads the Memorial Day Ceremony each year at Pinewood Cemetery to honor veterans who gave their lives for our freedom and all local deceased veterans who sacrificed to allow us to keep our freedom. When requested by families of deceased veterans, the Post provides a Military ceremony to honor their service to our country.

Without our communities support of our Post and Charitable Gambling, none of these programs could be accomplished. Thank you!

Members of the Crosslake-Fifty Lakes American Legion Post 500

Letter in Support of Norgaard

Letter to the Editor

Let me put the record straight. I am not a resident of Crosslake, but as a resident of a neighboring township, I have a vested interest in the health, growth and potential of the city. Working with Patty Norgaard as a volunteer for the last several years, I have seen her foresight and wisdom in everything she does.

I have started attending the Crosslake Economic Development Authority (EDA) meeting at her suggestion. I have seen this organization go from struggling to find its direction to one that has purpose and commitment to the  betterment of the city. This is a direct result of Patty’s leadership.

She has been tireless in her pursuit of making the City of Crosslake a vibrant and sustainable community. I would recommend Patty Norgaard for mayor without hesitation.

Martha Steele
Merrifield, MN

Patty Norgaard for Crosslake Mayor

Letter to the Editor

I have collaborated and worked with Patty over the last ten years and am totally impressed with her as a person and as one who is dedicated to making Crosslake a better place to live, work, and play. Patty is intelligent, hard-working, personable, respectful, and a level-headed thinker who will bring all of those attributes and skills to the position of Mayor or Crosslake.

Patty can and will be above all of the small-town politics as she has already proven with her forward-looking work on the Economic Development Authority and in bringing the Minnesota Design Team to Crosslake to assist us in shaping the future of our community.

Patty is not tied to any one business, group, or profession. She is not driven by any personal agenda other than to serve all the citizens of Crosslake.

If you are looking for the best person to be the Mayor of Crosslake, you will vote for Patty just as I will.

Peter D. Abler
Crosslake, MN

Candidate – District 10A

Letter to the Editor

Baxter City Council member Quinn Nystrom 30, works in public relations at the National Joint Powers Alliance in Staples, was not recruited by the DFL party, began receiving requests to run following John Ward’s loss to Josh Heintzeman.

Important issues for Quinn include: public schools, health care and health care costs, access to child care and rural Minnesota issues as broad band internet access.

Quinn Nystrom will be a strong local voice for the Minnesota House of Representatives, District 10A, representing the western half of Crow Wing County, including Brainerd, Baxter, Nisswa, Pequot Lakes, Jenkins, Breezy Point and Merrifield.

Bob Uppgaard
Pequot Lakes, MN

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Endorsing Norgaard for Crosslake Mayor

Letter to the Editor

It is with complete confidence that I am endorsing Patty Norgaard for mayor of Crosslake.

Patty has been an integral part of Crosslake’s growth during the 11 years she has lived here.

She served five years as the president of the Crosslake Economic Development group driving new programs such as “Light up the Dam” working with the University and WAPOA planning for population growth and for continued work to keep our lakes in their pristine condition. She has also been a member of the Parks and Recreation board.

She has worked tirelessly as a member of Lakes Area Music Festival raising the visibility of not only the Festival but of the Brainerd Lakes Area.

But the really important thing to know about Patty is that her priorities are right. She is a wife, mother and grandmother and to her, this is her most important job. She finds time to sing in her church’s choir and to work as member of her congregation.

Politicians have gotten a bad name these past years. Patty represents everything that the ‘typical politician’ is NOT. She is honest, hardworking and square with everyone she works with. As is evident in the paragraphs above, when Patty takes on a job, she is “all in” and that is the way she will approach the office of Mayor of Crosslake.

Gervaise Wilhelm
Crosslake, MN

Thank you Patty Norgaard

Letter to the Editor

Patty Norgaard is running for Mayor of Crosslake.

While growing up in a small Minnesota town my parents, many years ago, taught my siblings and I the importance of giving back to the communities we lived in. One of the best examples of that in Crosslake is Patty Norgaard.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the Park and Rec Commission in Crosslake with Patty for the past few years. She brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her volunteer service. Whatever the event that the community center is sponsoring, Patty is there to lend a hand and provide her leadership and skills. Her leadership on the Crosslake E D A and work on the Minnesota Design Team will set a vision to keep Crosslake moving forward.

Thank you Patty for being willing to continue your service to Crosslake by running for Mayor.

John Pribyl
Crosslake, MN

In support of Patty Norgaard

Letter to the Editor

On November 8th the citizens of Crosslake will elect their city officials. I am proud that my friend of over 45 years, Patty Norgaard, had chosen to be a candidate for your Mayor. This does not come as a surprise. Moving to Crosslake, 9 years ago, she immediately made a whole hearted commitment to be involved in her new community. She has given hours of service to meet the challenges and the opportunities for an even greater Crosslake. I am confident that she will bring to our community the full attention that she brought to the community we shared for so many years. I saw first hand, her commitment to the issues, projects and concerns in motion. Patty has a way of getting the right things done right.

Patty and I have enjoyed years of true friendship. She has proven to be loyal, caring and among the first to offer an encouraging word. An openness, helpfulness, time to listen are just a few of the reasons this friendship has grown. I feel fortunate to be able to call her a friend.

Last, but certainly not least, is the commitment and dedication that Patty makes to her family. Family has always come first. She chooses to be loving, strong, and selfless. She makes a positive impact and influences her family life. She is a proud wife, mother and grandmother.

It has been a privilege to write this letter on behalf of Patty  Norgaard. Personal and warmly energetic, dedicated and competent—she is the real deal. She will offer your community, as she did ours, a leadership that is inclusive, collaborative and honest. Patty is about making a difference to her family, friends and the community in which she lives. A vote for Patty Norgaard on November 8th is a vote to make a difference for the people of Crosslake.

Mary Jo Paloranta

Patty Norgaard for Crosslake Mayor

Letter to the Editor

My name is Harry J Scofield and I have known Patty Norgaard for over 46 years.

We got to know each other as we participated in a “community service project” for the Burnsville Jaycees in 1970.

Over the past 46 years I have come to know Patty as a person that has always demonstrated and acted in a very positive way when it comes to the community she lives in.

Patty is smart and focused when she decides to pursue community projects and she has proven to be very successful every time she makes the decision to go forward with community service programs. I have watched Patty participate very successfully in every community she has lived in over the years. If I had to describe Patty in a few words ….. it would be: STRONG with a positive attitude.

Patty is a lady that has endured the loss of three of her five children over the years and there is no person that I know of that has demonstrated “strength with grace” and emerged with a positive attitude. I am proud to have been able to observe Patty Norgaard handle the good things and bad things in life in a way “only a few have the ability to handle” and move forward in a productive and positive way.

Patty will do a wonderful job as Mayor of Crosslake.

Harry J Scofield
Backus, MN

Supporters should pause to reflect

Letter to the Editor

The single most important government job we hire a person for with our votes, is that of president.

Other offices are equally important. This morning I learned Tennessee was the final state needed to pass our 19th Amendment, giving - no, make that allowing - women voting rights. The Tennessee legislature was tied 48-48. A 23 year old legislator would break the tie, and known to be very much against women’s suffrage. But he “shocked the world”, as Jesse Ventura would say, by voting in favor. Opponents immediately thought he’d been bribed, because that’s what they would’ve done. But instead, he had a letter from his mother in his pocket.

“What a story, eh?”, as Canadians would say.

It’s almost impossible to formulate a comment on the current presidential campaign. When Barack Hussein Obama campaigned opposite captured military war hero, veteran, and prisoner John McCain, and four years later against wealthy, successful, business wheeler-dealer “Mitt” Romney, how shocked and outraged would we have been had the size of Mr. Obama’s ‘junk’ become a political talking point?

Maybe I’m getting old.

But junk size was one of the ‘talking points’ by DT, the presidential candidate for Republicans, the “party of Lincoln”. Maybe he feels threatened by the current White House occupant? (Incidentally, DT stands for Donald T., not ‘delirium tremens’.)

It’s easy to get caught up in the fever of politics, but hopefully some of his supporters will take a momentary pause to reflect. They’re supporting essentially a 9 year old boy, with not the most favorable upbringing, to the most important job in the land.

I’m sure world leaders Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Bashar al-Assad, Benjamin Netanyahu aren’t impressed by junk.

It requires maturity, not childishness, to hand someone keys to enough nuclear to wipe us all out.

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

Community invited to State Legislative candidate forum Oct. 11th

The community is invited to a 2016 State Legislative Candidate Forum from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11 at the Central Lakes College Chalberg Theatre, Brainerd campus.

All State Legislative candidates have been invited to the event. Moderated by Mike O'Rourke, this event will include opportunities to ask questions and become engaged in the future of the lakes area.

The following candidates have accepted an invitation to participate in the forum:

Senate District 9
Paul Gazelka (R)
Jason Weinerman (DFL)

Senate District 10
Carrie Ruud (R)
Tiffany Stenglein (DFL)

House District 9A
Megg Litts (DFL)
John Poston (R)

House District 10A
Josh Heintzeman (R)
Quinn Nystrom (DFL)

House District 10B
Dale Lueck (R)
Erin Wagner (DFL)

The legislative forum requires no registration. It is free and open to the public.

The 2016 State Legislative Forums are brought to you by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Brainerd Dispatch, League of Women Voters, Rosenmeier Center for State & Local Government and Lakeland Public Television. 

Crosslake Candidate Forum 2016 October 25th

The League of Women Voters Brainerd Lakes Area will sponsor a Crosslake Candidate Forum on Tuesday evening October 25, 2016 at the Crosslake Community Center. The forum will take place from 7 - 9 p.m.

Candidates will make brief introductory statements and all candidates will be asked the same set of questions for Mayor and City Council. There are two candidates for Mayor of Crosslake and three candidates for two positions on the Crosslake City Council.

Election is coming up

Letter to the Editor

The election is coming up and we can’t avoid it. More information about everything and more bombast than anyone should have to put up with.

What I would like is to know what the legislators in Dist 10 did these last two years, besides collecting their pay checks and perdiems. I know they opposed any progress on important things. They supported taking a chance on polluting Lake Superior and the boundary waters in a scheme that would create some jobs but the money would basically go to Switzerland. The money would go to pay back the company and pay its profit first then the state of Minnesota its money as owner of the mineral rights then the expenses of the Canadian shell company. Next the money will go into the fund to monitor the hazardous waste for the first 200 years of a waste that has an expected hazard life of at least 500 years. Then the shell company will receive a profit. I don’t expect the shell company to last that long as soon as the parent company has it’s money the shell company will be on borrowed time it will file bankruptcy. The state of MN and the taxpayers will be on the hook for the cleanup and monitoring. I heard that the latest technology will take care of the problem “tell that to the people of Georgia where the pipeline just burst after the technology told them that it would. “They did after a week or so manage to get started to clean it up, it wasn’t carrying sulfides.

Then there was the explanation of the Trumps tax deal as I heard it,it was that he made about 300 million, on losing 900 million, payed for by the taxpayers nice profit, or great welfare for the rich. Apparently rich young men don’t change when they get old. They are offended when they are expected to pay their fair share, especially of taxes. However it is a fact that the rich use far more government services than the poor or middle class. However when he gets to be President he’ll just say the word and magically everything will be all better. Sounds like  something that people tell their preschoolers. By first grade they no longer believe, sometimes they pretend for a few years, sort of like Santa Claus, it keeps the parents happy thinking that they are ahead of the kids, the kids are  happy because they know better.

Jesse Nix
Emily, MN

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