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Tuesday | April 7, 2020





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Open Forum

How can we help support our lakes area communities amid COVID-19 travel restrictions?

Letter to the Editor:

I’m a "Lakes Proud" cabin owner member of our beautiful northland community. Given these new travel restrictions, we desperately want to support our lakes community families that have supported us through the years, in these unprecedented COVID-19 times, yet we are asked not to travel.

I read your March 24th article stating "People wishing to continue their support for local businesses are encouraged to purchase gift certificates that can be used at a later date". What a wonderful idea! Imagine 122,000 Minnesota cabin owners and frequent visitors purchasing two $50 gift certificates a week (or more) to their favorite local business that they would typically support anyway, we could inject about $6 million a week into the Minnesota local and rural economy and get past this difficult time. We already see our trusted local community businesses stepping up in creative ways to help our community. They see the immediate needs of our community better than most. Let's support them. (Community Businesses, we’re proud of you ??)

Could you post some simple ways to purchase gift certificates from our cherished businesses, since we cannot stop in and say hi like we usually do?

We’re all still a community, even when we cannot be together. Let’s find ways to make it easier to help each other and pay it forward until we can all get back together this summer.

Kind Regards,
Jay Johnson
Northland Community Member

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Plain Truth Regarding the “P” Word

Letter to the Editor

To the Point, Amid all the talk of the Pandemic and Panic there is an invisible, undeniable truth. In Pronouncing any word with the letter P in it, it is a scientific certainty that all of us asPirate micro Particles of water droPlets.

The letter P is known as a hard consonant. We Purse our liPs and say whatever word “P” word we please and, *Poof*, out comes the droplets of vaPorized bodily fluids.

That vaPor can hit the Party sitting or standing next to you square in the Puss, or it can land on any hard surface.

If that vaPorized bodily fluid contains the COVID-19 virus, you just may have just infected one of your friends or left it on a hard surface for some unsusPecting Person to inadvertently Pick it uP.

So, Pretty Please with sugar on toP, do the best you can to helP stamP out this undeniable Pandemic, by Practicing the science of “SOCIAL DISTANCING”.

Please keeP six feet aPart and Practice frequent handwashing. Your immediate health, safety and welfare may hang in the balance.

Don’t Panic, but be Practical.

“Come on you raver, you seer of visions. Come on you Painter, you PiPer you Prisoner and shine” - Pink Floyd,  Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Steve Gieneart
Crosslake, Mn

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