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Tuesday | July 27, 2021





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Open Forum

Everyone should get a say in our democracy

Letter to the Editor

Like many of my fellow Americans, I am frustrated. I am frustrated with the roadblocks put up by Republicans in Congress that prevent even starting a conversation on critical pieces of legislation. I’m frustrated with the GOP’s relentless attack on our basic rights, including our freedom to vote. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, 17 states have enacted 28 new laws this year that make it more difficult for eligible Americans to cast their ballots.

But I certainly haven’t lost hope—or my determination. Right now, legislators are  considering two crucial bills, the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Together, these bills would create national standards for voting and stop unjust and unfair voting laws. These bills are exactly what we need to reverse the worst attacks on our voting rights that we’ve seen in years.

I am urging Congress to prioritize voting rights and pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Cheri Yager
Fifty Lake, MN

Thank you from the Celebrate Emily Day Committee

Letter to the Editor

The Celebrate Emily Day Committee wishes to recognize and thank the following businesses for their financial contributions that helped make the 2021 Celebrate Emily Day a success. Without this great support, the annual celebration would not be possible: Crow Wing Power, Emily Ace Hardware, Emily Small Engine and Marine, Jamie Koop Insurance, Lake Country Properties, Log Cabin Bar, Snowbirds Snowmobile Club, Sweets, N Such/Up North Gifts and Wes Hanson Builders.

The committee would also like to thank the following for their contributions of prizes, property, services and/or volunteer time which also helped make the event a success: Emily  Roll-Off and Recycling - Chad Genz, Joe Johnson Septic Services, Emily Greens, Barb Hubbard, Bill Spiess, Kami Genz, Jane Davis, Cari Johnson, Matt Horwath, Darryl Kile, Scott and Mary Eppen, Rick Benis, Cindy and Mike Nordvall, Ken Dahlgren, Crosby-Ironton Courier, Northland Press, City of Emily Maintenance Dept., Police Dept., Fire Dept. and First Responders, and all businesses that sold raffle tickets.

If we’ve missed thanking anyone who helped in any way, small or large, we apologize. Thank you all for your support, Emily Day would not be possible without you.

The Celebrate Emily Day Committee

Still no sign at City Hall

Letter to the Editor

Shame on the three Crosslake City council members who voted to NOT place a sign directing people to the City Hall on the corner of County Road 66 and Daggett Pine Road. We have a beautiful new $2,000,000 building in town and it seems as if the city employees do not want to welcome residents into it. Instead we have what appears to be a temporary green and white county sign pointing towards a real estate office two buildings from the corner. I have spoken with an employee of that real estate office and they said they have people coming into their office almost on a daily basis asking if it is City Hall. This is very confusing to newcomers to our area and it only makes sense to place a sign on the corner of the road in which the building is located. City Hall has been open for a year now and it is ridiculous there is still no sign. There has been plenty of time to get it repainted if that is what it needs. Show some pride in your new building and let people know where to find you.

Judy Cotten
Crosslake, MN

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The time is right to make a comeback into the Workforce

Letter to the Editor

In my role at the Chamber, I visit many businesses and meet the great people who make them successful. I’m always impressed by the number of local leaders and managers who grew their careers within the same organization.

They worked hard and embraced every opportunity. One promotion led to another, and now they’re living proof that where you start is seldom where you finish.

With more than 2,000 open positions in Cass and Crow Wing Counties, our booming businesses want nothing more than to expand their teams and reward ambitious people —both in current perks and future advancement. Those who step forward today will find  themselves in a perfect position to prove their worth and earn their way up the ladder.

If COVID forced you to the sidelines and you’ve been waiting for the right moment to make a comeback, trust me—that time is now.

By September, hundreds of area residents are expected to return to the workforce. When  you start your search early, you’re guaranteed to get the first pick of the opportunities and  land a job that maximizes your skills.

Wondering what’s available? We’ve partnered with the Brainerd Dispatch and Hubbard Broadcasting to gather links to local job boards at www.2000jobs.org.

A bright future is out there, my friends. It’s a smart time to go get it.

Matt Kilian, President
Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce

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