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Tuesday | September 18, 2018





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Open Forum

In support of John Andrews

Letter to the Editor:

John Andrews is a retired physician who spent much of his medical career with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention traveling the third world solving medical problems with infectious diseases. Using his medical background and developed research skills he is a wise choice for Crosslake City Council.

You will find that John’s problem-solving abilities and experience make him a choice candidate. John does not take responsibility and duties lightly. He is always totally thorough as he takes time to listen and research the best answers for a situation.

John has been a seasonal or full time resident of Crosslake for over forty years. He knows our community well. In the six years that John has been a full time resident of Crosslake, he has shared his talents and interest in the community in many and varied volunteer activities. I have worked side by side with him in many of his volunteer activities at Camp Knutson and the Crosslake Historical Society. You may see him painting siding, raking, mowing, building campfires, pulling old floor staples, mending fences, and much more. John is always there to lend a hand.

He is an advocate for clean water and environmental health and balance. John has the welfare of our community at heart.

Crosslake needs another creative, honest thinker on the City Council. He would be a great asset to our Council and the people of Crosslake.

Mary Kate Williams, Crosslake

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Vote Goddard

Letter to the Editor:

Captain Scott Goddard for 23 years, as a leader in the sheriff’s department, has a track record of skills important to our school s and community. He has the endorsement of outgoing Sheriff Todd Dahl. Join me in voting for Scott Goddard - Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.

Bob Uppgaard
Pequot Lakes, MN

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