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Tuesday | January 11, 2022





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Charity Pickleball Tournament

Letter to the Editor

The Crosslake Pickleball Association shared an idea with the City Council during the December monthly meeting. The players wanted to come up with a way to thank the Crosslake community for their support of outdoor pickleball. Being a sport with a foolish name, they decided to create an April Foolish Day Charity Pickleball Tournament.

Twelve teams will be playing for twelve local charities/donation recipients in three brackets. There will be a winner in each bracket, so three local charities/donation recipients will win a donation from their champion team!

There is no skill level requirement nor set division of men’s, women’s or mixed teams. Once teams are entered there will be some effort to group similar skill levels together. However, more important for this foolish event is that each team must have some connection to the greater Crosslake area (Police, Firemen, City Council, Lions member, Bridge Club member, resident etc).

The twelve charity/donation recipients will be randomly matched with the teams on the day  of the tournament. This will help ensure that no one knows which of the charity/donation recipients have the best chances of winning. The $50 per team donation entry fee (Total of $200 for each bracket) and all proceeds from sponsoring donations, gifts, financial backing of individual teams will go to the three “winning” charities/donation recipients.

The directors of the Crosslake Ideal Lion’s Club, who were very generous in support of the outdoor courts, have agreed to become a founding sponsor for this event. In addition we plan to contact the business community, local banks, and community members at large to increase the amount that will be raised and put back into our community.

Any questions that you have or interest in entering a team can be directed to the Crosslake Community Center at 14126 Daggett Pine Rd or by calling 218-692-4271. Checks, donations, gifts can be made out to the Crosslake Pickleball Association with a notation that it is for this April Foolish Event, and can be sent to or left at the Community Center.

Let’s get some exercise, have some fun, laugh at ourselves, and support the local groups that help make Crosslake a great place to live and work.

Peter Graves
Crosslake, MN

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