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Tuesday | October 15, 2019





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Open Forum

Pledge of Resistance against Line 3 reaches milestone of 2,500 signers

Letter to the Editor

Opponents of pipeline highlight surge of interest after Youth Climate Strikes, Gichigami Gathering

The campaign to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline in Minnesota has reached a major milestone, and organizers credit a surge of interest driven by last month’s Youth Climate Strikes and a large anti-pipeline rally in Duluth.

Environmental advocacy group MN350 announced that its Pledge of Resistance this week recorded its 2,500th signature. Signers of the pledge commit to taking nonviolent direct action or supporting direct action if legal and administrative efforts to stop Line 3 are unsuccessful.

“The outpouring of support after the climate strikes and the Duluth rally have been beautiful,” said MN350 organizer Mysti Babineau. “There’s so much attention focused now on protecting our climate. And more and more Minnesotans are realizing how absurd it is to be building a massive oil pipeline in the midst of that.”

MN350 and partner groups have responded to the growing pipeline opposition by urging more Minnesotans to sign the Pledge of Resistance.

““This is not just another petition,” Babineau said. “This is everyday Minnesotans promising a serious commitment to do what’s necessary to protect Indigenous communities and to protect what we love. They’re willing to step up like that because they know we simply have to stop propping up Big Oil when our communities and our planet are threatened.”

The Line 3 tar sands pipeline would transport heavy tar sands oil from Canada through Minnesota for export outside the United States.

More than 1,200 pipeline opponents gathered in Duluth on Sept. 28 for the Gichi-gami Gathering. The campaign’s new anti-pipeline video was shot at the event.

WEBSITE: www.mn350.org

LINK TO GICHI-GAMI GATHERING VIDEO: www.facebook.com/MN350/videos/467834380610736/

- MN350 is a statewide group with 20,000 supporters working to make Minnesota a national leader in a just transition to a clean energy economy. MN350 Action is its political and advocacy arm. 

Thanks to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Crosslake Ideal Lions Club would like to thank Northland Press for posting information on the Club’s events. Since the initial publication regarding eyeglass donations, there has been a great increase of participation in the program. We have also increased our membership to 81 total members. Thank you Northland Press and the community for your support.

Barbara L. (Lundemo-Clausen) Hansen

Self Help books and workouts

Letter to the Editor

I ordered so many copies of my self help book: Taking Control of TMJ, New Harbinger Publishers, Inc., and for 17 years would highlight and give them away. It became #1 in books under the categories Medical & Dentistry. For several years I received phone calls from those who had my book.

An article was also published in the Northland Press – Tuesday, November 29, 2011 – “Uppgaard’s Book now in Korean”. Korean dentist, Dr. Yong-Keun Lee has been using Dr. Uppgaard’s book: Your Total Wellness Program, recently translated into Korean, in his own research.

I am 96 years old. I take no pills for pain; and I work out seven days a week at the Crosslake Community Center to reduce stress. Following workouts I am more mentally alert. Self Help?

Dr. Bob Uppgaard
Pequot Lakes, MN

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A Community ‘Thank You’

Letter to the Editor

As we come to the end of this summer of 2019, on behalf of the Whitefish Chain Yacht Club I would like to thank all the businesses, volunteers and other non- profits that helped provide a number of activities and events promoting boating and water safety on the Whitefish Chain. We are very fortunate to live in this community that truly comes together to support organizations that promote activities and events for the betterment of all.

First of all thank you to the 100+ members and the three major donors that helped us in achieving our goal to secure the funding to Light the Buoys throughout the chain. They are Moonlite Bay Restaurant, the Crosslake Ideal Lions and the Ideal Community Service Organization.

Thank you to all the different volunteers and businesses that helped with the following events and activities this past summer:

• Our Spring and Fall Dinners – Riverside Restaurant

• Three sessions of Swimming lessons at the Army Corp of Engineers Swimming beach Vickey Leonard, Instructor.

• Two Youth Boating safety classes held at Zorbaz restaurant

• Two Women at the Helm boating classes held at Bertha Marine – special thanks to Jonny Wallin

• The Antique Boat show and the Cardboard Boat Races at Moonlite Bay

• The Paddle to the Moon Event – Jim Bergquist and Crow Wing Kayaks

• The marketing team for producing all our newspaper ads – Amy Fleming

• Our secretary for his work on migrating our data to our new club express site – Bob Nelson

Finally thanks to our partner Lake Associations (WAPOA) and the Pine River Watershed for the opportunity to partner together as we support Boating Safety and Water Quality throughout our area lakes.

Have a great winter where ever your travels take you and I look forward to another great summer in 2020.

John Pribyl, Whitefish Chain Yacht Club, Commodore

Clean versus dirty

Letter to the Editor

As Republican Donald Trump's latest violations of the law, Constitution, and morality come to light, Republicans try claiming Democrats are politicizing the issues, have intense hatred for Trump, and want to overturn the last election. Real live Democrats aren't thinking this at all. But Republicans are revealing their own heart, minds, and moral coding. When I spoke with Republicans during Obama's presidency, those attitudes were prevalent toward Obama from Republicans.

In 2016, both Democrats and Republicans said they sought cleaning up our system. But now the "swamp" has been turned into a septic tank sewer. My life's work consisted of problem solving. To correct a problem, it first must be understood, what's causing it, and why. (Especially why.) Less than half the people understand.

Republican and Democratic parties each made a turn before 2016. Republicans followed the "business model" of capitalism: win at any cost, even our democracy. They gave up their morals, especially Christians and evangelicals. Trump said he'd shoot someone and get away with it among his supporters. It may be the only thing he was right about.

Democrats took the opposite direction, saying if we want a clean house, let's start cleaning. Democratic Sen. Al Franken did less than one-tenth the sexual improprieties alleged of Mr. Trump, yet Franken is gone. Want a clean house? You know who to call.

Our president is a hired hand, paid to help all US people, not just himself. Imagine hiring someone who turned out to be a mistake, and not being able to fire them for four years. What would they do to your company, it's morale, and your (former) customers?

Mexico has not paid for one foot of wall, but our own soldiers have. "Thank you for your service" becomes a cruel joke on those risking their lives.

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

Al Franken invited to Veteran’s Day Program

Letter to the Editor

Al Franken has been invited to attend the Veterans Day Program at Pequot Lakes High School on Monday, Nov. 11, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. I am Guest Speaker.

Al and his wife, Frannie, have been friends of mine for eight years. It is disturbing that an allegation that occurred while Al and his accuser posed for a photo, is now a new allegation. He should have gotten “due process” before his departure.

Dr. Bob Uppgaard
Pequot Lakes, MN

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