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Tuesday | May 22, 2018





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Open Forum

National Poppy Day

Letter to the Editor:

The tradition of wearing a poppy dates back to 1920, when it became the memorial flower of The American Legion Family.

The red poppy came to symbolize the blood shed by those who fought and those who continue to fight for our country following World War I. It was popularized by the publication of the wartime poem In Flanders Fields. Written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, M.D. while serving on the front lines in World War I, the poem honors soldiers killed in battle.

The American Legion led the charge of having Congress designate the Friday before Memorial Day as National Poppy Day®, a tradition found in many countries around the world. National Poppy Day® encourages all Americans to wear a red poppy to honor the fallen and support the living heroes who have worn our nation’s uniform.

On May 25, join us by wearing a red poppy to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and support the future of veterans and their families for generations to come.

Support your Legion and participate in Poppy Day. You can volunteer to sell poppies in the your community. Contact the Legion for details or donate to the Poppy fund, proceeds help our Veterans and families.

The American Legion

Pray for our Troops!

Submitted by:
Pam Wiltsey
Crosslake Legion Auxiliary

A Day of Caring

Letter to the Editor:

We enjoyed the help of eight students who selected the Crosslake Historic Log Village for a Day of Caring. The Crosslake Area Historical Society maintains an acreage that includes variety of historic buildings depicting life in 1900. The area has lots trees and each spring it’s a major project to remove all the debris left by all those trees in our rustic Village.

Thank you to Jackson, Luke, Erik, Dalton, Amber, Keaton, Aaron and Isaak who gave of their time and effort to help us on May 3rd. They hauled away many tarp loads of leaves and needles to piles in the parking lot. They shared their youthful strength and energy to complete the job alongside our own volunteers. The Village is gorgeous!!

Mary Dischinger
Crosslake Area Historical Society

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Keeping employees honest

Letter to the Editor:

What are some of the pros and cons of Special Counsel Robert Mueller following the threads of the investigations into Russian-Putin interference concerning manipulating or overturning our last election? What part may Donald Trump have played, the primary beneficiary of any meddling?

In anything, it’s critical keeping in mind basic fundamental laws and rules.

For example, studying physics of thermodynamics, there’s a fundamental natural law that energy can’t be created or destroyed. What goes in, must come out. No more, no less. Thermodynamics problems can be extremely complicated, but when it’s all said and done, if you show more or less total energy than when you started, this check tells you there’s a mistake somewhere in all those complicated calculations.

A fundamental law of our democratic government is that people who are elected are our employees: not our masters, nor rulers. Good ones can lead us in a good direction, bad ones will lead us in bad directions.

As their employers, citizens have the duty, responsibility, and right to know what politicians are up to, at all times, and everything they’re up to. If they want to operate in secret and private,  that’s what the private sector is for. They can always resign.

If someone ran a convenience store, or body shop, and wanted to look into what an employee is doing, that’s your right and responsibility. You take that investigation as far as you think it needs to go. Is the employee stealing? Harassing someone? Faking the time cards? You don’t go just so far, then when signs show there might be something that needs further investigation, just drop it.

Trump doesn’t understand, and has never caught on, that he’s working for us, not himself. Republicans are afraid: to remind him and challenge him for us!

If you owned a company, and suspected something not right going on with an employee, you would have his/her supervisor look into it. But if that supervisor only looked so far, then stopped the investigation, you would probably conclude that the employee and supervisor are somehow colluding in whatever is going on. Now you need to begin the investigation yourself, into both the employee and the supervisor. This is similar to the situation we now have, with Mr. Trump and the Republican Party, wanting to halt the investigations by Robert Mueller.

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

A couple of things.....

Letter to the Editor:

I am interested by a couple of things that are maybe good things coming from the Republicans. First is the possibility of the president possibly ending the Korean War. If that happens he is to be congratulated.

The second is the bill by Mr. Lueck doing another study and trying to get an agreement on protecting the Wild Rice Lakes. I worry about this as it seems to avoid somethings; it is to keep some small cities from having to update their sewer plants to meet requirements. For them meet the high standards required to protect them. Until they can determine how much pollution wild rice can tolerate. What isn’t mentioned is that many of these small cities received help many years ago to build these sewer plants and they are out grown and worn out. They are in small towns and they can’t afford to update or rebuild. They couldn’t when they were built and they can’t now. They were given grants then to protect lakes and they have charged enough to operate the systems but they didn’t charge enough to pay for them or replace them. They will have to be replaced, this may buy some time, but it won’t buy more capacity and improved processing which will be needed as other factors have changed.

My major worry is that with Pro-pollution Pruitt in charge at the national level. He has an understanding of God telling us that we are in charge of the land, that we are to be good stewards of the land, but my understanding of being a stewards of the land is that we are to care for it while we use it. His is that it is there for our use for whatever we want. That we can destroy whatever we want for our personal profit. My understanding is that it is God’s and it is here for everyone, not just those that manage to get control of the land. Everyone is one of God’s children and we all should share the bounty of it. My fear is that before they can get an agreement that will protect the lakes they will be like the lakes in Oklahoma. Where they have a new AG now and he is suing the polluters to try to get them improved or at least stop them from getting worse. Their tourist and water sports people are unhappy with what happened to their natural resources.

Jesse Nix
Emily, MN

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