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Tuesday | December 1, 2020





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Open Forum

Attention all Crow Wing Power Members

Letter to the Editor

The Crow Wing Power Accountability Group has a petition put together that makes a request to the CWP Board of Directors for the membership (38,000 members) list with contact information. We are asking for this list so that we can move forward with a recall election of the Board members and the CEO, as the CWP own by rules allows for. We have secured a very good number of members who have agreed to sign the petition which we will present to the Board. However, we are giving members another opportunity to sign the petition before we present it. You can do this electronically by going to this email address: cwpacctgroup@gmail.com

Put petition in the subject line, fill out your name(s), address, phone number and email address and email it to us. You, and anyone else you include, will then be added to the petition. Also, please share this information with all your FB friends and any other CWP members you know.

Also, we are a group that is self funded and could use any size donation you are willing to make. You can go to our Crow Wing Power Accountability Group’s website or facebook page to make your donation. Thank you in advance for helping us in our efforts to bring accountability to CWP.

John Ward

Statement from RHCC and Public Health Regarding Enbridge project

Letter to the Editor

Anytime a community experiences an increase in population, permanent or temporary, there is an elevated risk for medical and public health issues/concerns. This is especially true at a time when we are collaboratively addressing a pandemic and experiencing a higher demand for hospital beds at Riverwood and statewide due to the COVID-19 surge. It remains a fluid situation, one that is being monitored closely. Although impartial to the pipeline project itself, Aitkin County Public Health and Riverwood Healthcare Center have a heightened awareness of the added concerns and strain it could put on our medical and public health resources. Regardless of this project's timeline, we will follow the CDC and MDH guidance regarding a wide array of matters and work jointly to deliver timely care and response.

- Erin Melz, Aitkin County Public Health Supervisor and
- Dr. David Taylor, Chief Medical Officer, Riverwood Healthcare Center

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Letter to the Editor

An old line from one of the songs from HeeHaw, “If it weren’t’ for bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Gloom, Despair, and agony on me.”

To all you Democrats out there who hated the thought of Trump being reelected, now you know how we felt about Obama, and how we feel about Biden. While I truly have no idea or solid proof, other than hearsay or rumors, that  there were widespread instances of voter fraud, I will have to accept the fact that Trump lost.

There was a movement of that the Democrats started “Not My President” when Trump took office four years ago. I am now part of the Biden/Harris, not my President. I will not watch or listen to any of their speeches. And maybe Pelosi will tear up Bidens State of The Union Speech. If not maybe one of our fine Republican Senators will. And the Democrats who cheered when Pelosi showed such disrespect for the Office of The President will come out and scream how terrible the Republicans acted. For my part, boycott the inauguration, the after-parties, and press conferences. And you can call it sour grapes if you wish, but don’t start an argument about being disrespectful because I learned it from the Democratic Party.

How can anyone vote to kill unborn children? Who really wants to close the churches. I can assure you that once this happens there will be nothing protecting the U.S. A. from the full wrath of God.

In the few days that remain before a clear winner is decided I am asking God to look beyond our faults as a nation, and grant us mercy from His throne, and put Trump back in office. We are literally, one vote away from the beginning of the end! Never give up, never surrender!

Kat Beireis
Ideal Corners, Minnesota

Next Step Should be Forward

Letter to the Editor

Hello trumpers

You accused some of us of being scared, or afraid, We were. But we weren't afraid of your grotesque flag displays. We weren't afraid of signs you put on your trucks saying, "F-- your Feelings!", or your "rolling coal" diesel pickups. We weren't afraid of the guns you carried everywhere, like pacifiers. We weren't afraid of your belligerence or bullying.

What we were afraid of was that you might unravel our democracy. We were afraid you'd blindly force us into religious dictatorship, like our ancestors fled Europe to avoid. Or fled Russia, East Germany, China, Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala, or a dozen other oppressed countries.

We were afraid when your leader violated our Constitution, breaking our laws, often just to break them, while simultaneously demanding "law and order". We were afraid when we lacked legal power to stop him, and you didn't, yet like a bad parent did nothing to correct him. In fact, you claimed seeing nothing wrong, no matter how damaging, insulting, or egregious,. Children in cages?

I'd ask you what your leader would have to do for you to say, "You've gone too far". And I was afraid when none of you could give a coherent answer.

I call him "your leader" because that's what he said. I'm not a Republican, so he considered me his enemy. Yet all three of my brothers, and myself, served our country even though we were all anti-war. Were we "fools" and "suckers", defending Republicans? Maybe.

Our next step should be forward. We aren't each other's enemy. We have a common enemy (we just have to see it for what it is; it's identity surprising to most).

Us never-trumpers have spent 4 years trying to understand trumpers. Now, if they're our equal, they need to spend 4 years trying to understand us.

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

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