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Tuesday | December 6, 2016





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Open Forum

Lakes Area Habitat 2017

Letter to the Editor

The 2017 Lakes Area Habitat will begin building up to 2 homes for Veterans in three counties: Crow Wing, Cass, and Hubbard Counties. Each habitat home will cost $95,000 to $100,000 to build.

The goal is to raise funds to build 8 homes for veterans East of Nisswa, MN - on donated land.

After the home is built, the veteran family will have to put in at least 300 hours of their own time helping to build their home and will have a zero % interest mortgage, that includes taxes and insurance between $300.

There are 87 Counties in Minnesota. The highest homeless veteran population is in the 17 counties serving Crow Wing, Cass and Hubbard Counties

Habitat for Humanity hopes to build 2 homes for homeless veterans in 2017.

All 8 Vets Habitat Homes could be occupied by the end of 2018.

Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity. P.O. Box 234 Brainerd, MN. www.lakesareahabitat.org

Bob Uppgaard
Pequot Lakes, MN

Media power

Letter to the Editor

If there was ever any doubt that otherwise intelligent people can be led out of reality by the mainstream media, look no further than the last issue of the "Press". Where else but from an agenda-driven. state controlled media could a contributor be led to believe that, "We were a nation divided in 2009", but, "..President Obama united our country..." WHAT???? If that is true, why does the writer cheer the quote he included from Kathleen Parker who babbles that the election results are what happens, " when an uninformed, misinformed; or disinformed populace tries to make sound decisions," Sounds really united doesn't it. Please show me one aspect of our society, whether it is race relations, gay/gender issues, police/community trust, or any other area where we are more united than before Obama. Only in the media bubble. We are then treated to a breathtaking display of ignorance concerning the purpose and function of the electoral college, and our country as a "democracy". We always were a republic, not a democracy.

Most of these misconceptions are not our fault. We constantly become "misinformed and disinformed" by the sources many of us use to learn about our world. Look at your High Schooler's history book and see how American history is treated. If we rely upon Facebook trending, Yahoo News, TMZ, NBC, ABC, CBS, NY Times, or late-night comedians to accurately reflect our world; we risk accepting propaganda in place of truth.

It really does matter where we learn what we "know". Open your eyes and see what true things are happening around you. Do not allow media hacks to play mind games with you.

Keith Nissen
Fifty Lakes, MN

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Old Fashioned Values

Letter to the Editor

Last Saturday friends, family and neighbors came together to honor Dodo and Leo Fraser. 90 years of living on this earth for both of them and 68 years of loving faithful marriage to each other. I write often about those old fashioned values that seem to fall by the wayside in this busy world. Dodo and Leo are living, walking, examples of those  values. They haven’t just lived in this community, they have, over the years, given so much of themselves to help make Crosslake what it is today. I am proud to be their friend.

Mike Holst
Crosslake, MN

United we stand; divided we fall

Letter to the Editor

We were a nation divided in 2009 when Obama became president. A majority of America agreed that our new president offered hope and an ability to make intelligent decisions using some of the greatest minds in our country as his advisors. President Obama united our country, and 62 million voters appreciate the progress accomplished in 8 years. Obama’s approval rating is 57 percent in 2016.

This is the second time in 16 years the most votes lost the election. This year Hillary Clinton received two million more votes and lost the election, because 290 of the 538 members of the Electoral College decided the winner.

Grassroots campaigns have sprung up around the country to try to persuade members of the Electoral College - do something that has never been done before in American history; ie: to deny the presidency to the clear election winner.

Daniel Bresenoff, author of a petition in favor of Hillary is asking signers to lobby electors by e-mail or phone.

He said: “I think it’s a long shot, but we’re living in strange times; if it was ever plausible, it’s this year. As a Christian, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Trump is not qualified for that office.”

Kathleen Parker in a recent Brainerd Dispatch “Guest Opinion” asked: “What happens to democracy when an uninformed, misinformed, or dis-in-formed populace tries to make sound decisions? The simple and terrible answer is, democracy fails; the fact that his manipulation of the media was the engine that propelled him to the top of the heap. But he knew that media bashing was popular among his base and gave them what they wanted.”

The voices of 62 million are preparing to challenge the archaic system of the Electoral College.

Bob Uppgaard
Pequot Lakes, MN

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