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Tuesday | August 16, 2022





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Open Forum

Wake up Crow Wing County

Letter to the Editor

Currently Crow Wing County enforces NO working hours or noise limits for contractors. Many people will never experience new construction next door. We have had the misfortune of being tortured for the past FIVE YEARS with contractors working next door on either side of us. One neighbor built two huge pole barns then commenced another 15 month tear down and rebuild over multiple years. The other neighbor ran three constructions over 4 years.

We have had Bobcat and excavator back up horns beeping 12 hours a day including weekends. Dumpster trucks ran constantly. We experienced huge back hole machines  excavating tons of sand while bobcats moved the piles, for months on end. We had diesel cement trucks along with cement pumper waking us up at 5:30 AM. Chainsaws ran for days. One evening in the late fall a bobcat was running after dark. They had it powering a spotlight beaming into our family room while running an extremely loud commercial blower. We asked him to tone it down, and were told that there are no restrictions and he could work several more hours if he wanted to. A paving company dumped rock, and ran bobcats at 8pm on a Saturday night. We endured rip saws and routers running 11 hours a day. Both sides had boom boxes playing and the workers yelled over their music.

I can’t count the times over 4 years when we wanted to sit on our patio and fire up the BBQ for dinner, or sleep past 7am and could not. I get the one time build situation, but Crow Wing keeps allowing more building permits for both neighbors over multiple years. Contractors can come and go at any time of day and make all the noise they want. I could go on.

We are retired and live full time in our home here. Foolishly we started with Ideal Township supervisors looking for help. We were told they don’t restrict noise or construction hours. One of the supervisors told me that if I didn’t like it –MOVE. What an idiotic comment!

We then went to the Crow Wing Commissioners Barrows and Brekken. They did travel up to see what was going on. Steve Barrows agreed that there should be some restrictions. I sent Barrows a long letter showing how some counties restrict, and delineated the noise we endured. Brekken said that letter was never read to the board. Bill Brekken said “We just don’t have the appetite” for ANY restrictions. If they personally experienced a fraction of what we have, they would do something.

The contractors have free reign and homes owner have no right to object or expectations of  peace and quiet in the evenings or weekends. We are told deal with it, or move. But, keep paying your high taxes, and oh ya we just raised your taxes again because of the new construction next door. It apparently is fine that we are woken up. I urge Crow Wing County to wake up too!

Charlie Carlson
Pine River, MN

USCG 232nd Birthday

Letter to the Editor

I wish all Active, Reserve, Retired, Civilians, Auxiliary and anyone else a Happy Two Hundred and Thirty Second Birthday of the United States Coast Guard. The USCG was established Aught 4th, 1790 by the pen of Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury.

“Semper Parates – Always Ready”.

Bob Stock
SCPO, USCG, Retired

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