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Open Forum

Can man affect the planet's climate?

Letter to the Editor

It would seem foolish for me to argue the deepest workings of the human brain with a neuroscientist on the basis of factual information, because I know essentially nothing about the brain. If the facts show otherwise, I'd feel responsible to stand corrected. I'm free to have an opinion, but that's all it would be.

If I was getting false information wrapped in scientific lingo and terminology from someone making money off this information, I'd abandon this pretty quickly and wouldn't be foolish enough to try repeating it.

I once studied music and felt I was getting a fair grasp of the basics. One day I was present when my instructor discussed a musical problem with another musically educated person. I couldn't understand a word they said, except the occasional "the" and "and"! More to music than I ever thought.

Which brings us to global warming, of course. It's far more complicated than most of us can imagine. Someone sitting in their underwear Saturday at the kitchen table with an AARP calculator cannot do a credible critique or analysis.

People do a great disservice to themselves and everyone when they try to argue and "inform" based of false information provided (conveniently) by oil and coal companies. People with a science background, asking just a few questions, can quickly determine if persons writing to the paper, arguing climate science, have any idea what they're talking about, or just trying to repeat what they've allowed themselves to be fed.

Can man affect the planet's climate? I know little of climate science. But here's an experiment anyone can do with readily available objects to get an idea of perspective. An apple is about 3" diameter; a condom is about 0.003" thick. A slice of apple peel is about 0.030" thick.

If the condom is stretched over the apple, it's thickness will represent about 8 miles, or 40,000 feet. Breathable air starts getting pretty thin at 10,000 feet. (I once worked at that altitude for a month.)

Can man affect a layer so relatively thin? It seems plausible.

Man is capable of amazing things; in the 1960's us Euro-Americans polluted the Cuyahoga River so badly it caught fire!

Incidentally, three thicknesses of apple peel stacked on the apple represents about 240 miles, or the orbit of the space station! "Outer space?" Hah!

Remember Earth Day, April 22.

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

"Why I Relay"

Letter to the Editor

I relay for life because I do not want any more kids to lose their loved ones.

Sitting in the ICU across the room from your father seeing a doctor put their hand on his shoulder you don’t need to hear what was said to know what is going on. You get this sudden feeling of guilt. All of the “what ifs” and “should haves” run through your mind.

Seeing your mother hooked up on life support with all the different wires and tubes knowing there is nothing else they can do simply just sucks.

My mother was far too young to be taken away from her loved ones at the age of 44. She was known for her contagious smile, laugh you could hear miles away and her love for children, both of her own children and of her children at work. She always put others before herself, especially her husband and 3 kids.

My mother will have miss 3 college graduations, 1 high school graduation, 2 Army graduations, 3 weddings, the births of her future grandchildren and all the love from them and many more life experiencing memory making moments.

It was an honor being her daughter for twenty years. Thank you for all the love and knowledge you have taught me mom. I will forever be your sweet girl.

Michelle Hayes
Breezy Point, MN

Thank You for the Gift of Life

Letter to the Editor

The Crosslake-Ideal Lions would like to thank all the wonderful donors who showed up for the Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday April 9th at the Immaculate Heart Catholic Church. Because of their caring, unselfish willingness to take time out of their busy lives to donate blood, we were able to collect 76 units. That blood can help up to 227 people. It is an honor and a privilege to live in a town that has so many everyday heroes who care enough to make donating the gift of life, a way of life. Once again, we say “THANK YOU!”

Crosslake-Ideal Lions

Vote Yes Committee says “Ask questions. Get the Facts”

Letter to the Editor

We, members of the Vote YES Committee, would like to offer clarification on a few of the concerns that have been brought to light through various emails, letters to the editor and private discussions in the past several weeks.

MYTH: The classrooms, hallways and building entrances are up to current standards.

FACT:When the current buildings were constructed, they were spacious enough in the state and federal standards of the time. The ADA standards were not addressed in the WPAera and neither were security issues. Technology and networking issues are now a major concern, where-as in the 60’s and 70’s they were but science fiction. Today’s learners need breakout areas to use for discussions, group activities as well as learning and activity zones for the younger students. 21st century children need a 21st century education and facility.

MYTH: The new school will be a glorified Community Center.

FACT: The cafeteria/commons area would be used for many in-house and community based events. You, the taxpayers, will be able to use the school for special events, meetings, elections and public forums as well. We would have Community Areas, not a community center.

MYTH: Look at the government supplied menu….all that is needed is one large microwave.

FACT: School lunches have indeed changed with Federal mandate. However, a full kitchen with safe and efficient prep, cooking cleaning and storage facilities is much needed. The school has been offering healthier alternatives and would be able to increase those opportunities with more choices for healthy eating.

MYTH: The larger science room is being proposed at the same time a science teacher is being cut.

FACT: The half time reduction in a staff position for the 2015/2016 school year is just that, a staff reduction, not a science curriculum reduction. No science classes are being cut. The half time science teacher also held the half time position being cut, which was NOT in the science field.

MYTH: Members of the district staff not living within the district have been accused of “pulling the wool over taxpayers eyes.”

FACT: In a perfect world, all teachers, administration, and support staff would live in the district, pay taxes in the district and spend their hard earned dollars at district businesses. However, in our society, many educators have been reduced to the second income in a two-income family. As for the “wool over their eyes,” this volunteer committee, the Vote Yes Committee before us, the Citizen Advisory Committee before that, as well as administration & consultants have spent hours, weeks, months and even years compiling data from community, State and Federal mandates and the opinions of professional educators to develop a plan for securing the stability of ISD 118’s future.

MYTH: A small district like ISD 118 can’t afford to finance such a large amount or that our numbers don’t warrant a quality school.

FACT: Yes, $25,000,000 is a lot of money, but this district is one of the most property rich districts in the state comparable to affluent metro areas. Education is expensive everywhere and it should be presented fairly to all children with no consideration for their parent’s zip code. As for our small number of children receiving an education here: are children in any part of the state or country more deserving of a safe, quality education than another?

Again, we encourage you to attend an informational meeting in your area. ASK QUESTIONS, GET THE FACTS.

Vote YES Committee members:
Mary Daugherty, Chuck and Kim Richardson, Lora Mayclin, Manja Holter, Kurt Hoffman, Dick Omann, Howard Prushek, Doug Payne, Mel Ford, Mandi and Justin Payment, Carol and Dan Procopio, Bill and Stacey Wake

Looney Lutherans on stage of the Pequot Lakes Theater

Letter to the Editor

“Preaching to the Choir” before an all time capacity audience of 350 believers.

Using humor, comedy, and help from the audience , a trio of wacky gals on a tour promoting their new cookbook, able to prove the wisdom of how to develop a healthy body, healthy mind, and a healthy heart. Many from very young to very old were encouraged , some dragged, to learn how it can be real fun participating on stage, learning the wisdom of living a long and healthy life, the Lutheran way. (But you don’t have to be a Lutheran to love ‘em.)

Thanks to the Greater Lakes Area Performing Arts (GLAPA) for another cultural endeavor.

Dr. Bob Uppgaard
Pequot Lakes. MN

Thank You for Supporting Ideal Green Market Cooperative

Letter to the Editor

A big Thank You to the Ideal Corners and surrounding community for your support of the Ideal Green Market Cooperative at the recent Spring Into Ideal: Gourmet Small Plate Lunch & Silent Auction held at the Old Milwaukee Club (OMC). Approximately $4,000 was raised! Special thanks go to the staff at OMC: Jeff Feltmann, owner/chef; Kevin Damm, chef; Trina Magnolokitchen assistant; Melissa Ford, waitress; and Deb Gerdin, bartender. The gourmet lunch was a culinary delight, drawing rave reviews. Some of the menu items served are also available in the OMC Executive Dining Room, which can be reserved for groups of six-14. Additional thanks to Ron and Judy Kidder for their vision and ongoing commitment! Thank you to the Ideal Community Service Organization for their donation of $700 towards signage. Thank you to area businesses from Crosslake, Pequot Lakes, and Pine River and to all the co-op member-owners and friends who donated items for the silent auction. Thank you to John and Mary Plein of Plein Consulting for all the copies and folding! Thank you to all the volunteers, what a team! We gained 14 new members, bringing us to 62 member-owners, and counting!

Don't miss the Co-op's Saturday Farmers' Markets starting May 16, 9am-1pm (next to Old Milwaukee Club). Our mission is providing access to local, sustainable, healthy food and goods.

Ideal Green Market Co-op, a developing food co-op, is truly a community venture and together we are creating a viable, sustainable, local, healthy, food and products outlet from which all will benefit.

On behalf of the IGMC Board: Jason Baca, Geoff Davidge, John Ehlert, Dan Kayser, Kim Larson, John Plein, Eleanor Rice, and Dan Yavner; and Barb Mann, Co-op Coordinator, thank you! (Ideal Corners / Pequot Lakes, www.idealgreenmarket.com)

Barb Mann, Co-op coordinator Ideal Green Market Cooperative Pequot Lakes, MN

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Water Patrol Meeting in Outing

Saturday April 25th we will hold the Water Patrol Meeting for all volunteers at Pestillos on Roosevelt Lake at 10:00 AM.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Department will be there to discuss with us the duties as a volunteer as well as to answer any questions or concerns you may have in helping with this great opportunity to keep our lakes save. To make sure we know who will be attending, please send a response to gw_koch@yahoo.com

See you there.
Wendy & Greg Koch

Vote Yes, Bond Referendum

Letter to the Editor

I am writing to encourage voters in the Northland Community School District to vote "yes" in the bond referendum on Tuesday, May 12.

I attended the school in the mid-60s, when it was brand-new. It was exciting to be in a new building, with new spaces and facilities. That was five decades ago. The existing building now presents some serious challenges. The school no longer meets indoor air quality standards. The spaces for learning no longer meet today's science, technology, and physical education standards. The building itself no longer meets state codes for such things as window glazing, roofing, and handicap accessibility. The locker rooms are in violation of Title IX rules. The music program at the school is growing, and needs space for classes and practice. The cafeteria and common areas do not provide the flexibility needed to allow students to eat and gather in a positive environment.

The bonds to be authorized, if the vote passes, will provide funding for a new school building facility to keep up with 21st century education standards. The building structure will be energy-efficient, handicap accessible, and will in fact be a multi-use space, accessible to the entire school district as a community.

The new building will be a facility that students, teachers, as well as district residents will be proud of. Students who are proud of their school "home" will do better, perform better. Teachers who are proud of their building, and their students, will perform their jobs better. And district residents, whether they have children in school or not, will find that an improved school and its inhabitants will in fact improve their home property values.

If you vote "no" on the referendum, you will find a tax increase on your property anyway. The school board must bring the building up to required state health and safety air quality standards. For more than 10 years, school boards in the district have avoided these improvements to avoid a tax increase. It can no longer be avoided, and needs to be addressed. This approach is just a short-term fix, and after this is completed, down the road there will be other "fixes," repairs, and structural improvements. This would mean another tax levy in at least five years.

A new building would be a long-range solution, costing district residents less money in the long term rather than Band-Aid problem solving over and over.

The bond referendum vote will take place on Tuesday, May 12, from 10 AM to 8 PM at a single combined polling place established at the Northland High School Gymnasium in Remer. If you are not registered to vote, contact the Cass County Auditor-Treasurer. You may also register at the polling place on May 12. Voting may also be done by absentee. Absentee ballot applications may be obtained from the County Auditor-Treasurer's office, or at the following link: http://www.isd118.k12.mn.us

Again, I encourage you to vote "yes" on May 12 so that you can continue to be proud of your students, your school district, and your community.

Kurt Hoffman III
(Northland Class of 1970)
Outing, MN

Affordable Care Act

Letter to the Editor

I keep hearing this mantra of just repeal Obama Care. When asked what the replacement will be the reply is just repeal it. It doesn’t need replacement is the general idea that is put forward.

In a discussion on line the other day it was brought up that people would die if it is repealed without a replacement. The counter was what difference does that make as long as it doesn’t cost the tax payers. That was the attitude that I have rather suspected and challenged for sometime. I wasn’t in on this discussion just an online observer.

For once someone owned up that was the true attitude about the affordable care act. When I have said in the past that their attitude was really just let the poor, old and chronically ill die all vehemently denied that and said that I was just putting words in their mouths. Finally one of them owned that was their attitude. I personally think that the only reason that they haven’t owned it was it isn’t politically correct. True Christians would object and wouldn’t support those who voted for the repeal if they couched it in that manner. That would be enough to get them unelected might even get some recalled especially in some of the so called Bible belt which is now pretty dependably Republican.

So why won’t they propose a replacement. Maybe just have everyone on Medicare raise the payroll tax to cover it. At least be honest about it. I know that there were and will continue to be unintended consequences. Some insurance plans were discontinued and some did not meet requirements so everyone couldn’t keep their old plan. When a replacement is proposed it will also have unintended consequences.

Some complain that we don’t let out of state insurances sell in Minnesota. We have the attorney general busy all the time trying to run down fly by night outfits selling worthless insurance that don’t pay; when someone needs to collect making them register and comply with our standards to protect us is good.

Jesse Nix
Emily, MN

Ideal Community Service Organization donates to many

Letter to the Editor

When you play the pull tabs at Bites Grill & Bar, Pine River and Old Milwaukee Saloon & Eatery, Ideal Corners – you are helping us donate back to the community in many ways: Ideal Scholarship Foundation (scholarships for local graduating high school students and adults returning to college) and youth activities like Fun Books for Kids,  Christmas for Kids; Pequot Lakes Trap Shoot Team; local high school booster clubs and grad blasts; and local area food shelves; Ideal First Responders; Ideal Volunteer Fire Department; the Fire Truck museum and Volunteer Walkway in the Ideal Community Park; Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Assoc.; Rollie Johnson Natural Recreation Area (Big Island); Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens.

To all of the folks reading this who play our pull-tabs – we thank you! Donations would not be possible without the generous support of Ideal Community Service Organization Members, volunteers and these charitable gambling sites: Old Milwaukee Saloon & Eatery, Ideal Corners and Bites Grill & Bar, Pine River.

ICSO, Inc. is a non-profit organization promoting the improvement of community and families of Ideal Township.  Members of the Ideal Community Service Organization include full-time and part-time residents of Ideal Township. If you want to become a member, donate, make a request or volunteer as a board member, please send a letter to: Ideal Community Service Organization (ICSO), PO Box 751, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472. Board meetings are held the second Thursday every month, 7:00 p.m. at the Ideal Township Town Hall.

Mary Plein, President
Ideal Community Service Organization

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