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Tuesday | October 19, 2021





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Letter to the Editor

John Lennon, one of the Beatles, wrote a beautiful song: a gentle melody, with peaceful words. We've all heard it, called "Imagine".

It's possible to imagine other worlds, too. If you like sports, such as baseball or football, we can imagine a different world for these sports also. Imagine a team owner who encourages his players to cheat in every way possible, who demands that his or her players harass and bully the refeees and umpires at every turn and call that doesn't go their way. If they refuse to cheat, he fires them. He encourages the team's fans to cheat also and pressure others to cheat. They throw stuff at the refs and umpires, and at the opposing team members and their fans. They harass and bully them on and off the playing field, even at their homes. They encourage intimidating the children of the officials. Anything to bring pressure. The owner finds ways to get the officials, long after the game is over, to declare they "found" some extra points for the owner's team, reversing his team's loss, after the fact. Imagine, where even the medical personnel, who are at the games to offer emergency aid to both teams, are harassed and disrespected. The team owner's response? To accuse everyone else but him of cheating and harassment.

This would be an ugly world for sports. But we can choose to ignore sports. However, this is also the world of politics. Politics affects everyone; from toddlers to great-grandparents. There's no escape. And playing the game this way is trump's world, and the world of those who support his style of engagement. It would ruin football, and it would ruin our country.  MAGA becomes Make America Grieve Again.

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN
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