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Tuesday | March 28, 2017





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Open Forum

Get rich or die trying

Letter to the Editor

Trump and Ryan’s new healthcare proposal is a simple solution to a complicated problem. Those who thought that they were voting for a better cheaper healthcare plan just found out that it was really only better for the rich, and the insurance companies. For the poor and the old and infirm well it is a plan with an incentive either get rich or die trying to get rich. The new budget proposal is more of the same for Minnesotans no money for help with heat in winter or Ac in summer freezing to death is quicker than starving, or cancer when you don’t have healthcare. I would advise lots of prayer and for sure in a couple of years remember to pray and vote for those who have a Christian attitude like love your neighbor, more like the good Samaritan than the priest or Pharisee. If you remember they, like those in power now would have left the fellow citizen to die, it was the foreigner who helped the one left to die.

Back when I was young, we could live in winter without power in winter. If we had the same circumstances as were normal for many back then they would take the children out of the home in fact they would probably take the pets especially the dogs. We had wood coal or kerosene stoves and no running water. If there was no power the pipes don’t freeze if there are no pipes, you can’t have an outhouse. If you have pipes and they freeze they have to be replaced. That means tearing the walls apart generally gutting a large part of the house. This is beyond the capability of many average people so if you shut off the electricity to many in the winter they become homeless. Most average Americans can’t afford the loose of a pay check for a week 47% will have to sell something or borrow money if they are out of work for a week. Many will become homeless. Shut off the heat will be nearly a death sentence for many to them supporting the military is not as important as having heat or healthcare. Who is the ruler is not important if you can’t afford to eat or have a place to sleep that is safe or healthcare for your family these are as important any other need freedom to die isn’t that high on most people’s list. Unless you are a Politian that is running on a platform of cutting taxes.

Jesse Nix
Emily, MN

Peace is what we need

Letter to the Editor

This letter for world peace is not meant to be politically charged, but rather it is for the everyman, for the human. I want everyone to relate to it. We can’t solve all of the world’s problems.. Hate exists and we should not augment to it. We need to be stewards of the earth.

World Peace is the solution to all problems in the world. Sadly this world we live in has become negative and mad. June 12, 2016 a 29 year old security guard shot and killed 49 people, and injured 53 as a hate attack to the LGBT community. I've read that Isis had attacked their own city in Iraq, hundreds of families lost their homes. There has been 2,386 U.S military deaths in the war in Afghanistan as of October 18th, 2016. Our planet can have world peace if we stop war, help each other out, and we all become like minded friends.

War and Attacks have been going on ever since human beings first roamed earth for conflicts and thoughts that can be solved in many non-violence ways. War and attacks towards people or a community of people affects everyone especially me. Verbal attacks is a problem we have, I remember once kids verbally attacking a girl because of where she came from, they said very rude comments about the way she dressed, smelled, and looked. I told these kids how they should stop picking on this girl because it was the wrong thing to do. War is one of the biggest problems on this planet, reading and seeing the tragic problems in Iraq is horrific. Thousand of innocent lives are lost because of the corrupt government. War also affects those safe at home like me. I realize that seeing, reading, and knowing about what's going on our globe is scary because we all live in fear not knowing what the next thing will happen to us or others.

Talking to the community we are having conflicts with is a way we can solve problems in a non-violent way. Talking it out is the best way to come to agreements. We can also ask each other how we can solve a problem, like war. I know our government can easily plan a meeting with the country their having problems with and come up with a great solution to stop that war and save lives. Lastly is discussing ideas and voting for the best ones. I would discuss with the people in the world how we can all share lands and ask them if that would be a great solution to  stop war and bring peace.

Kat Beireis
Pequot Lakes, MN

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High cost of health care

Letter to the Editor

A friend of mine and I were discussing the high cost of healthcare the other day. One of the first things that came up was when we were growing up it was considered wrong to make money off of someone’s pain and suffering. It was brought up that some doctors are becoming millionaires. Which drives up the cost of going to the Dr. There is much more to it than that each Dr. has a staff that he or she supports financially and the insurance Companies charge so much that Doctors are like retail stores they start making a profit around thanksgiving. Most Doctors work for a cooperative group usually incorporated that handles the business end of things. They as I understand it are the ones that deal with the insurance companies and the Government “Medicare Medicaid” If someone is unable to pay they aren’t allowed to donate their time it must be charged out at full price. I have known Doctors that have gotten in trouble for trying to help a patient that couldn’t afford care. The problem is complicated. It costs Doctors too much for insurance and for the managers that run things for them and run hospitals. It costs too  much to go to school to become a Doctor. Insurance Companies have too many executives that are paid 7 and 8 figure salaries with additional bonuses as large as their salaries. Much of it is deferred comp and other ways to  lessen the tax burden, if it is that large it shouldn’t be a burden. Instead of being proud of supporting their country they see how much they can get for free. Supporting their country is just for young people not the rich.

We have wonderful people in the healthcare system and it costs far too much for their education when they have to spend eight to ten years and a fortune (estimated $500,000.00) on their education they have to charge a lot to repay those who loaned them they money. We have managers that run things that are easily replaced as we see happen that make a lot of money and write golden parachutes for themselves who could be eliminated. This is the biggest fight against single payer healthcare. Government employees aren’t supposed to make more than the president. We could eliminate many 7 and 8 figure salaries and those at the local facilities might say we don’t need to pay that much for an administrator either.

One of the solutions that I see is drastically reduce the cost of higher education and make more slots in higher education available to those that would like to be doctors. Reduce the profit that insurance companies make  insuring medical facilities and doctors. Recognize that there is dignity in all work and there should be a parity between workers in value. The jobs that get peoples hands dirty and those that are just monotonous are jobs that often can’t be done away with. The patient out comes would not be acceptable if there weren’t people cleaning the hospital and preparing food for the patients and ordering supplies.

There are many jobs that have to be done to keep the country going from those working for private companies to those working for the government. They are all important and should be paid a wage that reflects that fact. Those  who have seen a garbage collectors strike, know that this great country of ours would come to a halt and become unlivable without that service in a short time. Other countries have found a way to bring the wages closer together, we could too, which is what we have to do to make healthcare affordable to all. I am not the person to work out the problem but I can recognize a problem when I see it and we have elected too many that cannot.

Healthcare could be a lot cheaper.

Jesse Nix
Emily, MN

World Peace

Letter to the Editor

Dear President Trump,

Why do other countries hate us, the U.S.A.? This could start war! One of the most important things in the world is peace. If we don’t have world peace that could start war. The lack of peace with us, The United States, and other countries is deplorable. World peace means a world with non-violence and people who are willingly cooperative and voluntary. But between us and other countries that is not what I see.

If the world came together we could create new ideas. Help each other through problems like vile diseases, lack of economy, suffering children/teens. We could live in a world where all of us don't have to worry. We could create better government. And we could experience things that are amazing. Maybe even better education for children that can or cannot go to school. We are stronger together even if we are speak different languages, have special needs, doesn't matter. We are one world that should stand together. Come on Donald Trump, anything is possible, especially world peace. President Trump please try and make the U.S.A have peace with other countries.

Kat Beireis
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

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