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Tuesday | December 10, 2019





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Open Forum

Trying to get it straight

Letter to the Editor

It seems very likely that the current Republican occupant of our White House is going to be impeached. Many of us could see this coming as he was being sworn in, on a bible, no less. The fellow was violating the Emoluments Clause of our Constitution as he was being sworn in to uphold it. 'So help me god.' President Pinocchio.

Republicans like to repeat the conspiracy theory that Democrats all had a plot to impeach the occupant from day one. But all that demonstrates is how they think. That was their desire against Democratic President Obama, when senate "leader" Republican Mitch McConnell declared war on Obama even before he was sworn in. Before he had a chance to do anything "wrong". A few Democrats may have felt this way, just like a few Republicans are convinced the Earth is flat. However, most Democrats are rational; it's almost a prerequisite.

No matter which side of the fence you're on, try to think as an 'American', not a Republican (or Democrat). Whatever the occupant is allowed to get away with now, will set a precedent that will be very hard to reverse. And one day a Democrat will be president. Do any of us want him/her doing what the occupant is doing now? Man, I hope not! Democrats sacrificed one of their best, Sen. Al Franken, in order to set a goal of what we expect of leaders.

House impeachment hearings are a fact and evidence gathering process, much like police gathering evidence at a suspected crime scene. This isn't the place where "both sides present their arguments", in spite of Republicans lying, saying it's unfair. That slimy tactic is called gas-lighting. If you fell for it, shame on them. If you fall for it again, umm, "can't be fooled again" Republican GW Bush famously stumbled.

After impeachment, the evidence is presented to the Senate, much like a regular trial. This is where both sides present their evidence! Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts conducts the trial. The 100 Senators are the jurors, so I've been told they won't be asking the questions, but their lawyers will be.

The occupant offered or gave about 35 Republican senators large sums of money, to "aid their campaigns". In any rational world, this would be called jury tampering, or trying to bribe the jury. I understand offers were also made to various Republican senators that they could recreate at Camp David. I suppose that might be like renting out the Lincoln Bedroom at our White House. Or accepting a $1,000,000 bribe to be appointed as an ambassador to the European Union. That's another form of "quid pro quo", or this for that.

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

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Findings Underscore Need to Protect Clean Water Lakes, Rivers and Streams

Letter to the Editor

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s assessment that more than half of Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams now fail to meet water-quality standards compels bold action to ensure that our state’s remaining clean waters remain healthy.

Because we have a wealth of water in Minnesota, it is tempting to think it will always be there. But it is clear that if we do not target protection and restoration work, more of our best waters that we enjoy today to go fishing or swimming in will be added to state’s list of polluted waters.

One of the state’s top priorities should now be to ensure that we protect our most significant rivers, lakes and streams that currently enjoy good water quality.

Protecting healthy waters costs far less than restoring degraded waters. But in truth we simply cannot afford to allow any more of our waters to become impaired. They are too valuable to our state and local economy, our quality of life and our public health.

Minnesota has been a national leader in monitoring, planning and restoring degraded waters. It’s time we take action and become a national leader in protecting our clean waters. That’s the only way to ensure that the state’s list of impaired waters does not get any longer.

Please join us on Thursday, Dec. 5 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Central Lakes College Cafeteria, 501 W. College Drive, Brainerd, for a community forum on Minnesota’s waters.

Dean Borgeson,
Crosslake, MN
Our Mississippi Our Future

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