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Open Forum

Operation Round Up Donations Distributed

The Crow Wing Power Community Trust Board donated $59,927 to local community programs during their third quarter meeting held in July. Operation Round-Up funds were distributed to the following projects:

$2,000 to Hackensack Area Fire & Rescue; $2,400 to Crow Wing Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol, Brainerd; $2,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs, Little Falls; $3,000 to Care 'n Share, Emily; $3,000 to Youth Investment, Timber Bay, Brainerd; $2,500 to Breath of Life Adult Day Service, Brainerd; $300 to First Lutheran Quilters Group, Brainerd; $500 to Loon Crafters Quilt Guild of Emily; $3,000 to Pine River-Backus Family Center; $3,000 to Personal Ponies Organization, Pequot Lakes; $1,500 to The Legacy Chorale of Greater Mn., Baxter; $2,000 to Crow Wing County 4-H; $3,000 to Kids Backpack food program in Crow Wing County; $3,050 to United Way of Crow Wing & So. Cass Counties, Brainerd; $2,500 to Morrison County United Way, Little Falls; $2,500 to Junior Achievement, Brainerd; $8,177 to disaster relief during the July Storm; $1,000 to a community outreach program in Cass and Morrison counties; $12,000 to Employment Enterprises, Little Falls (one time impact grant); and $2,500 to Private Cooperative Member Crisis Medical Support.

Operation Round Up is funded by participating members of Crow Wing Power who allow the cooperative to round up their electric bills to the nearest whole dollar. The additional change is pooled and distributed quarterly. Since the program’s inception in late 1996, Round Up has donated more than $2,824,000 to community projects and programs in Cass, Crow Wing and Morrison counties.

The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for October 22, 2015. Grant forms can be obtained by calling Crow Wing Power at 829-2827 or 1-800-648-9401 or at www.cwpower.com. The deadline for grant applications is October 10, 2015.

Politics and Petition

Letter to the Editor

Well things have been interesting lately, we have politicians talking about things they know nothing about and have less understanding. The random arming of military and National Guard is something that those advocating it are doing it simply for political purposes, they don’t understand what they are talking about. Back during the Vietnam War I was in a small unit that was attached to the Army but was Air Force we didn’t have an arms storage locker so everyone carried their weapons at all times. What do you do when you go to a bar you lock them in the trunk of your vehicle. What happens if you are stopped by a cop for any reason? You surely don’t want him to look in the trunk of your vehicle and find a military issued rifle, side arm and ammo, not a pretty situation, been there done that. I don’t wish that on either the cop or the soldier. In Vietnam one of my jobs was making sure that pilots removed the magazines from their side arm and emptied and cleared the chambers on their side arm before they left the flight line. Most of the personnel didn’t carry weapons unless they traveling or involved in an operation, even while doing most travel they were unarmed. Shame on those ignorant politicians using an unfortunate episode for political gain.

Our county board has been active again, first trying to convert elected positions to appointed. This is a step to cronyism and corruption and will undoubtedly increase costs. Next they decide to eliminate a position in the County extension Office. The office that manages things like 4H, Master Gardener and things that help improve the quality of life, through the help of the University of Minnesota. Sign the petition that my conservative friends are pushing, they have the saddle on the right horse this time.

A couple more ideas for them, cut the county board to three, then any time they talked to each other they would have a quorum. The open meeting law would require them to notify the media and all interested parties and keep minutes. Also they could see about stopping appointed executives from having golden parachutes let them serve at the pleasure of the board and if they need to be let go they get thirty days’ notice and can carry over and be payed for up to 14 days accrued paid days off or vacation. That could amount to real savings and less opaque government.

Jesse Nix
Emily, MN

Lake Washburn Association to hold annual meeting August 8

The Lake Washburn Association will hole their annual meeting on August 8 at the Crooked Lake Town Hall from 5-7pm.

A brief business meeting will include the election of officers and directors in addition to reports from the committees. There will be an update on the Eurasian Watermilfoil in the East Lake. Ken Reynolds will also be distributing Preserving Lake Washburn caps to members who have contributed $100 or more to the AIS Fund and haven't yet received their cap. Caps will also be available for sale for a contribution of $100 to the AIS Fund.

Following the business meeting Lindsey Ketchel, Executive Director, Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation (LLAWF) will talk about her organization and it's mission to promote activities that preserve and sustain the natural resources of our area.

A light supper will be provided after the presentation.

Community Information Meeting on IRRRB and Initiative Foundation Grants

Monday, August 17, 2015 at 6 pm in the Emily City Hall a regional community information meeting is being held. UpNorth (Emily, Fairfield Township, Fifty Lakes, Little Pine Township and Outing (Crooked Lake Township)) planned this meeting to provide information and to get community input to apply for implementation and planning grants from the IRRRB and the Initiative Foundations.

Ben Winchester, a rural sociologist and Senior Research Fellow from the University of Minnesota, will speak. He will discuss “newcomers to rural America”. What are the positive social and economic opportunities for rural communities?

GoNorth promotes sustainable, fulfilling, prosperous and healthy living for residents, businesses and visitors in our five rural Minnesota lake Communities.

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In Memory of Jack Larson: Don’t pass on the shoulder of the road

Letter to the Editor

Yesterday I was driving south on C.R. 66. At one point I waited behind someone taking a left. I looked up in my mirror and saw a truck approaching and hoped that he was going to stop. Instead he chose to drive on the shoulder, passing both of our vehicles. Another one followed.

An hour later I drove through that area and was absolutely shocked when the exact same thing happened. I was waiting for someone to take a left. Two vehicles. Same story. In less than 2 hours, 4 vehicles passed me on the shoulder. I wanted to scream at them for being so selfish, arrogant, heartless.

There could have been any number of reasons why 2 vehicles were stopped on a 1 lane road. How would those drivers know if a family was crossing from the Dairy Queen?

I couldn’t help but think about what happened to innocent little Jack Larson when he was only 3 yrs. old. He was at a park near his grandparents in Merrifield. He was playing with other children until it was time for the small group to leave. They had to cross County Road 3 to get back to his grandparents. Cars were stopped in both directions to allow the children to pass - except one. That one driver passed on the shoulder and didn’t see little Jack. The driver struck and killed Jack because the driver couldn’t wait another 30 seconds.

Four vehicles passed me on the shoulder in less than 2 hours. To those people who can’t wait that 30 seconds, it is breaking the law, punishable with a $125 ticket and possible reckless driving charges.

Please consider the most important consequences, that you might kill a child coming from the Dairy Queen.

Mary Sermeta-Hall
Crosslake, MN

Manna for Malawi” Music and Food Benefit Raises $10,000

Letter to the Editor

The first annual “Manna for Malawi” music and food benefit event was an incredible success. So many people to thank but especially Woodtick Inn owners Brad and Jane Holmvig, Tony Maucieri of Maucieri’s Catering for providing food, Johnna Johnson of Mixed Company for providing beverages, Jody Stewart for sound equipment, Tim Bongs for technical support, Churchyard Bluegrass Band, Gravel Roads Country Band, the Kohl's volunteers and the other 40+ volunteers who pitched in; together we raised more than $10,000 to help feed our Malawi kids. Wow! What a night. What a God. Thanks to everyone who pitched in.

The event was held Sunday afternoon, June 28 at the Holmvig's Woodtick Inn in downtown Cuyuna. More than fifty donated silent auction items perched on the pool tables and shelves across the room from the band stand where ILC's Churchyard Bluegrass band and an Anoka area band, Gravel Roads performed for three hours while hundreds ate Maucieri's spaghetti, meatballs, and salad and washed it down with coffee and lemonade furnished by Crosby's “Mixed Company” Kava House. So far, the donations, silent auction items and free will offerings have brought in over $10,000! And every nickel goes to support the orphan's feeding program near Salima, Malawi in southeastern Africa. The mission feeds between three to four hundred children four times a week. This extra money will take another step toward feeding them six days a week. Immanuel Lutheran Church in Crosby is one of three midwest churches who have supported this ten year effort with money for a fresh water well close to the mission, a chicken and egg business, donations of clothing and reading material, and trips to the mission to see what is being done in our Lord's name. Someday, the chicken and egg business will allow the people at the mission to be more financially self-supportive.

We haven't picked a date yet for the second annual Manna for Malawi music and food event. Watch this space for further information.

The Manna for Malawi Team

Crosslake Light Up the Dam

Letter to the Editor


The Light Up the Dam committee works year-around to raise funding for a new features at the Dam. This holiday season look for Santa and his reindeer along with hundreds of additional lights to continue our vision of creating a really magical place for families to visit. Mark your calendars for December 5th and join us at the 2nd Annual Holiday in the Park event.

The Light Up the Dam committee is proud to partner with the US Army Corps of Engineers Crosslake Campground, with sponsoring support from Crosslake businesses to host Outdoor Movies at the Campground. The free monthly movies (donations are accepted) are family friendly and we’ll announce titles soon, as we are in the process of securing copywrites for the August 20th and September 25th showings.

You can also show your support of the project by purchasing “Light Up the Dam” T Shirts. The T Shirts are available now at the Crosslake Chamber Welcome Center and at the Crosslake-Ideal Lions Flea Market on August 15 and September 26. The T Shirts are a great way to show your support for our community and are really fun to wear.

We are also proud to partner with the Crosslake-Ideal Lions Club who support the Light Up the Dam project with a second year $5,000 matching grant. Tax deductible monetary donations can be made out to The PAL Foundation and dropped off at the Crosslake Community Center, the Crosslake Chamber Welcome Center or mailed to Light Up the Dam PO Box 315 Crosslake, MN 56442. If you are interested in learning more about our organization or want to volunteer, call Patty Norgaard at 218 692 5370.

Have a Great Summer!
LUTD Committee
Patty Norgaard - Chair

Candidate for President or God?

Letter to the Editor

I hear so many politicians that seem to think it is their job to defend God. I think they must have a very small God. My god is the creator of the universe he doesn’t need defending, he will handle that himself. What he does demand is justice and fairness. He will be the judge and will decide who and what is right. He knows what is in our hearts and minds and our motives. This is very scary but a lot less so than someone who has ulterior motives deciding according to their prejudices. Listening to them they sound that they believe that they should be God or are God and know what is best for everyone and if god is in the way they will watch out for him as they right the wrongs of this mixed up world. As I read the bible if they would worry about the poor and the less fortunate the good Lord will take care of the big problems of the world.

I hear all kinds of complaints about entitlements and welfare, but no mention is made of the fact that we have the highest rate of incarceration of any country in the world, not Russia, China or North Korea. It costs money to keep people in prison and Corporate America sees a cash cow so no complaint. Almost no senior white collar criminals go to jail. Bernie Madoff did and the CEO of the big oil company in Texas almost did but he died before he got there. If it is a big corporate money man the prosecutor is fired before the case gets far enough to go to trial (usually at the request of a Senator).

Jesse Nix
Emily, MN

Health Care

Letter to the Editor

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of ObamaCare concerning some issues of Constitutionality. For the moment, a very basic grade of universal healthcare is now safe and in place in the country of my birth. Some have made every effort possible to try to stop it, and they'll continue trying. It should be aided and improved, not killed. Killing is easy; any fool can do that.

I worked in Costa Rica about 20 years ago, a relatively poor country in terms of money, compared to the US. (Much richer in other ways, though. Rica = rich.) They had addressed universal healthcare back then. Civilized people and societies do this.

Party Republicans are howling, but the conservative Republican Supreme Court saved their butt on this one. Imagine squashing healthcare; the Republicans still have no alternative plan, even though Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, tried to start one over 100 years ago. Imagine the backlash against Republicans of 6.5 million people losing healthcare!

Why - always ask why - do Party Republicans so oppose ObamaCare? It has zip to do with "freedom of choice" and constitutionality. Party Republicans don't care about those things at all.

It's about money. A dollar can only exist in one place at a time; if "they" have it, "we" don't. If ObamaCare is saving the nation money on healthcare (which has been proven), that means someone who was getting an easy dollar previously will now have to work for it.

The real enemy of healthcare is capitalism. When money is the main goal, and it's the measure of one's success, capitalism will chase that last penny down to grab it (and end up killing it) like a beagle chasing a rabbit.

"Maximize profits" is the 10 Commandments of capitalism.

It's all that matters. Whether you need the money or not. They'll break the laws to get it. They'll ruin the environment. They'll make families homeless ("family values"?). They'll trash the biblical 10 Commandments. They'll freely kill people (example: the tobacco companies).

Capitalism has infected the Republican Party, like the mobsters did to the Teamster's Union in the 1960's. Long ago I was Republican, before they began changing. It would embarrass me today. Donald Turnip? The Birther who hates Mexican people? President? Seriously? Paul Ryan? etc.?

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

Job Well Done by Workers on Crow Wing CASH 36

Letter to the Editor

The paving company that is now finishing subject highway reconstruction should be congratulated for a "Job Well Done". Throughout the reconstruction the workers were always courteous and obliging in their work.

However, I think a second BIR has been created as I am always being passed by drivers when I am travelling at the legal speed. A few drivers have even passed by me when there is a double yellow line or the single yellow line is on the appropriate driving lane.

I urge drivers to slow down as you can only gain a minute or so when travelling on Crow Wing County 36.

Bob Stock
Crosslake, MN

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