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Tuesday | May 4, 2021





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Asking for a friend

Letter to the Editor

A good friend, a Black woman writer, asked me today, "Why do they hate us so much?" She wasn't asking as a friend, woman, or writer.

The George Floyd homicide trial continues in Minneapolis. In a very real sense, the people of the United States are on trial, and to a slightly lesser extent, Christianity.

When a minority person interacts with the world in the US, they never know what the day will bring them. Not because of whether they're "good" people or not; that doesn't matter! But because of the color of their skin. There's so much hate out there in our society. Dark-skinned people can lead a perfect life, but if they're dark, they may be "redlined", slighted at a service counter (or think they've been), made fun of, insulted, spat on, or sometimes killed. Mostly all done with impunity, sometimes anonymity. They don't know what the day will bring, if anything. They spend the day, every day, waiting for the other shoe to drop. All their lives. So what's the incentive for some to bother leading a good life?

When you're in the minority, who can you turn to in the majority for help? How can you spot the helpful ones, from the hateful ones? During the terrible, sinful Viet Nam War, those of us who opposed it could find our like-kind through the universal peace symbol, and other things. Christians and Christian sympathizers identify each other through the cross (a symbol born of terror).

In Billings, MT in 1993, bigots began targeting the minority Jewish community population who had Jewish symbols in their windows. The town responded by printing copies of the  symbol. Over 6,000 non-Jewish families put them in their own windows. The bigots didn't know who to target, and stopped.

Could those willing to aid and defend minority people find a common, universal symbol of identity? A green arm band? A medallion? A ring?

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

Ideal Sno Pros say Thank You

Now that the snowmobile season 2020 -2021 has come to a close for another year, the Ideal  Sno Pros Snowmobile Club would like to thank the many who helped throughout the  season. Thank you to those land owners who allowed our trails to cross your land. We appreciate your continued support after many seasons. Thank you to the Club volunteers who help in a variety of ways to keep trails at their best. There are many and we appreciate all of you. Thank you to our groomer operators who maintain our snowy trails for all to enjoy. Thank you to those local businesses that support the snowmobile season. Finally, thank you to those club members for your continuous support of our Club and respecting the sport by obeying state and local laws.

Happy Trails,

Matt Werneke and Dave Guenther
Trail Coordinator and Groomer Coordinator

Rick Maurer,
President of Ideal Sno Pros

Ideal Sno Pros Board of Directors

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