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Tuesday | July 7, 2020





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Open Forum

Outdoors Enthusiasts

Letter to the Editor:

Fellow Outdoors Enthusiasts,

I have two strong recommendations for people in the rural areas of our great area. When out and about on the roads, please stop running over the turtles that are crossing the road. If you have any visual acuity, you can see the turtles going to their nesting sites, usually crossing roads to do so. Dead turtles and live turtles with cracked shells abound. It's not like they are darting across the road, they are SLOW. All too soon, we will see them on the endangered species list. So drive attentively.

Secondly, as good stewards of the great outdoors, if you walk you dog's PLEASE pick up after them. The winter months are especially cruel to those of us to frequent the areas by the community center in Cross Lake, Uppgaard (58 piles in one day on the trail) , and the ball fields in Pequot Lakes. There is absolutely NO reason for your laziness, and No it is not ok to leave their feces everywhere because we are "just in the woods". Yes, I walk my dog daily, yes, I bring a bag with me, every day to pick up her droppings even if she goes off trail. I care about your/our walking trails, and about you not stepping in messes that don't need to be there. One of these days we will go to our walking areas and signs will tell us "No Dog Walking", and we will all know why.

Joy Majsterski
Pequot Lakes MN

"Don't make me come up there!!!" RE: Summer Fun Guide offends

Letter to the Editor:

Okay you two...what's going on here!!! First you!!! Don't we have enough to worry about around here already without agonizing over the faces on a Fun Guide? I really envy you that you have nothing better to do than look around for stuff that offends you! Look around and you will see plenty of REAL problems in the world! You should be thankful you live in a country that allows you free expression and can celebrate a fourth of July! You insult people of color by your desire to include them as tokens for the sake of the WOKE among us! You really need something to keep you busy! Shame on You!!

Now you, Northland Press! Shame on you too!! You did nothing wrong in publishing an innocent and helpful Fun Guide! We are so lucky to have a service like yours here in our beautiful area. However, by publishing your sniveling apology for the Fun Guide you validate and empower the kind of dangerous bully tactics used by those self-appointed PC police! You also take on the impossible task of being inclusive of everyone in everything! In the Fun Guide did you also include images of a disabled person, a gay couple, a senior citizen, or any other identifiable group? Please keep up the great service to our area and do not be pushed around when you do nothing wrong!!!

Okay now!! Both of you...Grow up, play nice, and don't make me come up there again!!

Keith Nissen
Fifty Lakes, MN

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Enjoy the Northland Melting Pot

Letter to the Editor:

Crosslakers, Brothers, and Sisters,

I received the Northland Press 6/23/2020 Vol. 16, Issue 789. I read [a quote]; "Any virtue carried out to the extreme can become a crime." Beautiful.

With this issue I also received the 2020 Summer Fun Guide and I could not believe this. It seems in the Northland Press people prefer the conservative Caucasian and no other color. Every photo depicts white people and that they who are welcome to the Northland are the same old jive. There are many many people of color that live here, moreover; they come here to enjoy themselves. spend their money and really love it.

But this "Summer Fun Guide" is way out there. Ignore this issue friends, and come to Crosslake. We love minorities too.

Anglo Saxon man is so frightened that [people of color] will be the majority in 20-30 years. Face the facts; come to grips, not gripe! Enjoy the Northland for the melting pot. Be on the right side of history and the Lord's path.

Richard VandenBosch
Crosslake, MN

Letter of Apology from the Northland Press

A concerned citizen called our office last week and brought to our attention that the front page of the Summer Fun Guide, published on June 23, 2020, lacked diversity. A representation of the people of color did not exist in the photos used to describe the summer activities in our area. Although, it was not our intent to discriminate, the concern was completely valid.

We wish to apologize to our readers and community members, and moving forward, we promise to make every effort to be inclusive and to celebrate the diversity of our community and its visitors.

Paul and Joanne Boblett
Owners/ Editor and Publisher


Letter to the Editor

If COVID-19 had happened while Jesus was living on earth, I believe:

Jesus would always care for body-mind-spirit together, as an interconnected unit. If He had to prioritize, He’d always put care of the soul (spirit) first; emotions (mind) second; and physical health (body) third... unlike in 2020, where physical health is considered paramount, emotional health gets honorable mention, and care of soul is not even acknowledged as essential.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, would be out on the front lines ministering to all His sheep 24/7, His love for them making Him unafraid of becoming infected by the virus (as God, He’d be immune anyway!). He’d find “social distancing” ridiculous. He’d touch and hold His sheep while caring for them, “binding up all their wounds”: spiritual, emotional, physical. He’d laugh at the idea of wearing a mask or hazmat suit: “There’s no need. I won’t become sick or pass on this virus. On the contrary, My touch will be a vaccine protecting those who aren’t sick.” His touch would cure many people, especially if they believed in Him.

He’d order all churches to remain open, 24/7, with public prayers being conducted continuously. Everyone would be encouraged to come. Jesus would ensure that any pastors refusing to serve their flocks, would be quickly  replaced by truly willing shepherds. Holy Water would be available -- in motion-activated dispensers!

If doctors felt masks and “social distancing” to be helpful in slowing the spread of illness, this information would be objectively passed on; but Jesus would allow each person to choose their own response. No one would be forced to do anything against their conscience. People would be permitted to exercise their free will, even if many people would make bad decisions.

Jesus would ensure that no one be prevented from visiting or caring for family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else -- as long as both visitor and visitee mutually desired the visit.

Undoubtedly many people would die -- but they’d die feeling loved and cared for, instead of feeling alone, separated from family, and denied the Sacraments.

Everyone would feel loved and cared for, both spiritually and emotionally. They’d be permitted to choose for themselves what they believed to be a prudent course to follow regarding preservation of physical health. They would not be quarantined, abandoned, locked out of their churches, or denied the Sacraments unless by their own choosing.

Jesus would be adamant that the government stay out of the issue. Towns might provide suggestions for preventing the spread of illness; but people would be encouraged to follow their own best judgement (taking doctors’ advice into consideration). There’d be no “stay-home orders” or mandatory business shutdowns. Jesus would want science to serve religion and faith -- not the other way around. He’d never allow tissues/cells from aborted babies, or any unethical source, to be used in potential vaccines. He’d always give “rendering unto God” priority over “rendering unto Caesar.”

Jesus would say to us today: “GO AND DO THOU LIKEWISE.”

Jessica Schumacher
Emily, MN

Special fundraiser for the Cuyuna Scout Camp

Letter to the Editor

We are working on a special fundraiser for the Cuyuna Scout Camp.

We are requesting a donations (from the local public) towards the purchase of Bobcat Skid Steer to be used in the maintenance and improvements of the Scout Camp property.

Background info:
Cuyuna Scout Camp is 684 acres and borders on six lakes and located in a heavily wooded area approximately 30 miles north of Brainerd, MN and 4 miles north of Crosslake, MN on Highway 3 in Crow Wing County. Cuyuna Scout Camp is owned and operated by the Twin Valley Council located in Mankato, Minnesota and has been in operation since 1967. Each summer over 650 scouting youth, both boys and girls from all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, participate in a week-long resident camp, where they learn, practice, and perfect outdoor skills.

The Scout Camp is designed to offer outdoor programming to youth that includes; camping, two swimming beaches, canoeing, kayaking, sail boating, archery, shooting ranges, a 45-foot climbing tower, a 300-foot zipline, nature center, fishing docks and outdoor skills instruction. In addition to the Scout Camp, we offer a separate Family Adventure Camp area where we have four cabins and 12 RV/tent sites. The Family Adventure Camp has its own swimming beach, fishing dock and shower house/storm shelter. Cuyuna Scout Camp has partnered with the Minnesota DNR to allow the public access to the 684 acres for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, fishing and bow hunting when our summer camp is not in operation. This property is maintained year-round by a single Camp Ranger that is located on the property.

The purchase of a Skid Steer would allow the Camp Ranger to safely maintain the camp property and 9 miles of roads to ensure timely emergency access for Police, Fire and EMS in the event of storms and fires. We have secured $21,000 in donations at this time and have applied for several matching grants as well. Our goal is to raise $60,000. This critical piece of equipment will allow the camp to safely operate year-round for many years to come.

The Camp Ranger is a military veteran and is a combat wounded veteran that is retired from the US Marine Corps. He also is a volunteer firefighter and first responder with the Fifty Lakes FD. Cuyuna Scout Camp is a certified and recognized 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and we ask that you consider investing in this equipment and our community to ensure our safe operation in the years to come.

Due to Covid 19. We will not be operating the Camp this summer for Scouts. However, the property will be open to the public for hiking, walking and fishing.

With kind regards,
Tom Stober, Ranger
Twin Valley Council - Camp
Cuyuna, 38598 County Rd 3
Crosslake, MN 56442

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