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Tuesday | November 30, 2021





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Open Forum

Did You “Hear?”...

Letter to the Editor

The Wednesday after my birthday, I made a quick trip to town, stopped at the post office, my favorite store, Judy’s House of Gifts and the Dollar Store. That evening, I discovered my right hearing aid was missing! I quickly called Joann at Judy’s and spoke with another kind person at the Dollar store but it had not been seen. Both stores offered to continue looking and would call me if it was found. I didn’t bother calling the Post Office as I was there such a short time popping in and out to the PO Box.

The search commenced – crawling around the car with flashlights – under the seat, between the seats, checking the garage floor, then the furniture cushions were removed, the floors were swept, the carpet gone over and no hearing aid.

Monday, I called Brenda at HearLife MN, Roseville and shared my story. Her response – Keep looking – give it one week. It’s amazing how they show up and once ordered, you will be charged.

So, I hit my closet, removed all of the hanging clothes including stuff on the storage shelves. I took my flashlight and crawled on the floor searching. Again, no success.

I stood up amidst all the mess and said to my husband. You know the one thing I haven’t done is pray. Dah- we had just attended an Alpha session on Why and How Do You Pray? It took me five days to get there!

In less than 24 hours, we were at Studio Posh for a haircut. I was waiting in the car when  my phone rang. It said Potential Spam but I decided to take it. This is where it gets exciting.

It was Brenda from HearLife saying – Jan, your hearing aid was found. What?! How could  that be true when she is calling me from Roseville Minnesota? She asked me if I knew where Crosslake was. I told her I was sitting in it! She told me to call Jo at Trebil Hearing Center.

Within minutes we were at their office. Steve Trebil said he had been to the post office and introduced himself to Charlie, our Postal Clerk. He, in turn, asked for Steve’s business card.

Not long after, Charlie called Steve’s office: You know I have this hearing aid that’s been  sitting on the counter for about a week. Do you think you could do something with it?  Amazing.

Jo went and picked it up. She literally went the extra mile.

The Trebils identified the brand and called Signia (the manufacturer) in New Jersey with the serial number.

Signia called Brenda at HearLife MN-Roseville.

Brenda called me in Crosslake and WOW– the Hearing aid was found.

A coincidence – I don’t think so. People are kind, God was waiting. Sometimes you just need to ask.

Thank you to all - including the kind person who placed the hearing aid on the post office counter. It started with you.

Jan Pearson

Wisconsin justice

Letter to the Editor

Black Lives Matter vs. White Supremacy. To me, this is what the trial in Kenosha, WI will indicate the state in, and state of, Wisconsin. The judge in the trial appears highly biased; biased to the point he should never have been appointed as a judge. Judges do matter.

With so much noise and distraction lately, too many seem to have forgotten the basic goals of our democracy. Some take the ultimate goal to be wealth. Wealth can be used as power. And power abuses those where the power comes from.

But we formed a democracy, one that is evolving, just like any other living thing. The idea was to have a government whose people governed themselves. At the same time, we wanted a government that was fair and equal to all peoples. We have Catholics, Muslims, Native Americans, Atheists, and many more. While Catholics strongly oppose abortion, many Atheists strongly support the right and freedom for someone to decide for themselves. How do we fit all that into one government?

And under this unique umbrella that tries to protect and make equitable the rights of all, we have many disparate groups. There are Euro-Americans (whites), Latino, Native, Black, Somali, Vietnamese, and others. To be called the democracy that the founders envisioned  we would develop into, no group can have dominion over others.

Sometimes forgotten in the argument over rights, we ignore that for each right, there carries  one or more responsibilities and duties. While each of us has a duty to ourselves, we have  an equal or greater duty to the good of the democracy. Like it or not, believe it or not,  humans are interdependent, not individual.

I will hope justice comes out of Kenosha.

A. Martin
Merrifield, MN

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