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Tuesday | May 17, 2022





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DNR offers tips on how to catch, release fish

Anglers who intend to release any of the fish they catch can boost the chances those fish will survive by following best practices for catch and release.

Set the hook quickly to avoid hooking a fish in the stomach or gills. Before handling the fish, wet your hands to prevent removal of the fish’s protective slime coating. If possible, unhook and release the fish while it is still in the water. If a hook is deep in the fish, cut the line and leave the hook in the fish.

When holding the fish out of the water, support it with both hands using a firm, gentle grip. It is ok to measure the fish and take a photo; however, minimize the time the fish is out of the water. Anglers intending to release a fish should not place it on a stringer or in a live well.

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DNR to host engagement sessions to inform all-terrain vehicle strategic planning

May 17th- 18th: The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, at the direction of the Minnesota Legislature, is developing a statewide strategic plan for all-terrain vehicles. The DNR has retained the services of SE Group, a consulting firm that specializes in recreation planning and public lands management, to facilitate the strategic planning process.

Throughout the strategic plan development, the project team will seek input from people who participate in ATV-based recreation and those who do not to learn more about concerns, needs and opportunities associated with ATV recreation in Minnesota.

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DNR urges people to Leave Dear Fawns Alone

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources asks that people avoid disturbing or touching deer fawns, which are born around this time of year.

Most fawns are born in mid-May to mid-June, and fawns do not attempt to evade predators during their first few weeks of life. Instead, they remain still to avoid being seen. During these times, fawns are learning critical survival skills from their mothers but are often left on their own while their mothers forage watchfully nearby.

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Area Golf League Results

Crosswoods Men’s Golf League
Tuesday 5/10/22
51 members in attendance
Game of the Day: 16 Hole Team low net

First Place Team – Sunrise: Dick Sletten, Randy Kraft Brad Kaehler, Chris Spindler
Second Place Team – Sunrise: Wayne Pacyga, Bill Herrick Mic Tchida, Dave Oleson

First Place Team – High Noon: Dick Sletten, Randy Kraft Brad Kaehler, Chris Spindler
Second Place Team – High Noon: Jerry Graham, Bob Hinkley Leroy Smoley, Gary Villella

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