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DNR aquatic invasive species training and trailer decal repealed; affirmation passed

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources aquatic invasive species (AIS) training and trailer decal program, which was due to launch this year, was repealed by the Minnesota Legislature during its recently completed special session.

In its place, the Legislature added an AIS affirmation provision to some licenses The affirmation will be added to new watercraft and nonresident fishing licenses beginning in 2016, so no immediate actions are required under the new law.

“We appreciate the aquatic invasive species affirmation passed by the Legislature,” said Ann Pierce, section manager, for the DNR Ecological and Water Resources Division. “We will continue to use all educational and outreach tools available to reach out to Minnesotans and visitors to help keep our lakes and rivers healthy.”

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Walleye stocking: By the numbers

Anglers are never far from a lake where they can catch walleye in Minnesota. Fish stocking keeps it that way.

Stocking walleyes involves taking eggs from waters that have reproducing walleye populations and releasing newly hatched fry or small walleye fingerlings into lakes that don’t have reproducing populations.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources pays for its stocking effort with fishing license and walleye stamp dollars. This year, the process started April 8 in the Pike River near Tower, used eight egg-take sites and ended April 26 in Fergus Falls.

Curious about walleye stocking? Here’s a snapshot, by the numbers.

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WAPOA Hosted presentation of study of Lake Trout on Big Trout Lake

On June 18th Guest Speaker Peter Jacobson, DNR Fisheries Habitat Researcher, Park Rapids, presented information regarding the water conditions and habitat on Big Trout Lake that are required for sustaining the lake trout on that lake. He reported that the Big Trout Lake is one of only six (6) lakes in northern Minnesota, away from the Canadian Shield, that have or have had native populations of lake trout. This is why it was chosen to be studied by the DNR for its ability to sustain the trout population. The study will result in identifying and executing actions that can be taken to maintain and improve the water quality on Big Trout Lake. Sustaining a healthy trout population requires good water quality.

The trout live in the hypolimnion layer of the lake, near the bottom – about 100 to 150 feet down, where the water temperature is the coldest and the oxygen levels are optimal. If the hypolimnion layer of the lake becomes too warm, or sediments and nutrients from storm water runoff pollute the lake and reduce oxygen levels, the trout will not survive. Mr. Jacobson stated that Big Trout had sustained its own population of lake trout for many years, but stocking is now required to maintain the population. There had been a slow decline in the oxygen levels in Big Trout Lake, which has stabilized now, but continued development, agriculture and deforestation are threat to future water quality.

Shoreland Restoration projects, throughout the Pine River Watershed, like those promoted by WAPOA, will have a positive impact on water quality. It is important to keep the impervious surface on lake shore property low, and to maintain buffer zones and rain gardens, and other structures to slow down storm water run-off, to allow the water to seep into the ground and prevent it from entering the lake(s).

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Area Golf League Results

Whitefish Women’s 9 Hole League
June 24: What a perfect day we had to play golf on the front nine ofour beautiful golf course ! Our game was "Mystery Hole". A hole was randomly chosen to be thrown out and subtracted from our final score.

Our winners were: Barbie Swenson with a 26 and first place; Renee Scherman with a 29 for 2nd place; Mary Erickson, Marlene Anderson, Carol Lovro and Susan Newsome with scores of 30 for 3rd place. Delores Rubald and Kathy Strampe had chip-ins. Pat Larson had only 13 putts and Gini Moberg had 14 putts.

All women are welcome to join us ! Just call the club at 543-4900 or Susan Bielfuss at 963-6028 or Shelia Speedling at 765-3750

Whitefish Women’s 18 Hole League
The Whitefish Women's 18 Hole League had a beautiful day to hold their biennial Member Guest event on Wednesday, June 24th. A total of 44 members and guests participated. The game of the day was 2 best nets of the 4 person teams.

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