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Tuesday | February 21, 2017





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Northern Lakes Lightning best season ends with loss to Alexandria in Section 6A semis

The Northern Lakes Lightning varsity girls’ hockey team saw their 2016-17 season come to a close with an 11-1 loss to host Alexandria on Tuesday, February 14th. The Section 6-A semifinal loss to Alexandria, the eventual 6A champion, followed a blowout win, 7-0 shutout over Morris Benson.

The team finished the season with their best record in team history, 19-6 overall and went undefeated in the Mid-State Conference at 6-0.

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Eelpout Festival restriction on Leech Lake in Walker, MN

Sheriff Tom Burch reports that the Leech Lake Walker Bay ice conditions and forecasted unseasonably warm temperatures have created a concern for public safety during the Eel Pout Festival, due to a large volume of vehicle and ice house traffic expected. Event and participant safety is our number one priority. Vehicle traffic on Walker Bay during the event scheduled for February 23-26, 2017 will be prohibited with the following noted exceptions.

Leech Lake Walker Bay Area vehicle traffic will be restricted to snowmobiles and Class 1 & 2 ATVs. No other motorized vehicle traffic will be allowed from Friday, February 24th 2017 at 12 noon to Sunday, February 26th 2017 at 10 AM. All vehicles must be removed from the ice by 12:00 noon on Friday, February 24th. Map of the restricted area will be posted on the Sheriff’s Office Website, Facebook and the Events website.

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Hunting for springs is important and enjoyable

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors can help with important groundwater research by reporting springs to the Department of Natural Resources. A spring is any natural flow of water from an aquifer—an underground layer of rock– to the Earth’s surface. I’ve been hunting for springs for years, and I think you would also find it worthwhile and enjoyable. A new app makes it easy to report springs for this needed research.

Spring location and reporting is important because springs create and sustain vital ecosystems. Springs can indicate groundwater health and help protect against invasive species. Land stability and building integrity depend on knowing where springs are located. Trout streams and other coldwater fisheries, calcareous fens, and many streams and lakes all require springs.

I began hunting for springs during my undergraduate years at the University of Minnesota, while studying for a degree in geology. I was the first to systematically map the springs of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, finding seven belts of springs based on the layer-cake geology exposed in the Mississippi River gorge. The published project (1997) became mandatory reading in the introductory groundwater geology course at the University of Minnesota.

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Owners of resorts, campgrounds and rental businesses required to take aquatic invasive species training

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is offering aquatic invasive species training to owners of lake service provider businesses, so they can legally work in lakes and rivers throughout the state.

Lake service provider businesses include resorts, outfitters and campgrounds that rent or lease boats and other water-related equipment. Business owners must attend training, apply for a permit and pay a $50 application fee every three years to comply with Minnesota law.

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Northern Lakes Lightning takes second place at Squirt C International Tournament in Fargo

The Lightning took second place in the Diamond Division of the Fargo Squirt C International Tournament. Back row: Coaches Brendan Hiles, Cooper Hiles, Tim Coughlin, Kevin Peterson, Jesse Sullivan; 3rd Row: Weston Hiles, Aiden Haff, Quinn Bray, Aidan Bendson, Connor Windorski; 2nd row: Jonathan Maroney, Sutton Sullivan, Sam Coughlin, Deacon French, Amari Haffner; Front row: Gavin Lacy

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